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Marriage by tricks. Episode 34.

Biola: why are you so particular
about him..i believe Mary
was better on bed than me too, that’s
why you settled for
her and was banging her in and out…
Gist me sef, how was
sex with Mary cos have been
thinking of it
Me: Sex with Mary will never be as
interesting as doing it
with you, I was only playing around
with her, you are
always the best in terms of
satisfaction…..have always had
the craziest sex with you baby,
remember the last time we
had sex in this car, it was mind
blowing baby, it was just
like this in my compound, a very
risky one for that matter
after we both arrived home late in the
night, it was as if we
were drunk but we were not, even
though it was a short
one but it was crazy, I missed all
those wonderful moment
“ I noticed Biola was just starring at
me like someone who
was lost in thought”
Instead of calling her attention, I
decided to go a step
forward by placing my mouth on her
lips, she was didnt
hesitate nor responded for like 5
seconds until i moved my
right hand over her neck and held
her second hand with
my left hand, she regained her
conciousness immediately
and before i knew what was
happening, she responded
fully by removing her own hand and
placing it on my neck.
I shifted a bit forward, adjusted d
seat downward while
using the opportunity to cross over
to her side by resting
on her, little kiss turned to full blown
romance and within 5
mins i was already pant down on her,
it was not until i
raised up her gown i realized she
wasnt even putting on
any undies, no pant nor bra at
all…..we both loss control
and before we knew it, my dickson
was already inside her
going up and down, i was digging it
seriously, there was no
too much sound as i clip her mouth
with my lips, i was so
carried away that i poured everything
inside her, didnt
even think about condom or anytyn
neither did i think of
the consequence of my action as at
that moment.
I stopped after like 10 minutes while
still resting on her
then Biola bursted into tears
Biola: Have missed u baby
Me: have missed you too…..life
without you is
meaningless, am so sorry for all i
Biola:Am sorry for abandoning you
too….i know you made
mistake, i shouldnt av listened to
your mum, i should have
stayed by you
Me: i never stop loving you baby
Biola: same here…..i still love u and
will always do
Me: pls find a place in your heart to
forgive me baby…
Biola:you are forgiven already
baby….dont just know wat
will happen next, i tried to do away
with you, your thought
and evrytyn but the more i do the
more i keep loving you
Me: same here with me baby….i love
u so much baby
Biola: I love you too baby…….i
guess u should start going
home, its late already…this is past
Me: i wish i can stay with u……..
Biola: common, u nid to go to your
wife jhoor…..dont 4get
2nyt is ur wedding nyt
Me: which wife?
Biola:which wife noni…..abeg put on
the light lemme
adjust myself jhoor
“i put on the inner light”
Biola: wow…..your seat is stained
with blood
Me: blood ke? 4rm where…..
Biola:even your white sef…..look at
your cloth, blood stain
all over your cloth
Me:wow……..this is serious…..where
is this from?
Biola: today is my last day, never
knew blood will still come
Me:and u didnt tell me?
Biola:why should i? Lets go and
clean this up at my
place…its just the nxt street here
Never knew we were close to her
house until she pointed
to the house in black gate, we didnt
even drive up to two
minutes. We got to the house and
she opened d gate for
me to drive in as she suggested it
was too dark for us to
stay outside.
The house was a storey builfing with
flats but she occupied
d BQ behind the main building, we
entered and it was a
room and parlour sef contain. She
quickly dashed inside to
change her own cloth to something a
bit more casual like a
night wear revealing all her body
She brought out soap and foam for
us to clean the car
seat, we went together to do that,
came back inside while i
offloaded my cloth and gave it to
her. I chevked my phone
and say 27 missed calls, most of
them from Mary and my
mum. I put my fone in silence.
She help me spread my cloth outside
as there was no light,
while waiting for the cloth to dry, she
asked wat i will eat
and decided to make noodles for us
to eat. After eating, i
requested to take my bath and she
led me to the
bathroom in her room, i didnt even
think twice before
pulling off my cloth and totally
unclad while in her room, i
remembered she was not bold
enough to look at me as
she pretended spreading her bed.
I grabbed her from behind, turn her
over to me and
started kissing her, she responded.
From kissing,i went
further by removing her cloth and we
were both unclad.
Didnt take long before i started
digging her again going up
and down with lots of energy, it was
a full blown sex as if
she was ready for me. Biola gave it
to me like never before,
it was as if i was not coming back
again and for the first
time in my sexual life, i got tired
before a lady and pleaded
to rest.”who will blame me after
going tru so much stress
since morning”.
We went to the bathroom together,
took our bath and by
the time we were totally through, it
was 10mins to 12.., we
decided to rest on bed…….
Biola: thanks so much baby
Me: thanks for giving me another
Biola: uwc baby….but am scared and
worry baby
Me:i know your worry but its nothing
nothing to worry about
Biola: nothing to worry about? What
will happen to us?Me
Me: good things will happen to us
baby…let’s put evrytyn
in God’s hand, i trust him to do the
best for us….
Biola:ohk ooooo……but i cant let go
ofu ooo
Me: if i can, will i be here with you
on my wedding night?
Biola:uhmmmm…..thanks for putting
smile on my face
Me:thanks to you too ifemi…..so,
gist me, what about your
guy that suppose to be home
anything from 9pm
Biola: he is still coming now and he
can come in any
moment……so, u believe its so easy
to give another guy a
chance with what am going through
Me: uhmmmmm……i for fear, now
my mind with at rest.
So, is there any guy out there?
Biola:guy ke? Nobody oooo…..never
knew we will end up
like this 2nyt, had to put that up so
that you wont think am
desperate to see you
Me: you are not serious…i love you
baby (with a kiss )
Biola: i love u too…..got this place
after yhe incident as i
couldnt stay at home, moreover here
is even a bit closer to
my office
We gisted about so many things, we
ended the night with
another round of sex around 2am
and slept off.
I woke up around past 8 in the
morning, Biola was already
up and i saw my cloth in the room…i
went out of the
bedroom and met her in the kitchen
cooking, we greeted
with a kiss while she excused herself
to prepare the
bathroom for me.
Took my bath , dressed and took
breakfast. I check my
phone and saw 67 missed calls, my
battery was almost
drained. 90% of the call was from
Mary. I started driving
home and was thinking of the lie i
will put up once am
home….i got home around 10am, i
knock at the door and
was surprise to meet my parent and
Mary in the sitting

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