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The Church Accountant season 3 (Episode 5)

As soon as I got to church in the morning, during the early morning service, a person came to meet me

Stranger: are you bro. mike?

Me: yes I am.

Stranger: I have a word of knowledge for you sir.

Me: ok I am listening.

Stranger: I saw you in a fenced and well-guarded compound. I also saw that outside the fence, there were 5 Lions, a very deep and fast – moving flood moving towards the direction of the fence. Then I now discover that you were scooping clear and clean water with your hands and were throwing it towards the fence. And as soon as it was touching it, the fence was sinking into the ground. Please brother, in the name of God, be careful not to play with sin; most especially sexual immorality.

Me: ok sir. I will adhere strictly to the latter sir. I am deeply grateful sir

Stranger: besides, God says he wants to do a great thing in your life. Please don’t disregard it.

Me: thank you sir. I’m grateful.

As soon as I turned back, I bumped into a sister in the church.
Me: please ma, I am sorry.
Sister: no problem Accountant.
Me: how do you know me?
Sister: who won’t know the church accountant?
Me: ok o. I have heard you. By the way my name is Mike and you are…
Sister: I am Kafeeya by name
Me: Kafayatullahi……
Kafeeya: why are you calling my name like those local women?
Me: (laughs) don’t mind me sis. Kafeeya; I was just pulling your legs.
Kafeeya: ok…. I wanna be on my way
Me: not so fast. Can I have your contact? Please?
Kafeeya: give me yours
Me: ok 08079567771

She flashed my number and stored it.

Kafeeya is a sister in the church; she is a chorister not tall but has massive a$$ and not – too – big boob33. Most times in the church I will fantasize how I will squeeze her boob33 and slap her a$$……..

When I got home later in the morning, I saw both Ifeoma and Titilayo talking. But what I observed was that Ifeoma greeted me warmly. I looked at Titilayo awkwardly but she didn’t decipher what I observed. I hurriedly ate my breakfast and quickly returned to office. When I got to the office I received a call

Me: hello

Ifeoma: bad boy, you did not allow us to sleep yesterday night.

Me: who am I speaking with?

Ifeoma: Ifeoma.
Me: why did you change your voice and why are you using another line to call me
Ifeoma: you and your questions sha. I know you enjoyed your rendezvous with your wife.
Me: (relaxed) Ify, why wont I enjoy my wife?
Ifeoma: hmmm. See love……
Me: hope you are taking good care of her over there
Ifeoma: sure I am. But you will pay for her upkeep
Me: ok ma. I will raise the requisition for it and take it to your brother in – law to sign it then I will raise the cheque which will also be signed by the signatories.

Ifeoma: you are not serious. But by the way, how far about the cheque that Senior Pastor says that you will give me?
Me: you will collect it tomorrow.
Ifeoma: thanks in advance (kisses)
Me: if Titilayo catches you ehn. No come say I no warn you.
Ifeoma: ok. Mike. We’ll see in the evening.
Me: ok. (call ends)

I tried contacting Mercy but her number wasn’t going through. Soon after I closed I went home but on entering I saw Mrs Adedokun and Titilayo sitting under the car port. Titilayo came to hug me, I greeted Mrs Adedokun she beckoned me to come and sit with them.

Mrs Adedokun: Bro. Mike, how has been your day in the office?
Me: it was great ma.
Mrs Adedokun: I hoped you saw my SMS I sent
Me: yes ma’am.
Mrs Adedokun: but why didn’t you call since then?
Me: I’d planned to come and see you in the evening.

Mrs Adedokun: ok. I want to tell you that both of you didn’t allow the whole house to sleep. Even Dolapo and Segun were discussing it this
morning in my presence. I am not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy each other but I still have some underage children in the house. (lowers her voice) but Mike ekun ni e (you are a bad boy)

Me: ma, I am a gentle man to the core.
Titilayo: Sis, he is a gentle and nice guy.
Mrs Adedokun: in – fact yester night, you were making me to miss my husband

We all laughed. I promised her that we won’t disturb the whole compound again. She dismissed both of us and we went to my apartment. As
soon as we entered, we kissed each other and removed our clothes. This time I ensured that the doors were securely locked, I put on an MP3 CD which I increased the volume of the song. I pushed Titilayo to the chair and we started kissing each other this time hungrily. I stopped kissing her and I started sucking her b00b33. She reciprocated by rubbing my hair, head and ears…. Then I went for her pu33y; it smelt a combo of vanilla and pu33y smell. I sucked her pu33y and also used my hands to rub her inner thigh. She bit her lips to supress her moans. Afterwards she climbed on me and we had a 69 session. She then straddled me and rode me on a reverse cowgirl mode. I used my hands to rub her back and also squeezed her a$$. She rode me for some minutes then I carried her to the table, spread her legs apart and entered her. i drilled as if I was looking for water under a mountain with a borehole machine. After a while, I sat on the bed and she came to sit on me. We bleeped in that position for some minutes then she laid on the bed and we bleeped in spooning position. We both came powerfully and strong. After dinner, we discussed at length and slept off. I woke up feeling a sensation on my c^ck. When I opened my eyes, I saw Titilayo sucking it. I responded by stroking her hairs and twerking her nippl3s. She then sat on me and started riding me. She controlled her moans and voice. Afterwards, she lay on the b to her chest and I entered her. I took her legs up and bleeped her mercilessly. She was shedding tears but have to keep quiet. At that time I was very weak but I released into her. I crashed to the bed and slept off. I woke up around 8am when everyone had gone to church. I prepared quickly and rushed to church.


