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My private tutor Episode 10

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I successfully removed her top while she was busy loosing my belt..she finally pulled down my knicker..then our face met..we were kissing while she dug her hand in my boxers stroking my hard d–k..we made our way to her bed still kissing..she later began sucking my d–k while I was moaning..in no time I began f—–g her hard,,I changed it to doggy style..we went 5 rounds and I cumed inside her though I didn’t want to..we later dressed and sat together on her reading chair cluthing our hands together..

Amaka: we’ve now become a couple,,don’t forget your promise..

What promise?..oh that I won’t bleep another girl..me just dey say rubbish coz her boobs don turn me on,,no bleep another girl weyin..

Me: alright..

She taught me calculus which is just so hard for me to grab..she later finished the lesson and I went home so happy that I finally bleeped amaka..I entered the sitting room smelling some aroma..there I sensed kudirat was in the kitchen..I went to my room and was unclading myself when my phone ringtone pierced through my hear..I checked the caller to see joyce..pitiful girl..

Me: hello joyce..

Joyce: val is still not picking my calls *she bursted to tears*

I calmed her down and later hung up..I should call tina..I was about dialing her number when her call came in..

Me: hello tina

Tina: hello jason,,I can’t stop wanting to hear your voice..am really missing you..

Missing what?,,we talked today at school..

Me: did you love me that much..

Tina: what did you mean?,,are you trying to have another girlfriend?

Oh,,I and tina started dating two days ago and its going really well as am spending my fortune on recharge card..

Me: never..

Tina: better,,I might die if you break up with me..

Me: I won’t..

Tina: I love you..

Me: I love you too.. *hung up*

I dropped my phone on my bed then kudirat entered my room..

Kudirat: I just heard you saying “I love you too”..are you decieving me?

Me: its..jessy *i lied*

Kudirat: really?

Me: yes ofcourse

She later went out after telling me to come eat..I laid on my bed and switched on my laptop..I began watching p–n and mastering styles I’ll be using for kudirat tonight..am really becoming s-x addict just like val..I was turned on watching porns and I ended up f—–g my empty perfume glass..I later went downstairs ate then retired back to my room..

Later in the night

I was wearing my boxers pacing round my room waiting for kudirat..after waiting for a while I decided to call her..

Kudirat: hello

Me: hi kuddy..you are not coming tonight?

Kudirat: am having a slight headache..can’t you come here?

Headache?..I dashed out of my room then ran to her room..I quickly open her door to see kudirat sleeping on the bed..I ran to her..

Me: how are you now?

Kudirat: not better..

I placed my hand on her head but its so cold not even hot..

Kudirat: I can see you really care about me..

She suddenly stood up and sat with me on the bed..

Me: what did you mean?

Kudirat: I was just testing you..nothing happened to me..

We later began our usual game..we beagn with kiss and I was enjoying it..she later lied down waiting for me to insert my big rod inside her..I pulled down my boxers then realise my d–k has not even rise..what’s happening to me..kudirat looked at me suprisingly when she also saw my d–k not rising..

Kudirat: what is happeing jason..

Me: I don’t know..

She touched my d–k and quickly pulled back her hand like the thing shocked her,,when did my sweet thing turn electric shock..kudirat was just staring at me with more suprise clearly shown on her face..does that mean I can’t bleep again..am dead..

Kudirat: I just can’t touch it..

Me: what?

I touched it and even stroked it but nothing happens to me..

Kudirat: let me try again..

She placed her hand on my d–k and quickly pulled it back again..that’s when I realise its not even a small thing..am really in trouble..



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