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The Church Accountant (Episode 4)

Episode 4

Two months went uneventful but on one Thursday afternoon Sis. Iyoaye buzzed me up

Sis. Iyoaye: Accountant, are you in office?

Me: yes I am. Can I help you?

Sis. Iyoaye: If you are bit free, I want to come and see you.

Me: ok. No probs.

When she ended the call, I was like “wetin this sister wan come see me for?” 5 minutes later, she came in.

Me: Sis. Iyoaye, hope I am safe

Sis. Iyoaye: You are as safe as the Result sheets used for declaration.

I ushered her to a seat and she said:

Sis. Iyoaye: Accountant, can I ask you a question?

Me: you can go ahead.

Sis. Iyoaye: Are you married?

Me: No, but why do you ask?

Sis. Iyoaye: can I trust you with a secret?

Me: yep.

Sis Iyoaye started her story how she grew up, how she was being molested by her step brother for 5 years and what she had went through in the hands of men. It got to a point that I had to be consoling her when she was crying by patting her back. Before we could say Jack, she started putting my hands to her laps to caress it.

Me: Sis. Iyoaye, please don’t implicate me!

Sis. Iyoaye: ever since the first day I met you, I have been dying to be in your arms; for you to be my man and desired you.

Me: but what about your fiancé?

Sis. Iyoaye: that one, a serial cheater.

Me: (shocked) what? Bro. Tunde is cheating on you?

Sis. Iyoaye: I caught him twice; with Rokiatu and FantasyIsalnd

Me: na wa. So Bro. Tunde is just pretending

Sis. Iyoaye: yes now. We have officially broke up last month.

Me: hmmm. That’s serious. But you barely know me and besides we can’t do such here in the church office.

Sis. Iyoaye: I’m h0rnie. And I want to feel you now.

Me: Ahhhh!!!

Sis. Iyoaye: Pleeeaaase

Then the intercom buzzed.

When I went to pick the intercom
Me: Hello, this is the Church Accountant
Receptionist: Sir, Mrs. Aisha Bello is around and she wants to see you.
Me: ok let her in.
Turning to Sis. Iyoaye I told her that I will see her later in the day. When Mrs. Aishat Bello entered the following dialogue ensued
Aisha: what? Short man devil longest time
Me: Please who are you ma’am? And how did you know my nickname in School?
Aisha: I know say you no go know me. Aisha Solomon, Catherine’s friend
Me: Aisha Solo…..ah!!!!!!! Ku ojo meta (it has been a long time)
Aisha: how is my short man? Hope he is still alive and kicking?
Me: o gbadun rara (u no well). How is your family?
Aishat: I am good. And you?
Me: I am doing great. But you have transformed greatly.

Aisha and I were friends back in the university, she got a job in the bank in our 3rd year (she joined us as Direct Entry student)….we were inseparable that people thought that we were dating each other. Even it caused wahala between me and her boyfriend.

Aisha: how is Catherine your wife?
Me: Catherine nko, temigracie ni. Abeg wetin bring the almighty banker come my office?
Aisha: we got a memo from the headquarters of your church stating the approved banks and funny enough if I did not come here you won’t call me to inform me.
Me: it is not that madam. The phone I had your number was infected with virus and when it was formatted and I virtually lost all contacts.
Aisha: ok Mr. Ajidara. Hope you dey collabo with church girls?
Me: emi ke? Ere wo ni aja n b’ekun se? (me?, what relationship does a tiger and a dog has?) I wanna make money first before thinking of settling down.
Aisha: Iwo lo mo. (na you sabi) Well the Head of Station gave me a call that I should bring account opening packages to the church office and to meet the Accountant. I no know say na you I go meet for office.
Me: alright, drop the forms. As soon as the signatories are in church for service, I will give them to fill the forms and sign them. So call me around next week to know when you will come and pick it.
Aisha: Ok. Let me have your number
Me: 0902……
As soon as she was leaving, she called her colleagues
Aisha: please I want to have some minutes meeting with the Accountant. Please don’t let me delay you further. I will meet you up at the office…..ok, bye (call ends).
When she got to the door she locked the door and charged at me.
Me: Aisha, please stop what you are doing. You know that you are married and….
She placed her finger on my lips.
Aisha: put a song or something on your system so that they won’t hear what we are doing……
Like someone jinxed I obeyed her and I did as she instructed. As soon as I was done, she pushed me to seat down and she undid the zip of my trousers, took the short man devil out blew air on it. As soon as she did it, it was as if the batteries that were dead were changed and it came to life. My “OPA MOSE” was turgid and ready for action. She started work on it as if it was lollipop sweet she started licking it from the cap then she swallowed the entire pipe and started deep-Drinking it. Instantly my eyes went into the balls and I was in cloud 20. After a while I started feeling I was about to erupt. Then she stopped and dragged me to the toilet. She went on all fours, pulled her pants to her knee and I started licking the pillars of the door and start manipulation lessons in the holies. She was feeling high but what I liked about her was that when she is experiencing orgasms, she doesn’t shout or screams. But the way she will dramatize and the amount of fluid erupted will prove beyond all reasonable doubts. I continued my mission and she climaxed. Afterwards, I entered her through the back and I was hammering the nails. As I was about to erupt, I pulled out and she took my “OPA MOSE” into her mouth and I released in there. She swallowed it and she cleaned me up. I took my shower and she followed suit.
Me: Aisha do you know you are dangerous?
Aisha: wow, you are still loaded and I am surprised that you could still fire such a heavy load.
Me: it has been long I have done it.
Aisha: what about your girlfriend in school?
Me: She had given me red card.
Aisha: Na wa o. pesin wey no get cap dey pray say make im get. Pesin wey now get cap dey play with am anyhow.
Me: but wait o. are you married?
Aisha: yes I am.
Me: why did you allow me to have sex with you?
Aisha: My husband has been in London for the past 8 months and I don’t allow anyone to service my glory-hole and I have been starved of it.
Me: I don enter am.

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