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Oluchi, travails of terror (Episode 4)

The woman sitting on the sofa beside her father was the most hideous creature Oluchi had ever seen.
Not only was she rotund and ridiculously out of shape, her mismatched teeth were encased in lips so thin, they seemed to be meant for someone else, with the result that they failed to cover her mandibles.
Her skin was sallow, and seemed to stretch unevevnly over her visceral fat.
Her every sentence was punctuated by a fine spray of saliva, threatening to drench her closest listeners.
Despite her massive bulk and I’ll fitting frame, she seemed to radiate energy in her tiniest actions, with the attendant effect that even her raspy voice seemed to emanate with a squeal.
Despite her physical defects, she seemed to be a woman of taste because she wore clothes obviously designed specifically for her, and of high quality.
Over her body, she wore a form fitted black kaftan, trimmed at the edges with the shiniest hues of gold Oluchi had seen.
Her head was adorned with a black turban interspersed with silver lining, and oddly enough, her feet were encased in thick black socks, and forced into Arabian slippers.
Oluchi almost took a moment to ponder why her feet were so shod, but was snapped immediately back to reality by the yet to be identified lady.
“Young lady, I asked a question, and when I ask a question I expect a reply immediately. Don’t test my patience”
Oluchi was taken aback by this open show of hostility and it took her a few seconds to compose her wits, but before an appropriate response was framed in her dura matter, she felt, rather than saw the whizzing of a missile flying past her, missing her right eye by a hairs breadth.
She stood petrified, glancing furtively at the lady who was without one of her slippers on one leg- obviously the deadly weapon- in her hand, and the other slipper already half way out of her foot, poised to be hurled at any moment.
“Is this the rotten bunch you are saddling me with George?” She squealed.
It was the first time Oluchi had heard anyone refer to her father by his first name, and she expected her father to have a condemning retort.
Mr Emenike looked uninterested at the mild drama playing out before him, and only when she asked him this question did he seem to spring back to reality.
“Baby, please don’t mind her. I will discipline her myself. Please don’t let her stress you.”
These words seemed to calm her down as she fumed silently, waiting for the discipline on Oluchi she hoped would be swift and decisive.
“Now, children, this is your new mummy. Her name is Stella, but I will personally kill anybody that calls her first name in this house. You will address her as mummy. Now for you Oluchi, since you have become so insolent, go and kneel in your room”, he said dismissively.
” Don’t bother standing up until I tell you to. You know I have this house rigged with cameras so defy me and die. The rest of you, march to your rooms. Lunch will be served soon. Baby let’s go and rest in the room. I know you are tired from the long journey.”
Stella smiled at this and led the way to his bedroom, leaving her onlookers wondering how she became so familiar with the terrain.
Mr Emenike followed behind her, leering like a school boy who stole chocolates, and at the last minute before she rounded the bend on the landing, Stella shot Oluchi a nasty look and using her right index finger, swiped across her neck slowly, a voiceless warning that she was ready to commit infanticide if and when necessary.

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