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The Revenge (Episode 8)

They all dropped their weapons and put their hands on their head as the police had instructed. It was a few of them left.

There were bodies scattered all over the place as the police men numbering up to 20,,fully armed,,rushed into the bar and began to round the ones who had survived up. 10 other policemen went to the club to rescue the hostages and arrest any of the cultists they could find. They met obaz at the front. He was standing and placed his hands on his head. He didn’t look afraid neither did he feel remorseful. He was just smiling like someone who had accomplished a very tasking mission.

Two police men put him on handcuffs and took away his weapon while the others went inside and arrested his other wing man,,lekinz.

At the bar,,jack was seen hiding behind his table the police had tried to pull him out but it was a futile effort as jack’s body was lifeless on the floor. He was dead.

Alberto had always been ready for jack. He knew meeting jack in a fight will definitely not end really well especially as jack was a sharp shooter. So he was prepared to take him down if eventually jack was able to kill him. Therefore,,he laced his daggers with a very deadly poison he got from a very trusted herbalist in the north. The poison works really fast once it is mixed with the blood of the person the knife hits it starts to go straight to the heart and in the next 5-10 minutes the person will lose his life.

Apparently,,the police had got there very late so jack was not able to survive the hit.

The other remaining wolves at the bar were rounded up and handcuffed. And they were all moved to the big police van outside the gate where obaz and his wingman were already sitting.

By this time the paramedics had arrived to attend to injured hostages and take away the dead bodies.

25th,,August 2008.

At the Court Room.

The Edo state High Court was filled to the brim with people. The news about the war had spread round like wildfire and since then there had been so many talks and heated arguments among the indigenes of benin city and Edo state at large. Some people were of the opinion that obaz did the right thing seeking for revenge while others castigated him because they felt he should have followed due process. This was definitely one of the greatest cult wars to have ever taken place in Benin city.

The media was not left out as they had carried out various opinion polls in the streets of benin city and different people had aired their views on the issue. It was very clear that zick was known everywhere and many people were happy about his death especially rival cult groups.

So it was not a surprise to see the court filled with people. Everyone wanted to know how the case will end,,if Justice will be served or not. Those who were not able to attend sat in the comfort of their homes and watched proceedings from the local tv station on their Tv.

Obaz was in the dock right now and he had pleaded guilty to all the allegations placed on him by the prosecutor. He had refused to make use of a lawyer as he saw it as a waste of time. He felt more fulfilled for his actions. Seated behind him was tracy,,his girlfriend. She was really sober and was in tears all through the court proceedings.

After the examination-in-chief (the process of investigating and asking the accused person series of questions in court) by the prosecutor and laying of facts the judge was now ready to pass his judgement.

He said:

“Having listened to the facts brought here and carefully scrutinising the evidence brought against the accused and his accomplice,,i find them all guilty. But before I give my final verdict I have this to say”

The judge clears his throat,,adjusted his glasses and continued.

“Jeffery obazele you have really done wrong. You took the Law into your hands and acted on your own negative thoughts. The Law is always there to protect every citizen of Nigeria but you chose to shove it aside and put justice into your own hands. That is a very grave disrespect and offence against the Law therefore you have to face the wrath of it. Cultism is not a good thing and I condemn you for using it as a means to get justice. I will like to advise the young ones at home to shun cultism and avoid it at all cost. It will only put you in trouble. If Daniel Osato,,your brother was not in a cult group there wouldn’t be any need to kill him and you won’t find the need to join in order for you to get Justice. Before I go further do you have any last words?”

The judge looked at obaz as he was really quiet and sober this time. He nodded his head and opened his mouth to speak. All the court’s attention was on him and he could hear tracy sob from behind.

“All through my life I never imagined myself being a member of a cult and in fact I always tried as much as possible to avoid them because I know the kind of person I am. Many years ago while I and my late brother were still young we lost our father who was a business man to the cold hands of some brutal assassins sent by his rival in the business world. My mother decided to use the Law which was sworn to protect every citizen of this country to get back justice. But the judge granted the perpetrators bail and they were set free. A year later they came for my mum and killed her too. If not that we were staying with our aunt on holiday during that period we would have been killed too.”

At this moment obaz looked really sad as he painfully narrated his story. The whole court was quiet and there was sadness and pity written on the faces of many people in the court. He continued.

“I accept the fact that my brother did wrong by becoming a member but he is dead and gone forever. May his soul rest in peace. But what would you have me do when another set of bitter rivals took him away from me? I couldn’t go back to seek justice from the same judicial system who set the killers of my father free. No,,i couldn’t. I won’t ask you to tamper justice with mercy because in my heart I feel i’ve done what is right. Let the crooked Law take its course”

The judge was taken aback by the words churned out by obaz and he wore a forlorn look. He adjusted his glasses once more as he looked at obaz and then to everyone in the court from his high table and said.

“That you,,Jeffery obazele and other accused broke the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which does not condone membership in a secret cult and it’s activities. You have also been found guilty of murder,,extortion and illegal possession of fire arms. You are hereby sentenced to Life in prison. I rise”

The Judge hit the gavel and stood up moving towards the back door of the court.

Said the court clerk as everyone in the court stood up waiting for the Judge to leave his seat.

Obaz and the other cultists were moved by the police to the big black van where they would be taken to the prison. Tracy was crying and following behind,,she was looking for a way to get to obaz but the police wouldn’t allow her. Finally,,a very compassionate man among the police asked them to stop so she(tracy) could reach obaz. She rushed to him in tears.

“Stop crying my baby” he said as he tried to hug her with his cuffed hands.

They hugged for a few seconds then he kissed her so deeply one last time. She looked at him deeply in his eyes and said.

“I have your baby,,i hope it’s a boy” she tried to force a smile.

The police man had beckoned obaz to start moving and told tracy to shift back while they entered the van. The door was closed and obaz kept looking at her through the small opening of the dark van. He was going to miss her truly. At a point he started to regret his actions and wondered if avenging his brother was really worth it. He would have let karma/nature take it’s course. Now his child is going to grow up without a father.

Tears began to flow from his eyes.


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