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The first day I toast a girl Episode 27

Me: what do you said?
Mabel: take me inside your bedroom and do whatever you want to do to me. ** i carried her to my bedroom and lay her on my bed**. Am all yours.
Me: are you sure?
Mabel: am sure…** i laid ontop her and we started kissing. We kissed for 5min**.
Mabel: unclad me… ** i go down from her and look at her so suprised because i haven’t done that before**.
Me: do you mean it?
Mabel: yes i do.
Me: where will i start?
Mabel: hahahah…..funny you. Anywhere jare.please do am no more holding myself.** i pulled off her pink top,i removed her bra and her b**bs were so firm like a concrete stone.i started sucking her b*bs and she was moaning and moving her body to and fro in the bed.i s—-d her for 3mins and i paused and continue undressing her again. I located her trouser and unzip her and pulled it out… I removed her red pant. Her body was as smooth as a new born baby,i didnt even notice that on the previous day i had s-x with her. I was gradually kissing her from her toe to her mouth*.
Me: you can now undress me.** she stood up from the bed and kiss me. My p***ck was bulging in an uncontrolable speed. I was just praying to God so that it wouldnt burst because it is as strong as zuma rock… She removed my skirt in a more romantic way and i enjoyed it. She removed my trouser.she located my boxer and removed it. She held my p*ck and was playing with it*.

Me: do you like it?
Mabel: yes i love….it look so attracting. Any girl that sees it can’t resist you at all. Please dress well whenever you want to go out to avoid other girls to see it because i will break somebody’s head that try to……. I don’t want to share it with any other girl biko kwa.. ** we both laugh.She removed my singlet and want to suck me and i resist her**.
Mabel: why resisting?
Me: i can’t stand the pressure..** we laid on the bed today unclad facing each other. We are looking at each other eye ball to eye ball**.
Mabel: what do you see inside my eyes?
Me: i see the image of my face.
Mabel: same to me… What does that represent?
Me: am in you and you are in me. That means we are one.
Mabel: is the beginning of my new life with you,i plegde to be humble,honesty and trustworthy to you.
Me: and me too.
** we continue with our kissing.i insert my one finger inside her p**sy, she moan.i started finger bleeping.i bleeped her for 5mins,she c*m and i added two fingers and a point i stopped. I departed her legs,i insert my p**k inside her p*sy and about to fire on*. Something happen!
To be continue

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