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Oluchi, travails of terror (Episode 7)

Oluchi saw this as the final straw that broke the camels back. Driven out of her fathers house by a woman who meant only evil for her was a not more than she could stomach considering the fact that she was returning from the hospital.
What use was it trying to gain access to the house anymore?
Her entire life savings was gone, collected by Stella, and she had had no prior intentions of leaving with her clothes.
What was to be done had to be done, and turning around, without saying goodbye to either her siblings or her father, she walked out of the house promising herself never to return.
It was a hard nights walk she made, and twelve am found her in a deserted street she knew not where.
She saw a trailer park, and because she was cold, hungry and tired, she decided to sleep on a bench she spotted a few feet from her.
She had hardly dozed off when she felt strong hands awaking her.
“Who you be?” Were the first words she heard as she opened her eyes drowsily.
“So you no fit answer abi?” Her interrogator continued, and to press home the point that he meant serious business, a hard slap was landed on her left cheek. That brought her back to consciousness quite quickly and she made feeble attempts at explaining her predicament while rubbing her smarting cheek.
“Please have mercy on me” she concluded after telling her tale of woes.
By now, she had a partial glimpse of her torturer, and from the little she saw, he was a heavily bearded tall thickly built barrel chested man with a prominent scar running down his left cheek. What was more scary however was the fact that he was flanked by two equally scary men who kept mute throughout the exchange.
“So you think you go just come my zone, you no pay one naira and you just dey sleep yakata like say na your papa build this place abi?, oya I go tech you lesson”
He ordered his boys to hold oluchi down, and right there in the bench, took of her skirt and undies, casting them aside, he pulled down his trouser and releasing his engorged member and without a pause entered her in one move. Oluchi screamed her loudest as he kept on going at in, huffing and panting like his life depended on it, and after what seemed like an eternity, pulled out of her obviously satisfied.
“Choi, you sweet well well o. E be like say na even virgin. No be only me go enjoy. Boys! Get to work”
He ordered his boys to take turns at her and despite her pleas and screams, they all raped her and leaving her in a pool of blood, escaped into the night.
Oluchi had grand dreams of how she would lose her virginity, it would be on the night of her marriage and her husband would be calm and gentle. This was not any of those things, and she wept and wept till she faded into a faint.
The next morning, she awoke quite early, before the dawn, and cleaning herself up as best she could, she started wandering the streets thoroughly drained of emotion.
She didn’t have a change of clothes and she was forced to steal some she found hanging outside a house she passed. They were neat and dried, and surprisingly her size.
Changing from her blood stained clothes to her new ones, she proceeded to do the next logical thing. Job hunting. Without a secondary school certificate, her options were limited, and by the close of that day, she was ready to call it quits, and deciding there was nothing to be gained from life anymore, decided to end her miserable existence.

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