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The Church Accountant season 3 (Episode 10)

Later in the day, I received a surprise gift from someone. When I opened it, I saw five pieces of shirt, two packs of singlet and four boxer shorts alongside a small note. When I read the note, it was from Kafeeya. I called her

Me: how did you know that today is my birthday?

Kafeeya: check your Facebook. Your day and your update are there. (ends call)

I quickly checked my Facebook and I saw the beautiful cake she posted on my wall. I called her back

Me: thanks for the gifts and the cake.

Kafeeya: the cake is at home.

Me: your place or mine?

Kafeeya: when you get home.

(fast forward to evening)
When I got home, I saw Mrs Adedokun fuming in anger. When I greeted her she didn’t respond instead she asked me a question

Mrs Adedokun: what is between you and Sis Kafeeya?

Me: nothing. We are just friends in the church.

Mrs Adedokun: are you sure?

Me: 100% sure ma.

Mrs Adedokun: why didn’t you tell me that today is your birthday?

Me: I’m sorry ma. I’d planned not to celebrate it since Titilayo is not here.

Mrs Adedokun: (calms) ok. I thought you were having sex with Kafeeya

Me: nope. (I lied)

Mrs Adedokun: meet me inside for your birthday gift.

As soon as I entered my apartment, I received a call from Ifeoma

Ifeoma: Lover boy happy birthday. Even if you didn’t tell us

Me: thank you. How is Port – Harcourt?

Ifeoma: fine. But where are you?

Me: inside my apartment.

Ifeoma: my sister said that someone brought cake to the house for you.

Me: yes. Mummy Praise brought the cake for me

Ifeoma: why are you doing this accountant?
Me: can’t I tell someone to do cake for me? Or why the unnecessary question?

Ifeoma: but……

Me: but what I’m sleeping with her abi

Ifeoma: Mike I am not saying that but….

Me: please I am tired and I need to rest. If you that we are not dating could be this possessive, how will Titilayo feel?

Ifeoma: Mike, don’t make me…..

Me: angry!!!

Ifeoma: as I said, I am possessive about my thing; and I don’t want to share it with……

I hissed at her and ended the call.

As soon as I entered the main building, Mrs Adedokun came to give me a hug
Mrs Adedokun: happy birthday Mike.

Me: thank you ma.

As she wanted to talk, a call came into my phone

Me: hello

Kafeeya: happy birthday. I want to come to your house with praise and her friend.

Me: ok. I will be expecting the three of you.

Kafeeya: hope you haven’t cooked food?

Me: nope. (looking at Mrs Adedokun) except if Mummy has prepared food for everyone
(mrs Adedokun poked me at the back)

Kafeeya: ok…. But all the same we are coming.

Me: ok. I have heard you. (call ends)

As soon as the call ended, mrs Adedokun faced me

Mrs Adedokun: Mike, she said she’s coming

Me: yes with Praise and the other girl.

Mrs Adedokun: I want to spend your birthday with you alone.

Me: I will try to discharge her on time

Kafeeya came in about 10 minutes later with the kids. We danced, sang and ate; as if she read Mrs Adedokun mind, she quickly left the place for her house. As soon as she left, I got a whatsapp notification from Titilayo informing me of a Skype call. I excused myself from Mrs Adedokun and went to my apartment. When I entered, I initiated the Skype call with her

Me: Iyawo olojo ibi, you no come to Ibadan to celebrate with your husband.

Titilayo: ma binu si mi. you know that it is not easy, taking permission from work and travelling to come and celebrate with you

Me: ok

Titilayo: well, Ifeoma called me to report something to me. Who is Kafeeya?

Me: Sis Kafeeya is a sister in the church that I contracted to bake cake for me (I lied) when the cake was ready, she had to take it home to drop it there. In – fact Mrs Adedokun saw the cake and even commented on the cake

Titilayo: but what is going on between you and Ifeoma Mike you have to tell me the truth. Because I suspect you are lying.

Me: (getting angry) what is the meaning of that statement? So I should not interact with church members; or church members should not do anything/transact business with them abi

Titilayo: this is the problem I always have with you Mike. You get flared up easily……

Me: I know Ifeoma or her sister would have reported me to you

Titilayo: nobody reported you to me

Me: how did you know someone gave me a cake then?

Titilayo: check your wall on Facebook

Me: I have seen the cake…..she uploaded it this morning.

Titilayo: did you see what she wrote on the post?
I quickly rushed to see what she wrote; I was shocked and surprised because she wrote “to an angel……with love” and inserted a love smiley.

Me: Titilayo, I don’t know why you should be angry at what a person wrote on my wall. For your information, she is a single mother of a four year old girl. Funny enough, she is a chorister in the church where I work. So how will I be that silly to date her under the very nose of your sister – in – law (I lied); and Mrs Adedokun knows her very well.

Titilayo: it was Ifeoma that informed me and…….

Me: and what Titi? Baby, don’t spoil my day for me; I will call you back later (ends call)

I wanted to send an SMS to Ifeoma but I decided to play it cool. I returned to the main building to meet Mrs Adedokun. As soon as I got to the main building, Mrs Adedokun ushered me in. I refused to sit down.

Mrs Adedokun: Accountant what happened?

Me: Please did you call Ifeoma to tell her about the cake?

Mrs Adedokun: yes I did. I couldn’t imagine someone outside will be sharing my “thing”
Me: that is very good ma. It’s like we should put an end to what we have been doing.

Mrs Adedokun: put an end to what?

Me: the sexcapedes between us

Mrs Adedokun: Accountant, you are joking.

Me: Ma, I’m dead serious

Mrs Adedokun: so you want to rebuff my advances after eating me abi You will not do such again

Me: (sarcastic) Well, thank you for today….. I’m really tired and I want to go and sleep (turns to leave)

I carried the cake and was leaving. Mrs Adedokun grabbed my arms and looking into my eyes intently

Mrs Adedokun: Mike, I am sorry for my actions today. To be candid, your c^ck is sweeter than honey.

Me: Mrs Adedokun, I have heard you.

Mrs Adedokun: please call me Chinyere.

Me: ok I’ve heard you Sis. Chinyere.

I gave her a peck on her cheek and went inside my apartment.

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