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The Church Accountant season 3 (Episode 4)

Few weeks after, I was returning from work one evening when I saw Ifeoma sitting at the parking shed reading a magazine. As I passed her, she called me back

Ifeoma: Accountant, you cannot greet person abi?

I stared at her with the look of “if you like jump into the lagoon for all I care” and walked inside. After some minutes, she came to my door and
knocked it. As I opened the door and saw her

Me: how can I help you?

Ifeoma: what is wrong with you Accountant?

Me: nothing.

Ifeoma: why did you ignore me?

Me: ma’am I am really busy. You might have to come back later

She hissed and turned back. For my mind I was like “what will someone enjoy in this smoked panla fish” I closed my door and continued with the cooking I was doing.

The next day after devotion in the office, I heard a knock on my door

Me: come in

As soon as the person opened the door it was Ifeoma. I casually greeted her and turned to the computer

Ifeoma: can’t you tell me to sit down?

Me: (coldly) sit down.

After some minutes of silence, she spoke up

Ifeoma: I came to see the Senior Pastor in his office but I was told he is in a meeting with some other pastors

Me: yes

Ifeoma: so, I felt I should wait in your office for the duration when the meeting will be through.

Me: ok.

She wanted to initiate discussion with me but I didn’t give her the chance of talking so my office was silent all through the duration she was there except when calls came into her phone and my phone. After about 20 mins, I heard a knock on my door

Me: come in.

When the person came in it was Mercy.

Mercy: Accountant sorry for barging into your office. I thought you were alone and I want to keep company with you for some minutes.
Me: well, I have been busy a little. So what’s up?

Mercy: (ignoring Ifeoma seated) I am good. Just being lonely this days.

Me: o ga o. why didn’t you call your guy to come from Badagry, or you going there to see him?

Mercy: you know that it is not possible for me to go to Badagry. He only comes to shore every 5days and he will just sleep a night before he heads back to the waters the following morning.

Me: eeyah. I know how it feels (winked at her)
Mercy: you no well. Accountant, I am hungry.
Me: come and eat me…….
We heard a hiss and that was when I realized that Ifeoma was standing up to leave my office. After she left
Mercy: who is that okprokoropo fish
Me: na my landlady’s sister be that.

Mercy: so that’s the Ifeoma I have been hearing about. No wonder she is too pompous and saucy. I overheard when she was talking to the Receptionist some minutes ago.

Me: she don carry her saara pass Mosque

Mercy: everyone has been talking about her. I even heard that she is a graduate from ABTI – American University in Yola. She….
Me: even if she graduated from John Hopkins Research University who cares Abeg, your guy is hungry.

Mercy: (locking my office door) I have been craving your c^ck since that last time and I want to taste it. (coming towards my direction)

Me: ma koba mi (don’t implicate me). Don’t you know that we are in the office
As she was moving closer, the intercom buzzed
Me: hello sir
SP: please come to my office immediately.
Me: ok sir.

As soon as I ended the call, I turned to Mercy who I already standing in front of me. I squeezed her boob3 for some minutes. I had to wait for my c^ck to subside before going to SP office. When I got there, I saw Ifeoma seated.

SP: Accountant, prepare a cheque for the supply of 10 tons of cement in her name (pointing at her)
Me: ok sir. But she will have to wait till Sunday.
SP: why?
Me: one of the signatories had travelled and he wont return till Saturday night.
SP: ok. Just process the transaction.
On my way from his office I met Mercy on the way and she was giving me the “come and Bleep me” sign. As I was settling down in my office, Ifeoma entered
Ifeoma: Accountant, we need to talk when we get home.
Me: (indifferent) ok. Have a nice day.

When I got home in the night, I saw Ifeoma sitting in front of my apartment carrying a food flask. I smiled within myself because I knew she
wanted to be acting all nice with me. She greeted me warmly

Ifeoma: Accountant, how has been your day?
Me: fine.
Ifeoma: why are you just coming?
Me: why do you want to know?
Ifeoma: ok. I am sorry. I want to see you.
Me: give me about 40minutes I will be ready.
Ifeoma: is it about preparing food? I have already done so for you
I looked at her like “what the Bleep” I opened the door ushered her in and quickly went in to shower. When I was through, I came into the sitting room and sat opposite her.
Me: so, what do you want to tell me?
Ifeoma: Accountant, why d0 you always ignore me in this house?

Me: there’s an adage that says “ibi ti won ba fi elemo si ni nso” (I don’t go beyond my boundaries) I want to keep my boundaries and I observed that you are someone I should keep a distance with.

