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Marriage by tricks. Episode 32

Saturday was here and everytyn was going according to plan, I went to my parent house and we moved from there to my in-law’s house around 10am. It was a full merriment and happiness was in the air even though deep down me, the marriage was on cos I had to option and I tried my best to convince my parent but they wouldn’t listen and I believe the major reason was because they have been pestering my life to get married for the past two years which have been dribbling them that it was not yet time.


Mary provided them with good opportunity to tie down my hand with them and forced my hand into Marriage. Did I even say force my hand? Hell no, I was the one that brought all the calamity into my life and mary also used the opportunity. Only that its looked like

a plan work between my parent and Mary as if they planted her into my life the first day I set my eyes on her.

We finished our Marriage as early as 5pm and left my inlaw’s house with my wife to my

own house, its not even so glaring in my house that I was doing anything that day.

My mum and some of mary’s friend escorted her home and by the time it was getting to

around 6pm, people started leaving one after the other and even my mum said she wont be sleeping over as she couldn’t leave my dad alone at home. Only that she might

want to leave late.


My mum decided to leave around 6pm and I volunteered to drop her at home, Mary wanted to follow us but she discouraged her saying she needs to relax.

I was driving back home from my parent house when my phone started ringing with unknown number

Me: Hello……good evening

Voice: Good Evening…….Congratulations oooo oko iyawo

Me: Thanks very much

Voice: A gbohun iya, a gbohun omo oooo

Me: Amin……(I quickly recognized the voice)

Me: Biola…..Biola, why did you do this to me Biola

She cut the call on me and I could feel it from the background that it was as if she was

crying or something as it shows in her voice.

I parked somewhere and started thinking again, only if she didn’t hide her number to call me I would have called back atleast we can still be friends even if things didn’t work out

between us. I rested for like 10mins before I started moving again..not drove up to 5mins when my phone started ringing again, still the same unknown number

Me: Please Biola…why are you hiding your number from

me..atleast not being together doesn’t mean we should stop talking now…I searched for you everywhere, I was told you are on leave in the office, you are not in your parent house too as hardly a day goes by without me going there to search for you…


Biola: No need to search for me

Snakie..we belong to the past, how was today’s ceremony?

Hope evrytyn went as planned

Me: We thank God..but where are you

Biola: Forget about where I am jare

Me: Whats your number now…why are you hiding your number to call me?

Biola: Am only calling to find out about how the programme went ni jhoor….I know if

the wedding had been in a church, u know that awkward moment when pastor will ask if someone has anytyn against the marriage, I imagine what would run through your mind

Me: Nothing now..because I know you can never do anytyn to disrupt the process..i trust you for that

Biola: Don’t be too sure ooo snakie, its not the same Biola again oooo

Me: what has changed in the Biola that I knew…

Biola: So many things but lets forget about it…I hope am not disturbing your honeymoon

Me: which honeymoon…am not even at home

Biola: Where are you? U don go do side runs again on your wedding night

Me: No oooo…trust me now

Biola: Trust ke? For where………..abi I don trust you ni

Me: Ahn ahn Biola….Mary was an avoidable mistake and I regretted everything that happened, I never knew it will come out this way

Biola: The same way you can go and block now and wont know the outcome till it happen…just know that you are now a married man and you should be responsible, learn from the past mistake


Me: Why are you talking like this now

Biola…well I went to drop mummy at home and am driving back to Egbeda..had

to park when your call came in now….But Biola, you know this whole marriage stuff is just an ishh to me..you know I never wanted it..after we had plan about everytyn and you disappeared just like that..thats so unfair Biola.


Biola: whats so unfair when your parent was on my neck…

most especially your mum, calling me everyday begging me to leave you alone..what do u expect from me when its not as if I cant find another gu of my own even though it might not be so easy but am sure my own man will still come.

Me: Uhmmmmm…….so, that means you have totally forget about me

Bola:abi…what next, you belong to another lady now, you are married and you need to enjoy your marriage even though……forget about it

Me: Even though what baby? Pls say your mind now……..even though its so hard to

let go abi? Even though you wis its our marriage today..even though you wish am right there beside you now….thats what I was telling you the other time by not letting people dictate our lives for us, we are adult and we can decide what we want out of life…you know I will never accept for today to happen if not that you vanished away, if not that you abandoned me at the critical time when I needed you beside me, if not that you let my parent brainwashed you into releasing what rightly belongs to you..your hard

labour for crying out loud. We have been together from scratch to where we are right now but you let somebody from nowhere to come and reap all what you labored for.


You know I don’t love Mary and I will never love her..you are my life and everytyn, you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with..you mean everytyn to me and I still love you so much just like before and I know you still love me too baby

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