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The Revenge (Episode 2)

“Gbim! Gbim!! Gbim!!! Gbim!!!!”
“Tracy please open up quickly”
Obaz shouted in a very shaky voice as he banged very hard on the steel door of his girlfriend’s room.

It was as if something was chasing him. She quickly jumped up from the bed and headed towards the door quickly as her large breasts were hitting against each other as if they were both fighting to welcome obaz first. She was only on a grey transparent panties with her well shaped bóoty saying “Hi” from behind.
Tracy had known obaz from their secondary school days in University Demonstration Secondary School (UDSS). They were just friends then because obaz was too shy to let her know of his intentions. It was clear that he loved her and they both knew what they felt for each other.
Obaz had many female admirers because of his very handsome look. He had this shy way of smiling that could melt any girl’s heart quickly. He dated grace for a while and then things went sour. In the university,,he decided to take the bull by the horn and asked Tracy out once and for all;this was after some encouragement and persuasion from his elder brother osas. And they had been together for 3years and counting.

“Jesus Jeff!!! What happened?”
Tracy screamed in fear as she opened the door while obaz rushed in.
She was the only one who still called him jeff. His full name was Jeffery obazele but when he was initiated into the confraternity he nicknamed himself “obaz” because it sounded more fearful. That was how many of them did in the cult.
His white long sleeve was soaked in blood and he was limping badly.
“They’ve killed osas!”
“They shot him”
“They’ve taken my brother away from me”

Obaz replied amidst tears as he fell weakly on the rug beside the bed.
Around 8:00pm obaz and his brother were returning from the campus to their hostel in BDPA estate,,opposite the school. They were both laughing loud and gisting as they walked along 19th street. It was just a left turn to get to their lodge when they noticed a car coming fast behind them. It was a black honda.
The two brothers didn’t pay attention as they were both engrossed in their discussion. The car drove fast and overtook them then it quickly made a fast reverse and blocked their way.
There was silence for a few seconds…
Osas sensed danger immediately and he commanded his brother to run as he made an attempt to pull out his gun from his small bag. Obaz was confused and he stood there refusing to move. Two men came out of the car and began to shoot at both of them sporadically. The first bullet hit Osas on his right shoulder and his blood splashed on obaz’s shirt. Obaz dived to hide behind a shop.

“Jeff!!! Please run!” shouted osas.
As he ran into the bush nearby.
The two shooters followed quickly while they passed the shop obaz hid. It was clearly Osas they came for and so they had nothing to do with his brother.
He shot at the attackers but he missed as his right shoulder was already weak due to the bullet wound. He was writhing in pains.
The sound of the shot gave him away. The attackers followed the direction of the gunshot and kept shooting randomly in that direction.
They met obaz lying on the grass. He was badly hit. Two bullets had got to him on the right chest and another on his stomach. They had come to finish him off.
“Make I quickly waste this guy” said one of them as he points his gun at him. It was jack.
The other one called “Fabdedon” or “Fab” for short quickly stopped him.
“Remember capo say make we bring am alive if possible,,the guy still dey alive so make we leave am for capo.”
“Mehn fab forget that thing any fuçk up wey capo get na my fuçk up too”
Osas was still writhing in pain and agony. He knew it was the end of the road. He just hoped his brother was safe.
“Make una no kill my brother abeg”
He managed to speak.

“No need to worry osas,,it is you we came for”
A voice from behind spoke out. He walked through the bush with a flash light in his left hand and his shot gun in his right hand. It was zick. His best friend.
“Today is the day you pay for your transgression. Forgiveness is a sin”
Zick spoke as he came closer to where they were.
“Isaac…y-y-you be-tr-trayed me as a friend”
“So-so y-you planned d-d-this?”
“I thought we-we settled?”

Osas managed to speak out again. He was dying slowly.
“No time for long talks man. You fuçked up. And I told you I would get you.”
“Say ‘hi’ to the Devil for me when you get to hell”
Two shots were fired directly to the forehead and osas gave up the ghost.
They quickly walked back to their car and drove off leaving the whole street with a very grave silence.
Obaz quickly jumped out behind the store and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He could not go to his room that night for fear of them coming back to haunt him. He had to go to tracy’s house. He ran in fear and tears were dropping from his eyes.

In the process,,he twisted his ankle badly but he kept running.

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