After three days, Titilayo had to return to Lokoja. but, she had promised that after her youth service, we are going to do our introduction and engagement before she travels out of the country. When I got home in the evening, I saw Ifeoma

Ifeoma: Accountant, the Accountant how has been your day?
Me: hectic. But interesting.
Ifeoma and I have been getting close by the day. Even Mrs Adedokun was happy that Ifeoma could loosen up.
Ifeoma: what will you eat?
Me: Ify, the remaining rice in my kitchen I cooked in the morning is the one I will warm and eat for dinner.

Ifeoma: so, you will waste the food I prepared for you abi?
Me: you prepared dinner for me?
Ifeoma: yes. Garri and Oha soup
Me: (relishing) yummy. My favourite soup during my NYSC

She went in to bring food flask from the main building. But when I entered, I discovered that she had cleaned my apartment, arranged what hitherto scattered apartment was and cleaned all the dishes. As soon as she entered I grabbed her by the waist and kissed her. She responded by kissing me back. My hands went to her boob33 and started squeezing it. She reciprocated by taking her hands to my c^ck and squeezed it too. Immediately my c^ck sprang to life and was really hard. She freed it from the trousers and boxer that hid it and started stroking it. I responded by using my left hand to her skirt and went straight to her pu33y. a small moan escaped her mouth. I started “manipulating” her and she was whining and grinding her hips towards my direction. As I stopped, she wanted us to continue but, I refused.

Ifeoma: Mike, why did you stop?
Me: firstly, I no fit shout. Secondly, Mrs Adedokun is at home with the kids and Segun or Dolapo can enter this apartment because the door is
not locked.

When she heard that the door was not locked, she quickly ran to the living room of my apartment; but when she got there, she found out that the door was already locked. When she turned to face me she saw I was stark UNCLAD with my c^ck standing as a microphone on a mic stand. She rushed to meet me and started removing her clothes. As soon as she removed her bra, a call came to her phone. It was Mrs Adedokun

Mrs Adedokun: where have you been?
Ifeoma: I am checking the place where Dolapo and Segun cleaned in the evening.
Mrs Adedokun: Ok. Please I would like to see you immediately.
Ifeoma: ok ma. I am coming inside. (call ends)

She came to meet me and sucked my c^ck for three minutes. Afterwards, she dressed up quickly and sneaked out to the main apartment. When she got home she opened up a whatsapp chat with me

Ifeoma: Accountant, I really wanna suck your c^ck right now.
Me: come and suck it……
Ifeoma: (love smiley) no wonder, Titilayo dey enjoy
Me: I wanna feel the walls of your pu33y
Ifeoma: just want to let your c^ck caress my womb, and you bring me to a great “heavenly feeling”……
Me: if your Aunty catches you eh…..

Ifeoma: Aunty Even Mrs Adedokun is now having issues with her husband. After that night, she has been bothering her husband when he will come home. Infact, she has always been moody all this while

Me: but what is the cause

Ifeoma: are you not the one that caused it That night Titilayo was moaning when you were screwing her. I saw my sister squeezing her nippl33 and pleasuring herself that night. It was so bad that she too was moaning alongside with Titi. I had to bring her out of her reverie before any of her children sees her in that awkward position.

Me: ok. what about you?
Ifeoma: I was in the parlour watching UGLY BETTY that night but when I decided to go inside and sleep that was when I heard the moans.
Me: it is like I will have to look for another apartment before I implicate anyone.
Ifeoma: so what about me? Will you now leave me for those girls in the church?

Me: to be candid, you people are dulling my spirit here. I had wanted to bring home match but when I remember that I am not in my own apartment, I back down. To be honest, I would have ffcukked about 5 girls in the church.

Ifeoma: so you want to share my c^ck with other ladies in the church abi
Me: who has it? Is it you or Titilayo
Ifeoma: for now, in this house, I am the owner of it.
Me: don’t say I didn’t warn you
Ifeoma: please unlock your door. I am coming right away

I stylishly unlocked and opened my door. In three minutes she sneaked into my apartment. She was putting on a see – through nightie and I was seeing her perky – tittzzz and a well shaved pu33y. I went to the door and locked it. When I turned she was UNCLAD. I quickly undressed and we started kissing. She was eager to insert my c^ck into her honeypot. But I wanted her to suck me before I fffcukk her. as if she knew what wanted, she knelt down in front of me and started sucking my c^ck and mouth – gagging it. After sucking my c^ck for some minutes, I sat on my chair and she sat on me. She guided my c^ck to her pu33y and she started riding me. I observed that her pu33y was WIDE; it was like drilling from a wide hole. We continued in that manner for some minutes. She wanted me to squeeze her nippl3s and caress her doorknob. Then she went to the bed, spread her legs wide apart and I was seeing her pu33y. like an enchanted zombie I went to her pu33y and inserted my c^ck. The more I was drilling her, I was feeling disconnected from her. I stood up and went to the bathroom. She came to meet me

Ifeoma: Mike, what is happening?
Me: I dunno. I feel disconnected.
Ifeoma: Mike, I too I feel that we are not connected.
Me: it means we should stop what we are doing.

She cleaned herself up and came to kiss me. Afterwards she left for the main building. When I got to the bed I saw a message from Ifeoma “I’m sorry for what happened tonight. Let’s keep it as a secret between both of us”

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