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Tale of an undergraduate. Episode 33.

”Life itself is Ironic and that’s a true

fact. Who would ever think that my first

crush, Angel who rejected me and made

me feel like a nobody, would ever get

attached to me once again. This is

weird, although I’ve completely lost

interest in her but at least I still need

her around, cuz I’m dare in need of a

females company, but let’s get this

straight, is Angel getting jealous of my

mutual relationship with Cynthia,

Maysons supposed girlfriend?” this

thoughts ran through my mind like

Usian Bolt, running like a thief and

behind him are armed police officers

chasing after him like flies. ”and to

think of it, she went as far as stroking

my Di’ck in class, this babe is damn

obsessed with me” I pondered these

thought as I sat with my fellow course

mate at a birthday party held at

thompsons hostel.

Yeh of course, it was Abolos birthday,

he was the govo of Thompsons hostel,

He was a radical being, straight

forward, nice and friendly. Though he

was in his final year and I was in my

2nd year, he still saw me as a cool

friend, he never discriminated. Though

we were close, but school activities

didn’t give us the fortitude to always

see eachother very time. His birthday

was jammed packed with his course

mates, both girls and boys and smoke

could be seen floating in the air like

clouds in the sky. The smell of

marijuana could be smelt from a mile

away. My table was filled with goat

meat pepper soup, magic moment

vodka, mokait, tramadol, codine and

kush. Beside me were my two homies

Thompson and Marvis. Thompson was

far gone, he was already in his 4th

jombo of kush, he was high AF. I tried

looking into his eyes but I couldn’t see

his eye balls, not even the whitish part.

It was completely shot. It looked so

much like those Chinese Asian kinda

eyes. Closed completely

Thompson: Temy no dey look me like

that na, smoke up no dey dull, make I

tie for you?

Me: Thompson I dey well, in fact I done

high, I don already drink like 2 full cups

of vodka. Right now I dey cloud 9.

Thompson: Tah!!!! No talk that one. You

no know say na only kush dey make

person dey go cloud 9. You dey drink

Alcohol and you dey shine teeth, see

this guy, see, (tapping my legs rapidly)

na only vodka dey make person dey

sober. You go just dey miss your ex.

Me: na why you con dey beat me?.. See

this guy o.

Marvis: make una no dey argue, na

party we dey na. You no know say we

go still rock yansh. Temy abeg pass me

that trams wey dey near you.

Me: okay boss (passing him the trams)

He popped 700 milligram from the

sachet carefully and threw it into his

mouth hurriedly . He gulped it down his

throat with a shot of magic moment. He

looked at me and smiled showing his

set of brown teeth.

Me: so how do you feel.

Marvis: ooh boy, I dey well. I dey

Kakaraka like baco supersac.

Me: mehn, the last time I take trams for

NFA i nearly die o. I crash for like 2

days straight.

Marvis: mehn, that level that time finish

you? Haahahah

Thompson: you know why the trams

finish am?…. Na because Temy na fish.

The guy na chicken.

Me: hey, sharrap there. You wey dey

piss for body when armed robber they

beat you anyhow. You no even get

mind reach me.

Thompsons: you still dey reason that

matter… Guy, if na one on one, those

guys no reach. Temy, I dey vex for you,

you no know who I be. I suppose dey

NDA o, if no be say AAU admit me. See

this guy. I for be big boy by now.

Me: my guy, go under sun go receive

sense. Marvis abeg pass me that trams.

I hope say e still remain?

Marvis: everywhere good. Afa take.

I popped 200 milligram into my mouth

and swallowed it ,gushing it down with

the vodka on the table. I began to wait

patiently for the result of what I had just

taken, well its quiet similar to the way a

patient waits patiently for the doctor to

give him his HIV test result, after

knowing inwardly and fully well that he

had bleed about 50 girls in 2016.

Not too long I heard my phone ring. I

picked it up, and heard Angels voice.

She was using another persons phone

number to call me, probably that of her

room mate.

Me: baby, how are you doing?, what

happened to you phone?

Angel: my battery is weak, I hope you’re

at home. I’m coming o

Me: ooh, ooh… Yeh, I’m at home. (I


Angel: okay I’m coming, cook

something for mee o.

Me: okay babe I will.

I went straight up to Abolo and wished

him an happy birthday, I bid my friends

good bye. I hop into a bike and zoomed

of to my crib. It was indeed time for


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