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Tale of an undergraduate. Episode 43

That very Sunday night, I laid on my bed after eating a bowl of eba and egusi soup, And then began to
fantasize about my soon to be girlfriend, Joan. I couldn’t wait for her to openly tell me tomorrow publicly,
”Aww, Temy I love you so much.
Without you I can’t breathe, you make my heart go jigijigi”. I tot smiling, opening my set of white teeth, while I held my pillow closer to me, jealously. I didn’t even know when I slept off. I began to dream about myself and Joan playing together, holding each others hands and looking into eachothers eyes in a romantic way. The dream was just amazing. It was as if we were in heaven or something similar to it. She’d start to run, while I chase her from behind trying to catch her. I laid on the grass while she tried to kiss me.
Joan: Temy stop now, I want to kiss you. Stop it jare.
Me: babe I don’t want you to kiss me. We will kiss later in the night.
Joan: okay, just a peck.
Me: nope. Nope. Nope. (smiling)
Joan: please.
Me: okay just ones.
Joan: okay babe
she tries to kiss me passionately. I watched as her sexy pink lips folded in the shape of ”love”. She leaned towards me, I could feel her bre@st, leaning comfortably on my chest.
As she was about to kiss me passionately. I heard multiple taps on my legs. I tried resisting but the force
between reality and dream world was getting stronger and the tapping was just too much. I had to come back to life. There was no other person than my brother in the room.
Me: oooh! Wetin na. Person no fit sleep again.
TY: Rat just climb you now now
As I heard the word ”Rat”, I immediately jumped up, flinging my cover wrapper away. I began my hunt for rat, I couldn’t just imagine sleeping in the same room with a rat. Thankfully it was already 6:30am, there was no need to go back to sleep.
I searched and searched for the Rat but
I couldn’t find it. It was lucky cause if I had found it, I’d have skinned it alive. I indeed had plans for Joan, I really wanted to see her, like desperately, but truth by told I had no funds, I was dead broke. I had just a thousand and five hundred naira (1500) left with me. That Month wasnt my lucky month.
Time check, 1pm. I haD to call Joan before it gets too late. I dialed her number and called her.
Me: babe what’s up?

Joan: hello who is this?
Me: it’s Temy, you didn’t save my number abi?
Joan: ooh! Sorry. I’m so sorry. How are you.
Me: I’m good. Are you less busy?
Joan: yes, I am. Why did you ask?
Me: I wanted see if you can come over to my place later today.
Joan: mm. No. I can’t come to ur place.
I don’t go to boys house.
Me: like seriously? So….. Why? Joan: because I don’t like it. Lets meet at somewhere open, like a fast food
restaurant or something.
Me: Ahh!
”see this one o, you be Obama pinkin.. And money no even dey sef Chooo!!!’ i
tot deeply.
Joan: sorry, you said?
Me: there’s a restaurant very close my house, how bout that?
Joan: noo, I don’t like it. ”na wa o, This no be my dream babe o”
I tot.
Me: okay. Em. I will describe where you’d meet me, so we can go over to a fast food restaurant.

Joan: okay that good. See you at the other side.
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