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Life of a hausler Episode 49.

Every morning I wake up, before I turn

over in my bed, before I yawn, before I

say thank you lord for another day, I call

Chinaza and ask her how the baby is

kicking. If she would be going for

Antenatal or not, I tell ya, this baby and

pregnancy ish ain’t easy. I seemed to

be lucky it was Chinaza. She doesn’t

want much, just my reassurance and

constant phone calls. She would even

flash me to call her so she can tell that

she felt like the baby was laughing,

well, that isn’t much, I could cope.

On a very good day, after Chinaza had

asked me to slow down on asking her

if the baby was about to kick her to

death, she asked me to start asking her

how she was coping with school and

little junior in her stomach. You can

hardly tell what them girls want

anyways, James walked into my room,

scratching the Skin off his genitals. I

watched him as he came in, not

minding the look on my face.

“Guy, how would you know if you have

been infected with all these S.T.Ds?” he

asked me. Shaking his boxers and

rubbing his dick.

“I don’t know, you go to the hospital

and check.”

“I thought Cynthia gave you one back

then, how did you find out?”

“Cynthia gave me what?” I asked.

“Gave you gonorrhea,” he replied and

sat on my reading desk.

“Noo, shebi I told you she was joking

and besides, why you dy ask sef?”

“Na just this girl in my villa, doing the

easter holidays. Small girl wey just

finish her waec, I no know say she dy

her period,” he stopped and scratched

his head.

“Wetin come happen? You Bleep am?” I

asked and he gave me that look that

you would give a person you expect to

understand a coded signal you gave


“So you Bleep am?” I asked and he

nodded. I was going to kill him with

laughter if not that someone knocked

on my door. I said come in. My curtain

opened and in came this piece of

gorgeousness. I have never met her in

my whole life but I swear I was liking

her already, she hadn’t even spent 5

seconds at my door.

“Hello,” she sang out and my body


“Are you looking for someone?” James

asked. I gave him a killer look.

“How can someone be in my room and

you are asking her if she is looking for

someone? Can’t you see she is looking

for me.”

The damsel smiled and my heart


“Erm sorry, Chinaza said I should meet

Chinecherem here,” she said and my

heart skipped. Why would Naza send a

girl like her to my room?. My heart

actually skipped, I gave her a confused

look with my lower jaw hanging in the


“I mean, Chinaza that lives here with her

sister,” she explained and my brain

clicked. I had almost forgotten that

shape’s name was Chinaza.


“Yes, she said I should get the key for

her room from you.”

Well,I shot a look at the key where I

kept it on my fridge and decided I

wasn’t going to let this girl out of my

room so easily.

“She didn’t give me the key, maybe she

forgot,” I said and James eyed me like I

was the cause of his scratches.

Everyone knew that shape gives me her

keys each time she is Leaving, just in

case her sister comes in unexpectedly.

The girl gave a despaired look and I

came to the rescue like spider man.

“Well, you can stay here and wait for

her, she will soon be back anyways,” I

offered. She accepted and said she was

going to get her things outside. We

nodded, James was already poke

nosing , so it was the two of us that

nodded. The girl left, leaving the

sweetest smell I have ever seen behind.

“Guy this one is mine,” James

whispered and got down from the table.

“You are mad,” I replied. He looked very

serious and I told him we could share

her. He would be sending her love

messages while I will be doing the rest.

He didn’t like the idea and wanted to

swap it the other way, like I will he

sending the messages and he would be

doing the rest, well I didn’t like the idea

as well.

“Let me change, I’m coming to keep you

guys company,” he said and moved to

the door.

“Guy respect yourself, better stay in

your room and continue that


He laughed his way out of the room.

The chic came back in with her

traveling bag and dropped it on my

reading table. She soon relaxed on the

bed and faced the T.V. Something

within me was telling me to go and hold

her there but luckily enough, I had the

gift of distinguishing between the voice

of God and that of the devil.

“So what is your own name?” I asked

her and she turned to me.

“Chinecherem,” she answered.

“No, I didn’t ask you for my name, I

mean your own name.”

She smiled and revealed her very

beautiful dentition.

“My name is Chinecherem.”

I nodded and kept quiet. She turned

back to the T.v and I turned back to

observing her from the back. Her

curves were ok, she had the body of my

baby, Naza before she got pregnant.

She was Chocolate complexioned and I

was sure she would taste like one.

“Are you shape’s sister?” I asked.


“Sorry, I mean Chinaza, are you her


“Yes, she is my cousin.”

I nodded and smiled. I can’t have

Shape but her sister, God help us. She

even bears my name. Who feels a

connect here? If you do, shout


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