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The Genesis (Episode 17)

I joined them and we began to gist about random stuffs, from school to how we planned to spend the holiday, mary and florence said they would be leaving for ghana the next month(their father based their), vannessa would be going to computer classes in my area, i immediately made up my mind to face mary and leave vannessa atleast until mary leaves for ghana, then phcn decided to strike at that time, it was already dark outside, I was sitting very close to mary, i began to feel her hands move up my laps towards my dick region, i pretended like i was not aware of what she was doing, when she got to her target point, i held her hands and moved closer, i told her to stop before we got caught, i then told her that i would be waiting for her in my compound, at the backyard to be precise, i then announced to them that i was taking my leave.


I went into my compound and quickly checked to see if anybody was around but the coast was clear, i happily sat on one of the old chairs at the backyard waiting for my prey, it didn’t take long for her to turn up though, i asked if she was sure nobody saw her coming into my compound, she said only presh saw her, she even said that preshed helped her to leave without being noticed, i loved presh more at that instance, no homo. Now with all the girls i had been with, i had to take sometime before i get use to how they kissed, its either they were too fast or too slow but with mary, i clicked immediately, our lips moved in unison, our tongues interwined like they had known each other for eternity, i grabbed her ass, she grabbed mine, everything was perfect. Although we were outside, we didn’t give a hook if someone might catch us.


We just wanted to devour each other, i laid her on the chair and began playing with her boobs, i fondled the twins, they weren’t as big as nonye’s or amaka’s but hey, am a moderate guy, it was just perfect, i made move to unclasp her bra but she stopped me, i was confused, was about asking why before she grabbed my face and started sucking my lips again, damm! Wetin this girls see for this lips? I asked myself, well i kissed back, we continued kissing for some minutes until i made my way down to her womanhood, she was wearing a skirt so all i had to do was to shift the damm thing up and take off her undies, i shifted the skirt but as i was about to take off the undies, she stopped me again, she got up and adjusted her skirt and left telling me she would see me later, see me later? What will happen to this hardon, i thought as i watched her leave……

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