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Tales of an undergraduate. Episode 41

I ran into my room with immediate
alacrity, only to see my buddy, Smart
trying to rip off his cloths. Smart wasn’t
the guy I used to know, he had turn
completely wild, like a loose stray dog.
He began to punch the wall and
breaking everything that comes his way
while my friends struggled to hold him
”make una leave me alone o” he said
with tear dropping out of his eyes. His
eyes had turned red like Benin sand,
and his voice hardened, it’s as if he
was possessed or something.
Smart: leave me alone, make I die. I
done tire for this world
Thompson: Smart you no go die, you
here. Just relax
Smart: I wan to die, I’m tired. Leave me
alone o. Leave me alone o
Mayson: Temy abeg, bring palm oil
sharp sharp. Lock the door, I no want
make he come out.
I hurriedly ran into my kitchen and
brought out my remaining keg of palm
oil. We tried forcing the palm oil down
his throat but he kept resisting. He kept
gnashing his teeth. While we were
struggling to open his mouth, he bit
thompsons finger.
”he don bite me o” Thompson shouted
with a loud cry. Blood was gushing out
his finger. ”choi! Na so I go take craze
like Smart?”
Me: afa relax, you no go craze. Go put
kerosene inside.
Thompson: Temy o, I no wan craze o.
Hep me abeg.
Mayson: relax, no fear. Smart madness
never strong like that.
Smart immediately freed himself from
us after much resistance, he held me
by the neck with both hands while my
guys tried to free me from the shackles
of Smart. I prayed I don’t get bitten. I
could see Thompsons blood stained on
his teeth. He looked like the Vampires
in ”true blood”.
Smart: I want to eat ice cream and garri.
Temy, I want to eat ice cream and garri.
Me: but, It’s already too late, I will buy
it for you tomorrow.
Smart: you must buy it for me o. (he
began to cry like a baby)
Me: Smart free me na, you wan press
my neck?.. Pls abeg, free me. (I began
to beg)
Smart: Thompson (looking at
Thompsons direction), God is punishing
me for my sins. I want to die oooo
Mayson: Temy help me bring rope
sharperly. Make we tie smart. he fi kill
himself o
I went outside to the direction where we
all sundry our wet cloths, I cut the
ropes and I ran back into my room
without raising any alarm. The party
was still going on, and I could see,
people dancing and winning. Only if
they knew what was happening in my
I gave Mayson the rope, and I watched
him tie Smart like a dead mommy while
he struggled to free himself. I felt like
crying for him.
Smart: release me o. You better release
me or I will cut this rope with my bare
hands. I’m strooong. I’m very strooong.
Me: Smart, you need to relax.
Mayson: Temy, abeg bring water, make
we use take cool him brain.
Me: okay boss. But wait, una smoke
kush before una come my room?
Mayson: nooo, we no kush o. Na only
the beer we done drink since o
Thomson: I no wan mad o. I dey fear o.
Me: relax, nothing go do you. You too
dey fear.
Smart: Thompson you be idiot. But you
still be my guy. I love you.
Me: oboy! Smart done turn gay o. Like
play like play.
Smart: I’m not gay. Stop it. Stop it.
Me: okay boss. Are you getting better
Smart: NOooo. Karma is hunting me.
Help me. I’m burning. Please.
Mayson: you get smart papa phone
Me: E dey him phone, should we call
his parents?
Mayson: if the craze continue till
tomorrow, we go call him parents.
Smart: I want to eat yam and bread.
Now now now
Me: okay, I will cook it for you. There’s
rice on the fire already.
Smart: I want to take my bathe, untie
me now. Mayson, Mayson Mayson,
untie me now.
Mayson: we can’t untie you. You will
get loosed
Smart: I won’t.
Mayson: I will release you under one
Smart: tell me, my body itches me. It’s
burning me….. Talk now
Mayson: did you smoke weed before
Smart: no I didn’t.
Mayson: are you sure.
Smart: yes, Mayson Yes. Release me
Mayson carefully released Smart from
the rope, he ran into the bathroom and
began to take his bathe, he took about
an hour before he came out, He fell on
my bed and slept off. I was scared to
stay in the room with my crazy friend, I
was afraid that he might just press my
neck at night while I was fast asleep,
but I had no choice. Myself, Mayson
and Thompson slept that night with an
eye opened. The hostel party was
indeed ruined for us.
We woke up the next morning to see
Smart, looking normal as ever.
”smart na you be this”? I asked.
”na me o” he replied
”I hope you know say you craze
”na lie” he interjected ”I can recall us
having a conversation until everything
went blank”

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