Ifeoma: please don’t do that. I thought since all guys are animals, you will not be different.
Me: it is okay. I will change towards you.
She came forward to where I sat. when I stood up, she gave me a hug
Ifeoma: thank you. But what is your name?
Me: I am Mike.
Ifeoma: ok mike. Hope you didn’t forget about the cheque.
Me: I wanted to “punish” you for your raunchy behaviour. But I will speed it up…….
She placed a kiss on my lips. I responded with intensity and urgency. After a while we broke from the kiss, she looked at me
Ifeoma: bad boy. So you are this starved
Me: Ifeoma, you no well.
As she turned, I playfully smacked her flat a$$. she responded by wriggling it.
Me: nothing dey there…


The following day Ifeoma was the first person to greet me on my way to the office. When I got there, I received a call from Titilayo

Me: my bae

Titilayo: Mike, you don’t call me lately these days or is it that those girls in that church are deceiving you?

Me: Bae, those girls wan scatter my medulla oblongata. If only you see the sizes and shapes……

Titilayo: dem wan die (she laughs) how are you loverboy?

Me: I am doing just fine.

Titilayo: good news mike. My visa has been approved.

Me: (sighs) I am happy for you. But ……

Titilayo: but what dear? Are you not happy for me?

Me: I am happy but I wished you will come to Ibadan immediately after your youth service.

Titilayo: where do you think I am speaking from? For your info, I am in Ibadan.

Me: what You got to IB and you didn’t tell me

Titilayo: meet me at my Aunt place.

Me: send me the address

Titilayo: I will (call ends)

As soon as I got the message I discovered that the place was where I was living shocked I called her immediately

Me: Titilayo, how are you related to Mrs Adedokun?

Titilayo: do you know her?

Me: she is the one I am living with.

Titilayo: that’s good. She is my Uncle’s wife. I just came in some minutes ago. So what should I prepare for you my husband?

Me: your pu33y.

Titilayo: ok will be waiting for you.

As soon as the call ends, I received an SMS from Ifeoma “I want to Bleep you tonite” when I read it I was shocked because both Titilayo and Ifeoma will be at home together; then I deleted it from my phone. I decided to close from the church late but not until I was having persistent calls from my bae, and Mrs Adedokun. When I got into the compound, I wanted to sneak to my apartment but Ifeoma was hiding at the shrubs. When I passed there, she grabbed my hands and pulled me in

Ifeoma: Mike why did you come late?

Me: nothing just that I’ve been busy

Ifeoma: please Bleep me. I’m Hot.

Me: don’t kill me o. my bae is around.

Ifeoma: your bae? I didn’t see anyone in your apartment today.

Me: she is in your house

Ifeoma: what Titilayo is your girlfriend

Me: perfectly sure.

Ifeoma: I don’t care. All I want is that I want you to Bleep me and Bleep me now.

Me: (begging) you see as soon as the light in my apartment comes on, she will come to my place and I don’t want anything to happen. Besides you both are in – laws. I will make it up to you.


As we were talking, my phone started ringing. When I saw the screen it was Titilayo

Me: see she is the one calling

Ifeoma hissed and went away

Me: my bae

Titilayo: where have you been?

Me: I just entered the compound. Where are you?

Titilayo: check what I sent to you. (Ends call)

When I checked the Whatsapp notification, I saw Titilayo in pink lacy panties no bra and in a come – I’m – all – yours pose.

As soon as I got to my door, I discovered that my door was opened but there was no light. When I entered, I smelled the aroma of food prepared by Titilayo; her usual combination of curry, garlic, dried effirin (basil leaves) and Cameroon pepper spice. I was hearing the sound of music coming from the kitchen. I sneaked there and I saw her cooking then cupped her boob33 from the back and kissed her. When she was done cooking, she switched off the cooking gas turned to me and gave me a “welcome home” kiss. We kissed each other from the kitchen to the bathroom where we were both unclad and showered together. While being there, I cupped one of her br£^st and started sucking it while squeezing the nippl3 of the other br£^st. She was moaning hard and was rubbing my head. Then she knelt on the bathroom floor and started sucking me. My c^ck had been fully erect and solid hard. She gave me a mouth gig for some minutes. After then, she held onto the hand – wash basin and I entered her from the back. I bleeped her in that position for several minutes. But what I realised was that her pu33y was very tight. Afterwards, I carried her to the bedroom, suspended her legs in the air and bleeped her. She was moaning as if she was using a chain saw in the forest. After some minutes, she went on all fours and I entered her and after being that position for some minutes, we both came.

