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The weapon of a woman Episode 12

Some minutes later, I drove straight to the forest,with the kidnappers description,
On getting to the junction, my phone rang again ***probably they’re the one again***
The Caller:- How many police you carry along
Me:- Not at all sir, I didn’t call any police at all, I came alone (I said with a fearful heart
The caller:-okay, turn to your right, you’ll see a small hole, enter it and wait there
Minutes after ,I got the description and met the man who had been calling me all this while,he was smoking a heavily wrapped marijuana, puffing the smokes to my wife’s ears, seeing this a raging anger began to burn in me but I kept mute
Immediately I gave him the money,he pushed my wife forward and to my greatest surprise, I saw my wife running up to me
“Daaaave!!!!!” she shouted,hugged me tightly as she was weeping
Being moved, we wept together for minutes there
“how did it happened?”I asked her amidst of tears as we turned back
“Will you shut up the trap and move out before we get the two of you down”one of the kidnappers shouted in anger as he found my question irritating
As we were about to step out, we suddenly heard a thin feminine voice which gave me fear
“Catch him and let her go”The voice barked and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I turned back to see who the person is….
OMG!!! It was Dupe…….
I pushed my wife forward as we both ran as fast as our legs could carry us but the kidnappers ran faster than us in the bush
We ran for over thirty minutes in the forest,at a time my wife was tired, I carried her with the residual strength in me as we both continued the race

“Stop there! Stop”they were all shouting but we kept on moving in order to avoid the second kidnapping
“Yee,” I shouted as one of the kidnappers pursuing us threw a metal at my head
Immediately, I passed out as my wife also fell down………


Minutes later, I felt a tap on my shoulder, which woke me up back to life
“Stubborn boy,aw far”one of the kidnappers said which made others to laugh
I woke up to discover that I was tied with chain and circled by all of them
“Where is my Adenike”i said after regaining consciousness
“Sorry? ”
“I mean where is my wife after all, you’ve collected what you want, release her and let her go”i shouted with considering where am i
“Oh, like you’re kidding”one of them said
“Maybe he doesn’t know that this isn’t the right time to ask of his lover”he said as all of them bursted into laughter
“I’m very sure he doesn’t”The lady’s voice I heard the other time came to my ears again
“Oh my goodness, Dupe… “I. Shouted
“paaaa” I heard the sound in my ears which sounded like a slap
“who do you think you’re referring to, she’s is our boss,”the kidnapper at my left hand side said after dashing me a reverberating slap
“(turning to Dupe)Boss mama,let treat this guys f–k up,let eliminate him”the one behind Dupe said as an opinion
“yes boss, let treat hin f–k up cos he’s too rude”the other one said
“Ahhh, no now, leave him for me”Dupe said
There was a stream of silence in the room as she moved closer to me
“Dave, I know you could prove stubborn,but see I only wanna have you and that’s all”she said with a smile
*****I gave out no reply as I looked away from her sight***
With what she said I decided not to answer her because of the burning inferno in me so I kept mute because all I want is nothing but my wife
“Dave I’m talking to you, give me a reply”she barked
“skkrrraahh”i spat on her face “Not I my lifetime will I allow you to have me, NEVER, I repeat NEVER” I said with an effrontery
“Guys, punish him”she said as she went out
Seeing how disgusting what I did to their so-called boss was, they pounced on me and started giving me the worst beating of my life I could never forget,and immediately……. I passed out (To Be Continued)

Story Author:- *Tycoon*
WhatsApp:- *07035231619*

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