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The weapon of a woman Episode 10

The love that has seized between me and my wife has now becoming filled again right From the day we settled the disputes between the duo of us
I won’t give the devil which is known to be Dupe to threatening me.
***I should be able to desist from this shameful act, Dupe must not make me a fool the second time*** I thought

It a great weekend as I sat down on the three seaters chairs in a prerogative manner,glued with the television as I was watching my favourite team playing and my wife, in the kitchen. The atmosphere was cool inside not until when I heard a knock Ojo the door
“Yes who’s that”I questioned from inside
“It’s me Dupe”the voice emerges from outside
As I heard the voice,u noticed that my wife stopped what she was doing in the kitchen, maybe she wants to come out with a fight, (who knows)
“Okay, I’m coming”I stood up from where I was seated before going to open the door
“Oh it’s you Dupe Good….”
“Heee,please cut me short of that”She snapped at me
“But what’s wrong”i asked with a baffled look
“you’re asking me what’s wrong right”She said raising loud her voice
“Okay tell me”i said calmly pretending as if I was going to be meek with her
“Why don’t you come to where we both agreed yesterday’s night”she asked holding the door knob.


“To do what?”I asked in astonishing manner
“see stupid question, to do what, To fry beans ni”
“Anyway, it’s your problem not mine, and after all, you have done your worst by sending the pictures to my wife’s phone right,all because you want to send my wife out packing right? “I said fuming
“Well it’s not my problem, it’s yours to take care of”She said pushing me out of the way
“Dupe, please stop all this, you cant come to my house and abuse me, I won’t take that from you this time”I said with my voice raising up at her
“Dave, I can raise my voice because you’re mine”She shouted at me
“Over my dead body will he be yours,Never!!”My wife charged in from the kitchen
Seeing her Dupe became shocked.
“You See that you’re done today”i murmured
“So Dupe, you’re the one behind all this ehn, after all I’ve done for you, this what you wish to repay me with,you’re wicked fellow,a betrayer ,a traitor ,a fink “my wife yelled at her
“Girlfriend, this man is mine”She said as she moved to my wife
Within a seconds, I heard a sound like that of thunder spark
**wait did just just hear a slap***
“you must be very stupid for saying that girl”my wife roared after landing a back-to-back slap on Dupe’s poor face
“Yeee, My ear, (turns to my wife )Adenike, you slapped me”
“And if you say any rubbish there, I won’t mind giving you the same thing”I snapped as I looked at her with defiance
“Really you slapped me(turns to face me and my wife) Both of you will live to regret this, I swear down”She threatened as she storms out of the house
“Girl, it your entire generation that will not live to see the end of this”My wife shouted at her as she was getting out of the house
“The battle line has just been drawn”She said angrily
“And we can’t wait to see who wins the battle of the two against one”I and my wife both chorused together


“I never knew Dupe could be this wicked”My wife said panting as she was roaming around the room
“That why I said she’s not your friend at all”I said adding up to her words
“She really a betrayer”
“A traitor indeed”I whispered into he’d ears as I went inside


A great writer of all times (Tycoon) once said that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking together in the same direction,and for me I think that’s the best quote that suit the mood that I and my wife were as at that time. But we never knew what Dupe would be up to in times to come…….


(To Be Continued)

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