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Vacation In Obudu (Episode 9)

All of a sudden she burst into tears, bringing her legs down from the arm rest and the table, she turned her chair sideways and started buttoning her shirt after returning the twin back into the bra cups. With teary eyes, she stood up, adjusted her shirt and skirt, sat back down and placing her head on the desk, continued sobbing.

After about 20 seconds, she managed to say in between sobs ” I’m so sorry sir, don’t know what came over me”.. I was so turned on that moment and couldn’t think of anything to say to Funmi. After delaying for about 20 seconds, i put my brain to work and managed to say “I’m so sorry that i embarrassed you honey”.
Out if the blue came “but you were amazing”, which made her sob louder. I began to wonder what made me add that statement which invariably meant i had enjoyed watching her. Although seeing her become sober and full of tears, i had sincerely wanted to comfort her by letting her know what she did was normal (not necessarily in the office though because it might spell doom for her), but I reminded myself i had deliberately walked into the office, hoping in my fantasy to catch Kunle banging her.

I moved and sat on her desk next to her head and placed my hand on her shoulder. My position allowed me to see her cleavage as the twin shook while she sobbed ( i began to wish i could actually pass my hand underneath and squeeze them). It was then i realized she was actually watching an adult clip on her desktop screen with the volume completely turned down.
I continued, “I know its embarrassing to have your colleague stare and continue to watch after he finds you self serving, but i just want you to understand this incident will remain between us”. I began to massage her shoulder slowly and went on to say “Not even your boss would find out, but you just have to be careful where and when you indulge yourself next time”.
“Sir i cant believe you saw me doing….THAT. I’m so ashamed that i couldn’t even stop” she said in between sobs.
Sensing she was a little at ease (she finally talking to me), i decided to try further. “You know, its no big deal. We all do it from time to time and as my good friend would say, there are two types of people, the ones who self service and the ones who lie they don’t. Come to think of it, after a stressful week and ish, its only normal for one to have the urge to get off”.
“maybe, but not in the office”. She said, making a final sob and raising her head to look at me.
“well, you do have a point, but its ok”. Then i felt now was the perfect time to change the topic so i went on, “actually the boss said she left a message for me, i missed her call this morning but she sent me a text”. “yea, she just called me downstairs and handed me the envelop (she stood up and walked to the shelve by the corner in her office), she was with chief and they were leaving for the airport”. She picked up a sealed brown envelope and walked back towards me.

She continued, “she said the contents are needed for you trip later today”. As she walked towards me, i began to admire her small frame and big bosoms just as i caught sight of the fact that one of her buttons was undone and i had a side view of her cleavage as one of the twin tried to leave its cradle. She caught my gaze and making no attempt to adjust her shirt, she bounced graciously towards me and handed me the envelop smilingly. My attention was now on the envelope which was rather light when compared to its size. As i examined the envelope, she went on, “you can’t tell anyone about this you know. I’ll die of shame, and God knows that’s if im not fired”. “Hey, don’t get yourself worked up, i understand. You don’t have to worry” i said assuring her. I stole a glance at the clock and realizing it wad already 11:30am. “I better get going, i have an appointment by 12″ i said as i stood up to leave (All the while the adult flick was still playing with a black dude now giving his white counterpart a facial). She saw me looking at the screen and i turned and smiled at her as i adjusted my trouser (Fury was standing at half mast), she then ran into me wrapping her arms around my neck. She hugged me tightly making sure i could feel her twin on my chest (an action that make Fury rise to full mast) then she added, ” you’re the best Mr. Fury, i do owe you ONE”.

“Na wa o, no be Sir again, but Mr. Fury. No wahala, and btw i got the pun when you said you owe me ONE” i said in my mind. I then noticed as she moved one of her legs in-between mine and massaged fury gently. At that moment i felt i should grab her twin, rip off her shirt and suck on her nips long and hard, push everything down from the desk, place her on it and bang this naughty wench and priick tease silly, but i was sure a better time would come. “you owe me lunch at that place you told me about” i said as i broke free and left the office with Fury leading the way.
By the time i got to my office (through the stairway) fury had calmed down. I grabbed my stuffs and headed out.

**2:30pm In a cab**
After my appointment, i quickly rushed back home, parked the car and joined a taxi to the airport. Being Friday, i wanted to beat the traffic that would in less than 1hr time be on the 3rd mainland bridge.  Had gotten a call earlier from Jude telling me he had just left Obudu for Enugu and should be there by 5pm.
I then remembered the envelope and bringing it out of my shuttle bag, i decided to check the contents. In it I found Dolly’s thong (panties) of the previous night neatly folded with a little note attached which read: “thanks lover boi 4 last nite. A little token for your sniffing pleasure while u throw some dice in obudu”.

Smiling, i looked up to make sure the cab driver wasn’t looking and brought it up to my nose and inhaled briefly but deeply. Her scent was still on it. Fury sprang up.
“calm down boy” i said rather loudly attracting the attention of the cab driver who asked if i was talking to him. I looked out the window and said i was talking to the rain
(it was becoming cloudy)

**At the Airport**
I got to the airport some 40 minutes to departure. Did all my ticketing and went on to sit praying the flight wasn’t delayed or cancelled (thanks to the light showers that had begun) when i noticed a light skinned girl, with Angelina Jolie’s kinda lips smiling at me not too far from where i was about to sit. In my head I was like “omo imagine dat lips giving u job rite now? Dat one Na pure bliss”.  Then i notice her leaving where she sat and was walking towards me.
She was chubby, full of brezzz, killer curves, and tall for a girl (about 5.7 ft or so). Her hair do was fringes and she had some seriously dark shades on. He lips were painted purple (“purple kisses” a song by the Dream, started playing in my head), white female t-shirt with a red inscription “got milk?”, navy blue high waist jeans, and a red and black Isabel Marant sneakers.

Though i was the only person sitting at that end, i wasn’t too sure if she was coming to me so i looked away.  Then she stopped in front of me and asked “Fury, where is my slide?”…
“On the projector” i replied as i recognized the face….

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