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Tale of an undergraduate. Episode 32.

On hearing her voice, my heart skipped

a bit. ”what’s she doing in my house

and worst part, how did she know my

house” this tots kept pouring into my

mind, I hid my garri in kitchen and I

unbolted the door. Cynthia was looking

as radiant as ever, I wasnt shocked to

see an epitome of beauty standing right

next to me. She was always looking

perfect, always conscious of the kinda

cloth she puts on.

Cynthia: ain’t you gon’ let me in?

Me: ooh! I’m sorry. My bad. Please

come in, How did you figure out my

home address?

Cynthia: I asked questions (she stepped

into my room and sat on the chair)

you’re looking so tired, have you eaten

anything today?

Me: yh! I’m good, I just finished eating

fried yam and egg (I lied a perfect lie)

Cynthia: that’s good. We have a class

right now starting by 2pm, em hope you

got the message on whatsapp, I tried

calling but you didn’t pick

Me: which kind department be this, dem

no dey tire, (looking all

frustrated) ….other departments are

busy relaxing and we are made to come

to school, isn’t this so unfair?

I checked my mobile phone and I saw

3missed calls from Cynthia. Well, I told

her to wait for me, while I went into the

bathroom to take me shower. After

about 15mins, I was ready. We

therefore both zoomed of to school


We got to school quiet early, we didn’t

see the lecturer but I saw my course

mates relaxing outside and gisting.

Some stayed alone, some with their

love partners and some in groups. We

sighted Mayson and Thompson, they

hurriedly came up to us. We exchanged

pleasantries. I left Mayson to his

”babe” Cynthia so they could have a

one on one discussion with the

themselves, has I was about to leave

their presence, Cynthia gave me a warm

hug. I could feel her soft boobs on my

chest, it rested perfectly. While this

activity was going on, I looked at

Mayson.. The poor dude was foaming

in anger. I pitied him.

I left with Thompson who had already

recovered from the severe beating

giving to him by those set of masked

men, we both headed straight to the

class. While we were about stepping

into the class, I heard someone call my

name from behind. It was Angel

Angel: Temy, Temy, you en… You en

Me: baby, wetin I do?

Angel: you’re asking me abi?

Me: yes of course.

Thompson: Angel, how are you doing


Angel: help me ask your friend how I’m

doing. Temy doesn’t even call me or

even ask of me. And you said we are


Me: babe, its not how you see it.

Angel: you think I don’t watch you in

this faculty abi. You have finally left me

for another girl. No problem. There is

God o ( Mimicking patience Jonathan)

Me: babe, you need to relax.

Thompson: the lecturer don come o.

Make we enter class.

The lecture drove into the class

environs in his black Honda EOD. He

headed straight to the class and began

teaching. One thing about Mr. Paul is

that he doesn’t care if you’re actually

listening to his teaching or not, he just

teaches. His class was always

borrrrrrrrrring. The class rep passed the

attendance round, while we wrote our

names down. Attendance was

compulsory as it incurs 10mrks.

While the class was going on Angel sat

next to me, at the back sit close to the

wall while Mayson and Cynthia sat

infront of me. I listened attentively

jotting down important points and this

was hitherto due to the fact that Mr

Paul doesn’t give notes. He was

presumably a very lazy lecturer. While

the class was going on, Angel

whispered into my ears

“Temy, are you enjoying the class?”

”it’s somehow boring, but what can I

do” i responded.

”don’t worry, just sit and watch” she


she gradually began to unzip my jeans.

I wasnt sure what I was seeing, so I

cleaned both eyes with my hands to be

sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me.

Me: Angel, what are you doing, there’s

a Lecturer in class?

Angel: shhhh, quite.

Me: but… But.. But.. Why?

I could feel my John Thomas getting

bigger has she inserted her hands into

my boxers. ”this can’t be happening…”

i tot ”well, not now, maybe later”. Angel,

began to stroke my John Thomas.

”ooh shiiit” I moaned.

Mayson looked back hurriedly and

asked, ”TEMY, wetin happen?”, he was

looking curious, this could be depicted

from his facial expression.

Me: oboy! I dey o. I make mistake for

wetin I been dey jot. Mehn, this lecturer

no dey speak loud

Mayson: yes o, I no fit wait make we

finish this class.

The stroking section continued again.

This time she went harder, she began

to stroke with full force. ”this girl wan

fall my hand o” i tot ”abi, she wan make

I cum for my jeans?”

Me: baby pls stop..

Angel: are you sure?

Me: yh, of course. I don’t want to cum

on myself.

Angel: no problem, I will come visiting

on Tuesday, I heard prof. Muhammed

will be travelling out of the country so I

will come spend sometime with you.


My John Thomas nodded in Approval.

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