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Life of a f- -ker. Episode 48.

My time in that class was wasted

between staring at that girl and playing

winning eleven on my phone. Her skin

was radiating like always and her upper

part of the body still helped me tap into

the picture of a very massive backside.

Even though she was seated, my eyes

already knew how downward gifted she

was. How wouldn’t I know? She was

Eva after all. My darling, daring

Evangeline. She was still bitter at me

though. She actually walked past me

and sat 3 rows before me in the

crowded lecture hall.

She didn’t want to sit with me but she

wouldn’t like to be out of my sight.

Maybe she found out how much of a

torment staring at her was to me. I was

surrounded by not so coded guys and

her seat could accommodate one more

skinny person but not without rubbing

and scratching the body parts. Well the

chair was occupied by mostly girls so

the rubbing and Scratching was more

than welcomed to me.

30 minutes into the end of the class, I

stood up and walked to her seat. She

sat before one busty girl at the end of

the chair.

“Excuse me,” I whispered to the girl.

She gave me the kind of look one would

give to mad man in fresh designer


“There is no more chance here,” the girl

snapped. Eva was already looking at me

so turning back was a crime.

“I was here before, ask that girl,” I

protested, nodding towards Eva. Eva

gave me a look that showed she was

out rightly going to deny me but looks

can be deceiving. She nodded in

confirmation to my claim and voila! I

was shuffling my body parts between

one endowed chic and another busty

other. Heaven can’t be more wonderful

and I am no pervert please.

“I love your hair,” I whispered to her and


“Shhh!!” came the rebuff from my two

sides. Eva and the girl. I turned towards

the other girl with a look like “What is

your own matter?” and faced Eva again.

“Baby,” I called softly and she ignored

me. I saw a little smile at the other

corner of her face tho.

“You are beautiful today,” I continued. I

wasn’t going to stop if she doesn’t

react. I can’t lose my favorite babe just

like that. She was too beautiful to give

away. She smiled and shook her head,

still not looking at me.

“I missed your lips.”

This one cracked her up and she

switched from a stifled laughter to a

faked violent cough when the old

lecturer turned his attention to her. I did

the mannequin pose, barely blinking.

The man let it slide and continued his

very boring lecture.

“Respect yourself,” she whispered to

me. I raised my hand in a pleading

style and tried to bring it down but

somehow, the other girl’s massive jugs

had created a barrier. I couldn’t

possibly bring down my hand without

my elbow squeezing them.

I was going to protest before I realized

that I was going to like it. So I just went

ahead and brought down my hand. I

swear that girl’s jugs were a bunch of

pillows. So soft and it actually flows

like liquid.

She wouldn’t have seen it as a big deal

if I hadn’t given her one uncanny look.

She stared back and I stared harder. I

won the staring match as she looked


“Do you mind if I talk to you?” I asked

her, stealing a line from August Alsina’s

verse in “Do you mind”. Like most girls

would do. She ignored me. I pushed


“Well, are you actually learning anything

from this class?”

“Yes,” she snapped.

“Good, so you will teach me then, this

other girl here doesn’t like me and you

look smart.”

She smiled eventually while my eyes

were on her cleavage like the

discussion were between me and it.

“What’s that your name again?” I asked

her observing Eva shift uncomfortably.

“Cynthia,” she murmured. The second

Cynthia I am meeting, I hoped she

wasn’t as crazy as the first. I also

hoped she was endowed like the first,

her boobs was satisfactory enough.

I nodded and said Ok. I faced the board

for the First time that day.

I soon noticed that she took occasional

glances at me. I faced my front. I was

determined to give Eva a little torment

with the time left.

“What’s your own name?” she asked

me. I turned and my eyes went

automatically to her boobs before

meeting her face.

“Chinecherem but you can call me “my

love”,” I replied with a wink. She smiled.

Eva kicked me lightly on my foot, who

knew that sophisticated girls could get


“So when are we taking that lecture?” I

asked, ignoring Eva’s kick.

“Which lecture?” she asked.

“Our own private lecture, the one going

on now.”

She smiled and I nodded.

There is this particular guy called

muscle in our department. His name is

self explanatory. He has everything

needed in an ideal guy except a smile.

One hardly sees his teeth.

I will tell you a bit about muscle even

though it will look like I am digressing

but it is very important that I tell you

about him.

He was this tall, hulky person, even

taller than my father that would often

brag about his height. His eyes, well I

bet he also has muscles in them and

when he talks, it sounds like when God

spoke to the Israelites on the mountain.

Very thunderous.

So the class ended and Eva couldn’t

take it anymore. She seized my hand as

the girl walked away. Man that girl was

just okay. The lower part of her body I

found out was exquisite.

“I thought you didn’t want to talk to

me?” I asked Eva as she held on to me.

“I changed my mind.”

“Well, do you have anything for me?” I

asked and she nodded with a beautiful


“Well, I am coming, let me get

something over there.”

She let me go and I started walking

towards my new found Cynthia.

Somewhere along the line of my going

to meet her. Someone beat me to it. He

hugged her tightly, covering almost all

her body with his huge biceps. I

wouldn’t want to meet a girl that

obviously has something to do with

muscle. So I ran back to Eva.

“Did you say you have something for

me?” I asked her. She nodded again.

“In my lodge,” she said.

“Let’s go and get it.”

We walked a little distance out of the

faculty before someone shouted my

name with an angelic voice. I turned

and Cynthia was walking towards me.

“That lecture,” she started and I smiled.

“My sister here has agreed to teach

me,” I said and she nodded.

I can run after any guy’s girl but not the

type of guy with that type of muscle.

Something no dy do me for head

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