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The Revenge (Episode 7)

Back at the bar, the fight was still on and jack was still killing the “cobrans” while alberto was busy throwing his pocket knives from his hideouts too. They had noticed each other and they knew one of them would have to go down.

Then alberto made a swift move. He stood up fast and started to walk fast. He threw two pocket knives at his left and right side killing two “cobrans” then he ran,,climbed a table and jumped behind and another “cobran” slashing his neck with his big dagger. He threw another pocket knife at an incoming attacker then he bent down behind the table. The table was just opposite jack’s.

Jack had seen him and was re loading.

They were both looking at each other from their hide-outs. This was between a sharp shooter and a swift knifer. Now alberto quickly stood up,, pulled two of his big daggers and threw them at jack’s direction. This was his greatest mistake. The two daggers flew fast like planes towards jack’s direction but one hit the table while jack managed to dodge the other one but it got his left arm. Jack was in pains. Immediately he stood up and fired sporadically in quick succession giving alberto no chance at all. Alberto kept dancing as the bullets pierced his body then he looked at jack,,knelt down,,slumped to the ground and died.

Back at the club,,zick was still lying down on his belly. It was obvious he had some broken bones so he couldn’t move. Obaz rushed outside leaving the two other wing men inside. He saw zick lying on the floor and walked towards him.

“We meet again finally,,zick” he said with a smile.

Zick turned over and looked at him. He was writhing in pains and he knew it was the end of the road for him. But he was not remorseful.
“Do what you came to do quickly. I need to be in reunion with your brother in hell” He said,,trying to force a dry smile.

His face was bruised and there were cuts and glass particles all over it.
Obaz was angry and he shouted.

“Shut up! My brother is not in hell. His soul has not rested yet and when I avenge his death he will find himself happy with God in heaven. Say “HI” to my brother for me when you pass the gates of heaven on your way to hell.”
“Pow!! Pow!!!”

Zick’s body lay lifeless on the ground. Obaz looked up in the sky and a tear dropped from his eyes.

Then came the police with their sirens blaring all over. There was a loud voice from the speaker.


To be continued >>>>

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The Revenge (Episode 6)

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