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Tales of an undergraduate. Episode 56

Days, weeks and months blew by so fast like the rushing wind, within a twinkle of an eye the examination
timetable was already out as students could be seen in their various departments writing down their
examination timetables on their notebooks or jotters. I was part of this
great multitude as I took my pen and notepad and I began to strategies on how my reading schedule will look like as I stood watching the timetable on the
school department notice board. ”chai!
No spacing, this lecturers no get joy o.
Why will exam start on Monday and end on Friday. Where do I start from…. I haven’t even covered much. God have
mercy” I thought as I chewed the tip of my pen unconsciously. ”all what these lecturers are actually looking for is just how to exploit Money from we students.
Them no know say we dey manage.
Rubbish”. I was brought back to reality when I felt someone caressing the back of my hair, I looked back to observe who it was only to find out it was
Angel still had the perfect smile, her beauty was still very much intact. I was kinda surprised when I saw her ”approach” me cuz myself and Angel had issues. We were always at the opposite side of a coin, always arguing.
Angel: Temy.. How are you?
Me: I’m good. I’m just copying the time table. It’s been a while o. I don miss you o.
Angel: Mm.. See this one. If you missed me why didn’t you call or even ask of me. Ain’t we in the same class.. You claim you care but you don’t.
Me: babe, you think I don’t think about you every single day. You’re always on my mind o. Like seriously.
Angel: lie lie boy. Anyways, this timetable is just too bad o. Why are these lecturers so wicked like this.
Exam from Monday to Friday. Aah aah.
Why now?
Me: na so we see am o. I just tire.
We discussed at length, trying to recover our past. We really missed ourselves it was obvious. Angel laid her head on my shoulders why I held her hand Body to body, while I whispered sweet words into her ears.
My friend, Marvis appeared at the department rocking his new versace
black shirt and gucci jeans with a white
Nike sneakers looking fresh as always.
Marvis had a thing for fashion, infact I
can still recall myself telling him that I
was going to employ him someday as
my cloth stylist in the near future.
Marvis: Temy my guy…. Angel Afa
Angel: I’m good.
Me: Bro, I dey… long time. See as you
fresh like todays bread. You no dey
show myside again o. You dey loose
guard me abi, its not fair o?
Marvis: Temy, you na my guy. I no fit
loose guard you na. You be OG.
Me: you don start to dey wine abi?
Marvis: why I go dey wine you… Okay,
see e get this small gathering I wan
organise today, in the evening. You
gast show the settings o. Else, I go vex
for you.
Me: no wahala I go try come. Angel will
you come with me?
Angel: I’m going to my boyfriends
house later today.
Me: oh! So you don get boyfriend
abi?… You don leave me finish.
Marvis: Temy later tinz… Angel take
Angel: leave me alone o… Me and you
are done. We didn’t even date…
We all dispersed after a long
conversation amongst ourselves. I got
home, took my bathe and got ready to
go over to Marvis little gathering, little
did I know there was going to be
trouble lurking ahead.

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