Titilayo: (faintly) Mike, how are you?

Me: I’m fine.

Titilayo: Walahi, I’ve missed your c^ck (touching it)

Me: you are teasing me

Titilayo: hmmm. Hope you haven’t been giving IB girls my c^ck? I will kill because of it

Me: and hope you haven’t been giving Lokoja/Abuja guys my pu33y

We both laughed. After resting for some minutes we both cleaned up and she went to the kitchen to serve the food. But as soon as I got to my parlour, I saw Ifeoma. I was shocked because I was UNCLAD

Me: (running Back to the bedroom) when did you enter

Ifeoma: you didn’t remember to lock your door when I entered. My sister wants to see the two of you (she leaves).

Before she left I saw the look on her eyes….. a mixture of anger and envy. When we finished dinner, we both went to the main building to meet Mrs Adedokun

Mrs Adedokun: Mike, bawo ni?

Me: I am fine ma.

Mrs Adedokun: Titilayo told me you guys are dating. I didn’t know you were the one until she showed me your picture.

Me: it was when she sent her address to me that’s why I got to know that you were related kind of.

Mrs Adedokun: ok. So Mike take good care of her for me o. I don’t want to hear stories that touch.

Me: tell her (facing Titilayo) to take care of me

Titilayo: don’t mind him ask him if I haven’t been taking care of him

We all laughed except Ifeoma who was eyeing me angrily. After staying with them for some minutes, we went back to our apartment. But when we entered, Titilayo asked me a question

Titilayo: what’s between you and Ifeoma?

Me: why did you ask?

Titilayo: the way she has been behaving since when I came.

Me: how?

Titilayo: Ifeoma and I have been friends since her sister and my brother married. When I came in and called you, my phone was in loudspeaker and she was beside me. When you said that I should prepare my pu33y I saw the reaction in her face. But I realised that after a while that my phone was with her, I decoded that she saw some of your raunchy pictures. But since then she has been acting weird (looking at my eyes) or are you bleeping her already

Me: fcukk her Lailai!!! You know me now.

Titilayo: I know you. I am not ready to share my c^ck with another woman.

Me: ok. what about when you travel out for your masters?

Titilayo: (sighs) I’d wish that my dad could change his mind about the trip. But sha I will be coming to Nigeria every 6 months.

As soon as she stopped talking, I tried not to show her that I was pained but she threw me off guard by kneeling in front of my c^ck and started sucking it. It sprang to life within matter of seconds. She sucked me and I cummed in her mouth. After wards, she stood up, laid on the carpet and spread her legs. I came in between her and started sucking her pu33y. I was also using my hands to knead her boob33. I had to stop because she wanted to be screaming. I carried her to the room, and then we started with wheel – barrow style. Her c^nt swallowed my c^ck and I rocked her. After a while, we went to the window. She rested herself at the window, folded her legs on my buttocks and I bleeped her. Then, we disengaged and she pushed me to the bed, straddled me and rode me like a stallion. She then went on all fours and I penetrated her in do99y style; I was hitting her walls and smacking her a$$ drilling her. She was moaning aaasssshhhh…….uussssshhhhhh saying the unmentionables. Then we finally reverted to the missionary style and we both came powerfully and slept off.

I woke up three hours later and when I stood up to ease myself in the bathroom I saw that we did not lock the front door. As I went to lock it, I saw my phone blinking. When I took it I saw three messages; one from MTN, one from Mrs Adedokun and the third one from Ifeoma. The message from Mrs Adedokun reads “Accountant, you have some explanations to make to me tomorrow” and the one from Ifeoma reads “Mike you are breaking my heart. I was hearing how she was enjoying it and it’s making me jealous”. As soon as I finished reading the messages, I deleted the one from Ifeoma, locked the door and went inside. When I entered I saw Titilayo’s pu33y and my c^ck sprang up to life. I went to the placed my c^ck at the entrance of her pu33y and was using it to rub the pu33y. she woke up startled but when she saw me, she smiled

Titilayo: Lion, you are hungry again

Instead of answering her, I inserted my c^ck into her fully. She let out a gentle moan and then I was rocking her gently. She was urging me to hit her hard but I was taking my time. I increased the tempo and drilled her. I had to cover her mouth because of the moans are getting louder. I bleeped her for about 10 minutes and she came. Not long after that I also came and crashed beside her. We woke up around 5.30am in the morning and I quickly prepare for service.

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