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Life of a hausler Episode 47.

It will be very silly of anybody to think

that I actually bleeped shape that night,

including me because I actually wanted

to, shaa I didn’t. I wasn’t that gullible.

So it seemed Willie and Shape are

actually becoming an item. At a time,

Willie spent more time in my lodge than

he did at his school. With Chinaza

gone, there was space in my room for

them. In the end, I realized that trying to

Bleep Shape was an idea dead on

arrival. Like I said, I can share anything

with Willie but not a pussy. And

besides even among thieves, there is


So I started realizing that Chinaza’s

excesses were just becoming

excessive. Imagine she never allowed

me to shook before going back to

school and shape had no available

explanation for that behavior. Even

James was confused.

I even thought about the worst, maybe

someone was spicing her up and she

decide not to get it from me. Eh, noo,

Naza has a clean sheet to the best of

my knowledge. But then, I decided I

needed to be very sure.

I dropped into her lodge that day like a

sting operation. It was on a Saturday

and everyone was home. I sneaked up

to her room and sneaked inside. She

just lay on her bed sleeping. I watched

her in silence for sometime before I sat

beside her on the bed. She was

sleeping with her nightie on and her

skin radiated all over the room.

She jerked when she saw my face like I

was one of those things someone

would see in an evil nightmare. She

relaxed when she realized I wasn’t a

ghost and hugged me, rubbing her big

belly against mine.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming,”

she said and wiped her face.

“I was hoping to catch your new


“Didn’t you see him outside?” she asked



“My new boyfriend.”

“Yea, I saw one slowpoke outside, was

he the one?”

She laughed and dropped her head and

mass of sweet smelling hair on my

shoulder. I held her and slowly lay on

the bed while she laid her head on my


“I only do upgrades, I can’t jump from

one slowpoke to another, its not okay

for my health.”

I only laughed because by the time I

realized she was indirectly calling me

an slowpoke, the topic was already


“Chinaza,” I called softly and she

moaned a sexy answer.

“How much do you love me?” I asked

after a brief pause.

“I am keeping your baby and you are

still asking me that question.”

“I just want to be sure.”

“Well calculate it yourself,” she replied.


“Well, like this. You are broke, you lie,

you cheat and you irritate me

sometimes and I am still with you.”

I smiled and pinched her ass. Normally

she likes it but would rather not admit,

she would often say it made her look


“So 80%?” I asked. She raised her head

and dropped me a surprise kiss on my

lips. The kiss was a deep one because

she actually closed her eyes in the


“100% baby,” she whispered and I felt

like I was just starting to date her.

“So why are you keeping your body

away from me?” I asked.

“I know you will bring that up.”

“Well, so?”

“Well because I am tired of feeling like

you love my body more than you love


“That’s not true, I love you before any

other thing.”

“Well, try and prove it.”

“How do I prove it?”

“Neche I am pregnant,” she said and

raised her head to look at me.

“I know.”

What else could I possibly answer?

“Have you ever asked me how the baby

is turning, if he is biting me or kicking


Yea, that’s true, I never asked, I didn’t

even know all those things mattered.

“Did you even ask how long I have

carried it?”

My spiritual eyes bulged. I can’t even

say how many months old the

pregnancy is.

“Do you remember that is something

called Antenatal? Or ask me if I go to

the hospital for check up?”

I was just moping and counting the

number of lines on her ceiling fan.

“All you know is that sex is good for

pregnant women, that is all you talk


She was speaking slowly but anyone

that knew her could tell she was angry.

I didn’t even know what to say.

Apparently there was more to

pregnancy than just shooting it in there.

She got from my body and faced the

wall. I dropped my hand on her waist

and gently massaged her.

“Naza I’m really sorry, I didn’t realize

that all these things mattered.”

“How will you know, all you know is

yourself and what you want, just leave

me and go.”

She was serious.

I begged and begged and begged. A

small something became a big

something. She wouldn’t talk to me and

I too was getting angry. I got up and

walked outside, making up my mind to

leave from there. I was going to go if

this girl hadn’t walked up to me. She

had that thing that makes me drool over

them girls. I was just outside the gate

and she was passing by, jingling her

fine assets in a handless grey gown

that the middle stuck to the parting of

her fine ass like a g-string.

I needed something to cheer me up and

I found one. Maybe she will take me to

her lodge and make me happy. I called

her and she wasn’t the snubby type.

She came and I told her the story of

how I was lost and looking for a lodge I

was standing at it’s gate.

She pointed behind me and waited like

she knew I also wanted to take her

number. Well it was easy.

As I was typing the last digit of her

mobile number. Someone snatched the

phone from my hand, I turned with a

loaded slap in my right hand only to

meet Naza standing there. Well she

deleted the number and dragged me

back inside.

You don’t want to know what happened

in there but I enjoyed every bit of it.

We all should Bleep a pregnant woman

once in a while.

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