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Marriage by tricks. Episode 14

All was going on well and i neva gave Mary any chance at

all…i was just counting down to when Friday will come

again..i came home very early on Wednesday evening

around 7pm, i was in the bedroom with Biola when she

suddenly received a call from one of her colleague to come

collect something from her at the bus stop….she called

Mary to follow her but she totally declined saying she was

pressed as i could hear their conversation from the


Didnt take up to 2mins Biola left when the bedroom door

opened..standing there was Mary totally unclad without

anything on her……..

Me: ehn..ehn…what do u want? Get out of my room right


Mary: what do u mean baby boy….dont u know av missed

u or u think its dat easy being alone since all this days?

Me: look here mary, there’s nothing between us

again..what happened between us belongs to the past and

i will never have anytyn to do with u again

Mary: are u sure u don’t want to av anytyn to do with me

again (apparently sighting my dick in my boxer already

failing me as i couldn’t help it)

**************Before i knew what was happening , she

was already on my bed moving closer to


Me: ****in low tone****** what do u want from me

Mary? Please go now….Biola shouldn’t know about all this


Mary: I know baby and u shud realize i mean no harm…av

also been playing my part perfectly and i can guarantee u

she will never suspect anytyn and it will definitely be a

secret dear but i need u dis last time…..just this last one

before i leave on Friday

Me: but u know Biola is around…lets do it when she’s not

around mary..please

Mary: don’t worry dear…i know she wont be here until

about 20mins and we would av been tru

Me:what if she barged on us..what if we are caught..we

are not safe dear

*****she was already on me sitting on my Dickson which

was hard from the boxer*****

Mary: don’t worry dear, the entrance door is locked from

behind..she will definitely knock or call us before coming

in..please i need u right now baby

She placed a kiss on my lips and that goes passionately…i

responded to her kiss and started handling her bweast at

the same time too..she removed Dickson from my boxer

and in goes her Kitty-Cat..she started ridding me and it was

a great pleasure watching her scream…we switched

position after like 5 mins and i was totally in charge on the

missionary style..i was bleeping so hard and her ringtone

was as loud as anytyn as it shows she actually needed

bleeping…didnt take up to 10mins before she came for the

first time….

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