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My private tutor Episode 16

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I ran out with captain america’s speed..I stormed into kudirat’s room to see johnson forcing her to s-x..”Hey” I shouted..he quickly turned back and gave me a goldberg’s punch which sent me flying back like a crashed jet and finally landed on the floor..I stood again sharparly..the guy ran to me with his 50naira eba blow..but I evaded it this time and he hitted his hand with kudirat’s mirror..he then took his top and ran away..kudirat quickly hugged me..

Kudirat: am sorry jason..

Me: are you okay..

Kudirat: thanks to you..I am..

Me: what happened to your boyfriend *now disengaged*

Kudirat: he is not my boyfriend *she stammered*

Me: what?

Kudirat: I hired him for 5k to act as a boyfriend,,I wanted to make you jealous..

I bursted to laughter..

Me: so what happened?

Kudirat: all those moanings are fake,,I was just doing that to make you jealous also..but I guess that’s what turn that stupid thug on as he began rubbing my shoulder,,then I shou..ted h..elp..*stammered*

Me: I love you kudirat..

I found myself saying..she was just staring at me not wanting to believe..but I really do..she jumped on me kissing me everywhere..it finally turned to something else when I started caresing her boobs..we landed on the bed..we quickly stripped ourselves naked..what happened earlier with queen suddenly made it way to my thought..she later laid and I was about entering the temple again when my thing reduces again to its last size..

Kudirat: something is really wrong with you jason..

Me: I think I know who did this to me..

Kudirat: who?

Me: amaka..

Kudirat: that b—h?

Me: she is not a b—h kudirat..she is a mermaid..

Kudirat: a mermaid?

Me: I mistakenly promised her I won’t ever bleep anybody else except her..I didn’t know she wasn’t an ordinary person..we’ve even been hitched under water..*i stammered*

Kudirat: what?..

Me: I can’t stop wanting to bleep her whenever am around her..I don’t know what’s happening to me *i covered my face*..

Kudirat: *held my hand*..don’t worry you will be fine my love..am sorry I didn’t know you are going through this..

We hugged for about 2mins and later broke off..we soon slept together cuddling each other..I suddenly woke up in the midnight so thirsty..I walked downstairs to get my lemon drink..I opened the refrigerator,,pulled out the drink and gulped it down..I turned back to leave but I was so suprised to see I wasn’t in my house again,,the house am in looks familier..amaka again,,am dead this time..”Hello my love” I heard then turned back to see tina..what?..

Me: what am I doing here?,,how are you here tina?

Tina: in my house?..

That’s when I looked around and later realise she was telling truth..

Me: but how am I here?

Tina: I summoned you here..

What?…summoned me?..

Tina: I’v missed you my love

She started walking towards me removing her cloths one after the other while I can’t stop moving backward..

Tina: don’t be scared jason..

Me: what are you?..

Tina: I bet you don’t want to know..

Me: the blood of jesus!! *i shouted*

Tina: shut up..like he knew that jesus..now follow me..

She started climbing up the stairs nakedly while I followed her sheepishly,,my brain is really out of reach..it network is down already..we later enter her room and she closed the door..

Tina: did you know how much I loved you?..

I was just staring agape don’t know what to say..

Tina: remove your cloth..

I removed my cloths with my body shaking like I was in pluto…

Tina: didn’t you feel anything for me?..

Me: the truth is….I have someone am loving *i stammered*

Tina: what??? *tears trickled down her eyes*

Me: am sorry tina *i stammered again*

Tina: sorry?..I’v loved you with my whole life jason..

Two hot slaps landed on my cheek and that’s when I found myself on her bed been tied like a goat..

Me: what are you doing *i stammered*

Tina: see for yourself..

She raised her hand up and two cain found there way to her hand..am really dead..she bagan flogging me hard while I kept screaming in pain..”Tell anybody about this and I’ll kill you”..I was just screaming when I wake up to see kudirat beside me on her bed sweating profusely..

Kudirat: you keep shouting tina’s name,,what are you two doing in your dream *jealousy face*

Me: so it was a dream thank God..

Kudirat: what?,,what’s all this over your body *covered her mouth and full of curiousity*

Me: what are you talking ab…()

I checked my body to see traces of cain..chaii..is this even a dream?..it might be amaka that turned to tina..d–n..am really in trouble..



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