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The weapon of a woman Episode 6

The bar which was a little bit far than I presumed but with direction,i was about to get there around 7:30pm
As I entered the lounge, series of suffocative smell evolved from every corner of the dark room,with this I was sneezing profusely before I felt a gentle tap at my back
“Hello Handsome”She greeted
“Evening, but can we just move out of this premises”I said sharply as I sneezed at interval
“Okay let just go upstairs there”She(dupe) said as we both walked abreast upstairs
“So handsome…”
“Wait why calling me all this names”I cut in sharply
“don’t you know that you are handz as in cute”She said smiling as we both ordered a chair to sit
“Thanks but sorry I’m Dave not Handsome”I quickly corrected with a fake smile
“Well that aside, what would you like to eat or drink?”She asked me with her continuous smiled
“I’m okay,i need to go home”I said as I took my car key
“Ahah, not that fast,” she said as she dragged me down back to my seat
“But I’m not supposed to be here by this time”I said pointing at my wristwatch
“I know but to show me that you are not angry anymore with me, then you will take a sip of anything I order”She said as she was stylising bending down to reveal me her cleavage
“Okay no problem”i said with an “I don give up” face
“Okay”She said as she went to the bartender to get a particular wine which I don’t know its name
“so how was work today”She said as she poured the wine into two tumblers
“Good”i snapped
“So here you go”she said handling the tumbler to me which I gulped down fully
We both talked incessantly for up to thirty minutes until when I felt that my eyes were closing slowly ,that was when I knew that Dupe has injected the wine
“Dupe what did you put inside this drink”I said in an intoxicating manner
“why you asking?”she said and by now, her face began to change.
*****without saying anything, I felt two pairs of huge hands that carried me and lifted me into the inner room*****


Suddenly, I felt a tap on my chest and I opened my eyes reluctantly, only to see an image which did not resemble that of my wife
” *Alakori* (the strong headed one) you better stand up, your wife would have been waiting for you since yesterday”The voice said in a mocking manner
On hearing this, I opened my eyes widely,only for me to see Dupe sitting down beside me with a towel tied round her body, I foresee that she just took her bath
“Yeee, Mogbe,Dupe what have you done to me”i screamed as I jumped up suddenly
” *Kilonshe e* (what’s wrong with you),why you behaving like a kid”She said laughing
“Ahahah modaran”i shouted as I raised up the bed sheet only to find my boxer on me
“I thought you can even perform very well”She said as she laughed again
“I hope you’re not maa…..okay wait Dupe hope nothing happened”i said as I began to sweat profusely
“Hmmmm, nothing really happened between me and you because I won’t force you”she said raising her eyebrows
“Oh thank *GOD* I’m safe”i murmured
To my surprise the time is 6am,***what have I been doing since yesterday****I thought
Within a haste I got myself dressed up and she just stood there looking at me as I hurriedly reached for my phone. I was so surprised to see 69 missed calls,all from my wife ***What an enduring love*** I thought.
Without even giving her a second look,i vanished from the room into my car. Going downstairs I heard a voice calling me from behind
“Hello sir”The voice called me from behind
On looking back, it was the bartender that gave us the wine last night
“You forgot your car key last night when……”he stammered
“Oh thank you very much”i said as I collected my car key and zoomed off
On getting home,i knew that I’m going to face the Biafra war from my wife, so I had no option than to lie to her
“Dear, I’m so so sorry I didn’t tell you I was not going to come home last night”i pleaded as I saw her sitting down in the sitting room
“Welcome”she said as she walked out on me
I saw her motive, she was so angry at me, I knew I was at fault, all fault on me, quickly I grabbed her hand and draw her to me
“Honey I’m so so sorry, it was an official meeting that lasted for about seven hours”I lied
“Really, so that why you don’t pick calls during meeting abi?”She said with her eyes turning red
“Adenike mi.. (I started eulogizing her) please I’m sorry”i rounded it off with a hug
“But you know it’s not…. ”
***She tried to say something but I stopped her with a wet and deep kiss****
“I know that what you’ll end it with”she said giving out a smile
“I’m sorry now honey,” I tickled her
Few moments later, a text message popped into my phone through my WhatsApp from Dupe,and to my surprise what I saw dropped my mouth agape
***Lover boy, lucky you that we did nothing but anytime I call on you to my place, you gonna f**k the hell out of me and failingly to do so, I will post the pictures to your wife’s account,
Below are the attached pictures*****

As I saw this, my heart was agitated….. (To Be Continued.. )

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