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My private tutor Episode 17

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

Kudirat: what happened to you in your dream?

Voice of tina telling me not to tell anybody kept ringing in my ears..

Me: nothing..don’t worry

I made to stand up but she held me back..

Kudirat: what did that tina girl did to you?

Me: nothing *i shouted this time*

I stormed out and went into my room thinking about how complicated my life have become..I laid on my bed and later drifted to sleep..I woke up to see kudirat sitting beside me placing her hand on my forehead innocently detecting my temperature..she was really beautiful,,how come I still bleeped amaka having a beautiful girl like this..

Kudirat: goodmorning jason

*I managed to stand up*

Me: look,am sorry for shouting at you last night..

Kudirat: don’t be,,even if you keep on shouting on me everytime,,I’ll just be loving you more..

I smiled,so this is love..she made to kiss me but I pushed my head back..

Me: I haven’t brush..

*She bursted to laughter*

Kudirat: that’s why I wanted to kiss you more..

We engaged in a very passionate kiss and we later broke off..we went downstairs holding hands..the aroma I was smelling made me realise she have cooked already..

30minutes later..

We were still talking and gisting when tina call came in..my body began shaking and I was paralyzed as I can’t even answer the call..

Kudirat: you won’t answer the call?

Me: its val..I’ll call him later *i lied*

She called two more times and I just ignored her call,,”no be me you go flog again” I thought to myself..I was still enjoying my conversations with kudirat when my phone beeped of incoming message..I checked the message to see “why are you ignoring my calls?,you know I’ll die if I didn’t hear your voice in a day” from tina..I hissed angrily..as I have guessed,,its amaka that turned to tina in my dream,,I know that tina is innocent..I excused myself and went to my room to call her back..I dialled her number and she picked it at the third ring..

Me: hi tina

Tina: its really unfair,,I know you didn’t pick my calls,,no more lies..

Me: am sorry,,I was in the bathroom before..that’s why..

Tina: you’ve been acting wierd lately,,you won’t call and won’t pick my calls..you can’t just break up with me like that..

Me: am not trying to break up with you

*am trying to run far away from you* I thought to myself..

Tina: really?

Me: sure..

Tina: can I come to your house then?

Lailai,,you can’t come..kudirat go kill me

Me: don’t worry I’ll come there,,am planning to come before anyway..

Tina: okay then I’ll be expecting you,,love you

*hung up*

I hissed angrily and later went into the bathroom,,after 30 minutes of bathing,,I stepped into my room then claded in a blue jean,a white nike sneakers and a white designed top..I climbed down the stairs to see kudirat sitting on the couch watching films..I lied to her I was going to val’s house and quickly exited the house..on getting to tina’s house..I knocked the gate and the gatekeeper open the door..

Me: is tina inside?

Gatekeeper: yes,,oga..are you his boyfriend coz there is another guy inside..

Me: what??..

I dashed inside but doesn’t see anybody in the sitting room,,I ran upstairs and was about opening tina’s door when I heard “I really love you tina” eric?..I started eavesdropping..

Eric: please give me a chance..

Tina: you really wanted it so badly? Are you sure nothing will happen to you after?..

Eric: nothing will ever happen to me,,let’s do this..

I suddenly heard nothing more but later began hearing eric’s moans while tina was shouting at him to stop but its like her mouth was covered..my anger grew to another lenght as I planned to stormed in but I suddenly heard eric shouting and something later landed on the floor..”Please” eric begged..eric suddenly began gasping for breath,,that’s when I stormed in to see tina been turned to half monster,half human and eric knelt vomitting blood on the floor..eric later fell in the pool of blood while I can’t stop staring in fear..

Me: wh..at a..re yo..u? *i stammered taking steps backward*

She have turned back to tina this time and was just smiling at me which was just making me fear her more and more..d–n..I don enter gbege



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