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Tale of an undergraduate. Episode 34.

I finally got home after about 5 mins on the road, thankfully I didn’t see Angel standing at my door step waiting for me. I hurriedly zoomed off into my

bathroom, I thoroughly brushed my teeth and took my bathe. I didn’t want my mouth and skin to ooze of booze (alcohol). My room was upside down, it

was a mess…, my brother didn’t tidy it before he left for his friends house. I therefore hurriedly swept the room, and dressed my bed with a new sheet. I

never knew I could be so fast, I was like superman or flash. In about 5mins I was done. Infact I succum completely with the saying ”nobody cleans a house faster than a man expecting to get laid”.


After cleaning, I went into the kitchen to heat my vegetable beef soup, which my neighbour, sister Mary had prepared for

me. Mary was indeed a good cook, I just have to admit. She really did justice to the soup. After I had warmed the

soup, I placed a kettle of water on fire, I wanted to prepare eba for Angel. While the water was on fire, I laid on

the bed checking the time every now and then waiting for Angel to come.

”20minutes has passed and this babe never show” i wondered ”what’s keeping her so late, I tried calling her

line severally and it has been switched of”. All of a sudden my body began to feel weird, the alcohol mixed with

tramadol had already began to kick start. I was beginning to sweat profusely already, even though I had just taking my bathe. I felt the need to

vomit so I went straight into the bathroom and began to throw up. I hated myself.


While I was vomiting, I heard a knock on my door. ”shidd, it must be Angel, make I compose my self o” i tot. I

hurriedly brushed my teeth again and washed my face, cleaning it with my white towel. ”I’m coming” I yelled. I

flushed the toilet just in case Angel wanted to use it. ”please, I’m coming….

Hold on, just a minute” i yelled again. I smelled my breathe, it wasn’t that perfect, it still oozed booze. ”I hope

this babe no go know o” i prayed silently.

I opened the door, and I saw the figure of a female angel, well, except this angel didn’t have wings. Angel was

looking like a model, her make up was perfect. I welcomed her in, she hugged me so tight and as she walked towards

the chair to sit, I licked my lips and smiled. ”Babe your ass is perfect” i said inwardly.

Me: baby, I’ve been trying to call, but your number as been switched for a while now

Angel: yeh, sorry no light o. Your eyes is red and why are you sweating. are you okay?

Me: yeh, babe… It just happens once in a while. I sweat way too much

Angel: take care of yourself o. Hope it’s not malaria?

Me: nooo, how are you. You’re looking so beautiful today, is it because of me?

Angel: am I not always looking beautiful, or do you want to compare me with your gf?

Me: which gf?… I don’t have a gf o. I’m so single.

Angel: who are you deceiving, Temy I always see you in class. And she clings on you wey too much

Me: are you jealous?

Angel: how will I be jealous. God forbid. So Temy what did you cook?

Me: mm, guess?

Angel: Rice?

Me: nope… Eba. I hope you like eba?

Angel: wao.. It has been long I ate eba o.

Me: you will need it today. You just have to be strong o.

Angel: mm. Bad boy.

I entered into the kitchen, I prepared the eba in a bowl and I dished the soup out. The soup was stocked to the brim with cow beef, titus fish and stock fish.

Mary really tried, if no be say, she was ahead of me in school, I for toast am o.

Anyways I served Angel the eba and vegetable beef soup. She was delighted. We ate together feeding

ourselves like two lovers.

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