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My private tutor Episode 15

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode..

Me: to be hitched? *shaky voice*

Amaka: didn’t you promise to marry me? And its time for us to get married..

Me: here?,,now?..

Amaka: hold my hand..

I was just staring her so scared..I reluctantly held her hand and I found myself in the water and amaka holding my hand..so she is a mermaid..d–n..am so dead..we swam to a golden house deep under the water where some mermaids wearing same cloth as amaka are already waiting for us though doesn’t have legs..we finally enter the house where I was hearing wierd songs..the house was full with golds,diamonds etc that I can’t stop staring..dem rich for here oo..

suddenly an old woman using a golden staff appeared at our front..

Woman: who is this you’ve brought my daughter?

Amaka: this is my husband..we want your blessings..

What blessing?..a mermaid’s blessings?..

Woman: this is not a right man for you my daughter,,don’t be blinded by love..

Amaka: what?..I really love him mother..I can’t even do without him..

Woman: alright if you insist..

I was just staring at them..I have accepted my fate..the woman later blessed us..I woke up to see my whole body been wet like I really swam in a sea..is this a dream or what?..oh God..it can’t be real..I muttered some prayers then later slept off after thinking about the dream….”Praaah” my alarm rang out..I quickly stopped it..I went into the bathroom and have my bath..I later went to school after wearing my uniform..I entered my class to see them pointing at me gossiping about something,,I finally sat with my seatmate val..

Me: guy wetin dey apun na?

Val: dem talk say you and tina go marry next month..is it true?

Me: y..es *i stammered*

Val: omo,,you wan marry the prettiest girl in the school..

Me: na that man wey set the marriage up..

Val: who..

Me: my dad..

Some students later demanded for truth from me which I ofcourse told them..after the day lesson..I dashed home not waiting for val..I entered the sitting room to see a strange guy sipping from a glass cup sitting on the couch with kudirat..who the hell is this?..

Kudirat: welcome jason..meet johnson my boyfriend..

Her boy what?..the guy was so tall,,his face is fair and his hand is dark,,he had two tribal marks on his face..

Johnson: my chairman,,you the boss..baba nla..tuale *just exactly like a thug*

I can see kudirat tapping him..”Hen hen,,he doesn’t understand those” he whispers to kudirat..I controlled my laughter..how can a girl like kudirat be dating a guy like this..I shook his hand and went to my room,,I changed to simple cloth wondering what kudirat was doing…I can’t deny am jealousing..25minutes after..someone knocked my door,,I opened the door to see queen..I was so suprised..I quickly ushered her in..she finally sat on my bed while I did thesame..

Queen: you’ve got a nice room..

Me: but what are you doing here?

Queen: am here to thank you for all you said to me then..

What?..just thank me..and she came all the way here..I guess she even snuck out coz her mum musnt know..she suddenly held my hand..

Queen: you are the most handsome guy I have ever met that I fell for you immediately..I want you to be mine..

What is she saying?..she suddenly kissed me placing my hand already on her oyo bread-like soft boobs..she later pulled down my knicker and began sucking my full erected d–k..she laid on the bed waiting for me to enter..I wasted no time as I put my d–k at the entrance..I was about entering when it reduces to its last size again..what’s wrong again..I quickly ran into my bathroom,,d–n..f–k you this d–k..I felt like cutting it away..I later stepped back into my room and queen looking at me somehow..

Queen: jason what’s wrong?

Me: I think am having stomach ache *i lied*

Queen: how are you now?..

Me: I will be better..

I gathered more lies and just dropped them inside her ear..well,she later left..I entered the sitting room after I accompany her..where is kudirat and her thug guy..I went upstairs and passing by kuddy room,,I was hearing different moans..I was so angry that I felt like breaking that johnson’s neck..I later went back into my room angrily..I saw five missed calls on my phone,,all from amaka..I decided to not call her back..she called again and I ignored it..she then texted me..it says

“Answer my call”..how did she know am ignoring it..she call again and this time I picked it..

Me: what again?

Amaka: you can call that our marriage a dream but its real,,we’ve been hitched forever so be prepared to be living with me..

Is she mad?..living with who..”Help” I heard kudirat shouted from her room..what’s wrong with her..



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