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Marriage by tricks. Episode 38

The quickly separated from each
other , the guy quickly
rush down covering himself with the
duvet while my
pregnant wife was stack unclad. I
jammed the door from
behind, lock it with key and put the
key inside my pocket
and started smiling…………..
While my wife was pleading and
crying, the guy was just
pleading for a chance to allow him
go. The funniest thing
was that his cloth was not even in
the room so he had
nothing to put on except the duvet he
was covering
himself with. I drew the chair in the
room closer and
placed it by the door and sat on it…
“why are you crying my darling wife?
Why are you
pleading? What are you pleading for?
Did you cry when you
guys started? Did you cry when you
were on it? Did you
plead before starting this in the first
place?did you plead
when you were doing it? Ohhhhh…..i
forgot, there is
likelihood that you pleaded for him to
bleep you hard and
one of your ringtone of sex is
“please bleep me
hard”….”Harder baby” and you oga,
what are you pleading
for? To go out? You will definitely go
out of this place alive
and unharmed but not without my
own terms and
conditions..Just relax yourself, I have
nothing against you
as I believed you never forced
yourself on her”
Mary: Am sorry baby…please baby
Me: Sorry Indeed…….
My phone started ringing and I
brought it out of my
pocket, responding to the
caller“Hello, whats up
everytyn is fine, am fine and
everything is under control,
the only issue is that I met Kay in my
house with Mary,
what else will they be doing? They
are having sex of
course..Nah, no need for you to
come, everything is under
control, I will update you later in the
day or tomorrow, take
Mary: U even know his name?
Kay: Please sir, am very sorry bros
Me: “smilling”….you are surprised I
know his name, well
there is nothing surprising there and
for you kay, you are
my guy….nothing to worry about.
I moved to my wardrobe brought out
a brand new cutlass
I kept behind the it and sat down
Me: you see kay, like I said earlier
that, you will leave here
unharmed but under my terms and
conditions but I didn’t
tell you what my terms are. Failure to
do it will result to
you probably not leaving here alife
and am sure you know
that Mary is not worth someone you
can loose your life on
Kay: Bros, please I will do anything
for you…anything you
want bros
Mary: Please snakie..i believe he will
do whatever you want
Me: Oh..you are even standing for
him. Ohk oooo…what
am I even saying sef, you are his
long time girlfriend
now…….what I want is very simple
and it involves both of
you, all I want from you guys is to
start all over again
Kay: Start what all over again
Me: The sex…you have been doing it
behind me for a long
time and all I want for you to go out
of this place alife is for
you to do it again while I watch you
guys….failure to do so
will result to someone dying
here..either me or you and as
you know, somebody is already
aware that we are here
Mary: Please snakie..thats
Me: Whats impossible there? I
thought u said earlier that
he will do anything I want…..you see,
you guys have no
choice….Kay, u only have 5mins or I
will change it for you
right now and if you doubt me…am
countimg down
Kay: Please bros…please, I swear I
wont come again
Me: 4 minutes more………………
I started counting down and they
were still begging me till
it was exactly 5minutes and I
threatened to machete kay…I
sampled him with the back of the
cutlass and he thought I
already did “oga, na sample b dat
ooo…nxt tym, it wont be
the back again..oya go and bleep her
righ now”
I started counting down and they
were still begging me till
it was exactly 5minutes and I
threatened to machete kay…I
sampled him with the back of the
cutlass and he thought I
already did “oga, na sample b dat
ooo…nxt tym, it wont be
the back again..oya go and bleep her
righ now”
Kay moved to the bed and I was
seeing his deek for the
first time which is not even up to
mine, I held on to the
cutlass while instructing mary to also
cooperate. I was
looking at both of them on bed
unclad with pity but staring
deep inside me…he found it difficult
to do the missionary
style as usual in that stage and went
in from behind. I
brought out my phone at a stage and
started capturing the
scene.After I was satisfied with the
pics and video, I left for
the door, opened it and lock it from
I lock both of them in. I went to the
other room to discuss
with Biola and gave her update on
what was happening, it
was around past 11 by that time
Biola: you are a very bad guy…so u
av the mind to do all


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Me: What else now….atleast the
storm in my life is coming
to an end and it was a nice scene to
watch, don’t worry, am
sending you the video after our
Biola: Ohk ooooo..but what do you
want to do with them
Me: Well, since its late already, I
wont allow any of them to
go home tonight and for my own
safety, I cant afford to let
either of them leave the house..the
interesting thing is that
both of their phone is in the sitting
room and they don’t
have access to it
Biola: Ohk………
Me: But my plan is to call my parent
and his mum to be
here first thing tomorrow and I will
allow them see both of
them first hand after which I will
allow them go
Biola: Wow….thats a nice idea,
atleast it wont be as if you
are lying against her
Me: definitely……………
I concluded the call and tried my
mum line but she didn’t
pick, I called my popsy and he
picked after 3 attempt. I told
him I will love to see them first thing
the following morning
and it was between life and death. I
know my popsy might
not want to take me serious so I text
my mum and sent
same msg to his mum too after
calling for so many times
and she didn’t pick.
I went to pick Mary’s phone and
started going through
them and saw so many alarming
things, the initial chat
with kay earlier about their plan to
hook up later in the day
as I was out of town.so many sex
chat and unclad pics of
her and so many deek pics of
different guy on her phone. I
went to the fridge brought out red
wine, took little and
decided to take some to my visitor in
their room; I opened
the door and threw the drink and cup
inside. I locked them
I waited for sleep to come but it
wasn’t coming..i tried to
force myself but all my attempt
failed, I watch TV but I
couldn’t help but continue to think of
how I found myself
at this stage. At a time, they were
pleading and knocking
the door but I didn’t do as if I heard
them and everywhere
was silent around past two. That
didn’t stop me from
peeping through the key hole to
check if they are still

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