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The Church Accountant season 3 (Episode 7)

(fast forward to evening)

I got to Cocoa Mall around 6pm and I was staying in front of Cassa Bella when I felt a touch on my shoulder.

Helen: thanks for coming. I thought we would meet in my house. But all the same you are welcome.

Me: ok. How far?

Helen: please let’s go to my place.

Both of us went to Shoprite to purchase some edibles but little did I know that she bought durex along with what she bought. When we got to
her place it was already 7pm. As I was settling down a call came to my phone

Me: hello
Caller: it is me
Me: who are you?
Caller: Ifeoma.

Me: cHIZOZZZ!!!! Ifeoma haa you left us to Port – Harcourt and you refused to call me.
Ifeoma: I misplaced my phone that time and I decided to retrieve the line, copied all my contacts and destroyed the sim. But where are you?
Me: I am in a friend’s place
Ifeoma: I came to Ibadan specifically to taste your c^ck. When are you going to be home?
Me: I will be home tomorrow evening.
Ifeoma: haa!!!! Let me speak with that your friend
Me: I am sorry it can’t be possible
Ifeoma: why
Me: Have a long tail and two branches
Ifeoma: (hissed) you no well Accountant. (ends call)

When her call ended, I placed my phone in silent but what strikes me most is that Helen’s house was modest, and as I saw her coming from the bathroom, I saw her laps and I wowed. Before I could say Jack Robinson, my c^ck was erect in my trousers. She came to meet me and removed her towel. I saw a clean – shaved pu33y. she removed my c^ck and when she saw the enormity she gasped.

Helen: mo gbe. (I’m in trouble) so this is what you have been carrying

I kept quiet. Then she started pleasuring my c^ck with her fingers. I wanted to play with her nippl3s but she refused. Then she started sucking it like lollipop sweet. After some minutes, she took a pack of cd, wrapped my c^ck then went on fours and guided it into her pu33y. I gently bleeped her but later increased the tempo. I couldn’t enter her fully because she was very tight. Afterwards, she stood up wrapped her legs around my waist and we started bleeping. All I was hearing her saying is “Accountant, when are we getting married……. Accountant, I want to have your baby…… Accountant, don’t break my heart……. Aaaaassssshhhhhh……….. hmmmmmmmm………. Oooouuucccchhhhh……….” I unleashed the dragon in me and I bleeped her mercilessly. She climaxed about three times but I am not satisfied yet. I carried her to the bed and entered her in Missionary position and bleeped her till we both climaxed together. I removed my c^ck from her Kitty-Cat and lay beside her. I observed that she spread her legs and was fanning her pu33y. I smiled at myself and slept off.


When I woke up it was already 5am. When I checked my phone, I saw 16 missed calls 8 from Ifeoma, 6 from Kolade and 2 from an unknown number, four messages Ifeoma, Kolade and Kafeeya. I read the messages and responded the message from Kolade and Kafeeya. When I looked beside me I saw Helen sleeping like a log of wood. I stood up in order to prepare for office when Helen woke up.

Helen: Accountant, good morning.

Me: sleepy, sleepy how was your nite?

Helen: you made me feel as if I was just having sex for the first time.

We talked for some minutes. She was begging me not to take the church accounts from her bank. She even gave the condition that she will always be at my beck and call whenever I need to Bleep her. by 6.20am, I left her house and went straight to office. When I got to office, I saw Mercy already in the church office working. When she saw me, she quickly finished her job and came into my office. When she entered, she locked my door, switched off the lights and came to meet me.

Mercy: accountant I want you to Bleep me

Me: in the office?

Instead of answering me, she sat on my laps, removed my c^ck and guided it into her pu33y. we bleeped in that position for 10 minutes then she stood up, removed my c^ck from her pu33y, returned it back into my trousers, cleaned herself up and whispered into my ears “let’s go home together” and left my office.

I went downstairs to wait for her and when I saw her, we both went to her house. When we entered her room she tore off the clothes on her and she went directly to my c^ck, removed it rubbed it together with her hands. When my c^ck was fully erect, she guided it into her pu33y. I bleeped her in missionary position for 10 minutes and when I was about to cum, I removed my c^ck and cummed on her. after we rested for some minutes, she stood up, cleaned herself and went to prepare breakfast. When I checked my phone, I saw a whatsapp notification from Titilayo “where the h3ll you kept your phone I have been calling you since yesterday” I called her line but her number wasn’t going. I replied her on whatsapp then after we started our conversation. I was so engrossed in our chats not until when I felt some fingers rubbing my ears. When I saw Mercy we both smiled.


Mercy: is that our wife?
Me: yes ke
Mercy: hmmm. So what about me?
Me: what did you tell me that other time?
Instead of answering she placed a kiss on my lips.
Mercy: I feel like marrying you.
Me: hehehehehehehehehe

After taking breakfast, we talked for several minutes. Then a call came into my phone. It was Sis. Kafeeya
Me: hallo
Kafeeya: Accountant, how are you?
Me: I am fine.
Kafeeya: where are you?
Me: in a friend’s place
Kafeeya: or in those girls place
Me: ermmmm…..yes
Kafeeya: I trust them, “won ni fe fi Microsoft Cloud ro ojo”(they will not want to allow Microsoft Cloud to rain). I wanted you to come and see me today.

Me: today
Kafeeya: yes today or….?
Me: or wetin
Kafeeya: or you dey sexvice a chic
Me: infact I am doing a party.
Kafeeya: WHAT
Me: I know you go shout. I will call you later in the day.
Kafeeya: call me before 2pm so that I will know if I will go to rehearsal today.
Me: ok. I will call. (call ends)

After the call, I was perplexed>>>>> slept in Helen’s place, fccuked Mercy this morning and Kafeeya wants me to come and see her. I was lost in thought when I felt a touch on my shoulder.

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