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The weapon of a woman Episode 9

I couldn’t just allow my wife to hear of the filthy things I have done, I had to take it as my cross
On getting home on that day, around 8pm, I was coming in with a faked laughter to my wife
“honey I’m home ,”I said but I discovered that nobody answers
“Honey, My Baby girl”i called out the second time
‘****No answer*****
On noticing that there was no reply from anybody I had to roam about the whole house only for me to see her in the pool if tears in the bedroom
***I feel nervous***
“Honey what happened” I tried to console her by cuddling her but she pushes me away
“My wife, what have I done”My heart began to pound as I guessed that she has known my secret
With tears in her eyes shall faced me squarely
“Dave!”She called
“Yes dear,i can hear you”
“what is this”She showed me her phone
As I saw this, my heart sank into my shoes, Dupe has finally send the s-x pictures I had with the other ladies on the day I went to her place
“So all your coming late to house Is this the result”she said crying profusely
“Dear,i can……”


Without even allowing me to vomit out my speech she left my presence crying,seeing this happening, I felt like there is a sharp knife piercing through my soft heart, I felt a stream of regret flowing through my heart,i sinned against my self, I offended my wife,i violated the vow between us, I sinned against *ALMIGHTY GOD*,with all these going through my mind, I broke down into pool of tears
Within a twinkle of am eye, I started seeing My wife bringing out her luggage outside one after the other, as if it was a dream,my wife was packing his loads outside, will I be watching the joy of my life disappearing away
“Baby please don’t do this”I said with my eyes turning red as I held her hand
“Please man, get away from my sight please”she said with a noticeable anger in her
“Sweetheart mi, please don’t do this to me,it’s the devil’s handiwork”I began to plead as I knelt down
“you mean handwork ofvghe devil right?”She said raising her eyebrows at me
“Yes honey please”i sobered
“When you were flirting out with her, you didn’t say that it’s the devil’s work, but now you know that it is the devil’s work (drags her luggage and charges at me ) Dave, please get out of my way, Please!!!!!”she barked at me
I know whenever she mentioned she mentioned my name, she has been more than infuriated at me but I just can’t,within a flash she pushed me out of the way, **I had to do something**I thought
****I held out her hand****


“Adenike mi owon, I know that I allowed the devil into our marriage but please don’t do this to me, I’m sorry please (I began to weep which made her eyes also turned red but looked up in order not to let me see her face) I never meant to hurt you baby, I’m sorry, please you’re the love of my life, the reason why I’m on earth, don’t go because if you do that means you will be there when my funeral is being announced”I said weeping profusely as I prostrated at her feet
On hearing this she began to cry also, we both cried together before she finally broke the silence
“Aha, Dave you hurt me, you cheated me, you deprived me of my right”She said amidst of tears
“I’m sorry baby please,I’m so so sorry”i stood up to her level though a bit taller than her in height
“Dave you are more than precious to me than for you to do this”She said as she hugged me so tightly and passionate
I hugged her in return
“Adenike mi, Aya mi owon ****I started eulogizing her*****”
Hearing this from me, a gentle smile crept up to her face and lips
“I know that’s where you would end it at”She finally smiled
“**Smiles** when you want to kill me nko?”I said amidst smiles
“Promise me you won’t be a naughty boy again”she said as she wrapped up her hand around my neck
“By the grace of *GOD*,I promise I won’t do that again”I said in an assuring manner
“Ok, so let me pack this back”she said pointing at her luggage
“not even now,let do that in the order room “I said as I carried her suddenly giving her loads of kisses in return
“Ohhh”She shouted funnily when she saw how high I lifted her as we headed straight to the bedroom upstairs……….


(To Be Continued)

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