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Life of a hausler Episode 46.

Improves orgasms – Blood flow

intensifies your sexual desire. In fact,

some women achieve a real orgasm for

the first time ever during pregnancy!

Burns calories – Sex is the most fun

way to stay fit — you’ll burn 50 calories

or more in 30 minutes of love-making.

Lowers blood pressure – Sex has been

found to lower blood pressure, a good

thing for both of you, since high blood

pressure is linked to the pregnancy

complication preeclampsia.”

I turned and looked at her. She

readjusted her wrapper and dug her

head further into my chest.

“Chinaza are you even listening,” I

asked. She nodded and I continued.

“Improves sleep – For moms: Sex is

relaxing — so it helps you sleep better.

For babies: The rocking motion of a sex

session often lulls baby to sleep.

Boosts immunity – A study found that

sex boosts levels of IgA, an antibody

that helps avoid colds and other


Boosts happiness – Orgasm releases

endorphins — which make both you and

baby happier and more relaxed.”

“So you see it is very important for

pregnant woman to have sex once in a


I had spent the better part of the day

trying to convince her why it is very

much important that she had a little bit

of sex, for my own good actually. Koji

was trying to choke me.

“And so what?” she asked and raised

her head to look at me, tightening the

knot of her wrapper.

“Just today Naza. Are you happy seeing

me like this?”

“Like how?”

“Like this naa, like this.” I said pointing

to my erect dick.

“Sorry, I can’t help you.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I’m in my period,” she

snapped and I wondered what type of

stupid period she is having when she is

pregnant. That wasn’t even the koko.

Wait for it…

“Naza you are pregnant already, you

can’t be in your period naa.”

“My own is different,” she said.

She was denying me sex and her head

was on my chest.

“Naza is not true, show me the

menstrual blood.”

“Okay, there is no period, let me be


“Chinaza why are you denying me sex

these days?” I asked.

“Because I am a virgin,” she blurted

out. I really tried in resisting the urge to

scream. Oshey, Virgin Mary.

That was it. I was too weak to even

pursue it further. I managed to salvage

my chest from her head and turned to

the other side of the bed. We are going

on communication strike. Well shaa, I

was yet to find out what would move

naza to succumb to my demands each

time. Obviously, threats of getting it

elsewhere doesn’t work.

I wasn’t going to talk again but my body

will not hear. How can a girl be lying

next to you with all her glamour, beauty

and sexiness and you will just be there


Like a snake in the dark, my hand

moved stealthily to her own part of the

bed. First attempt was furtile because

my hands met her covered stomach. I

pretended it was a mistake and she

pretended she didn’t notice.

Second attempt was a direct hit. My

hand landed on the knot of her

wrapper. I tugged and tugged and


That was the sound my hand made as

Naza hit it with her hand.

I nursed my pain and frustration in

silence for about 5 minutes before I

launched my 3rd attack. I am among

the people that believed that the

number 3 was a special number. Either

Naza was going to kill me on the 3rd

attempt or she will give me what I want.

I went in again, coiling my hand around

her waist like a rope. She grabbed my

arm and turned to face me. We met

eyeball to eyeball. Somehow her eyes

were very bright in that darkness. She

didn’t give me what I wanted but she

killed me with her eyes.

She flung my hand away furiously and I

seemed to appreciate the

circumstances that often led to rape.

But I can’t rape my own baby. I was

going to ask nicely. I held her and

snuggled her closer, against her will.

She was strong but I was stronger.

I tried kissing her but she threw her

face away. Nice one, I rather bit her

neck lightly like one of them vampire

movies. I was expecting her to bite

back, but no. She wound her arms

round my neck and gave me her face.

Chinaza works in mysterious.

I plucked her mouth and she obliged,

while I was at it, my hand went down to

her wrapper and yanked it off, before

she would change her mind. Luckily, it

wasn’t the nights she loved to wear

bum shorts. I engaged her clit and she

brushed my hand off.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

For real? What did she think I was


“I thought you were ready or


“Okay, just this night?” she asked. I

nodded like a lizard.

“Just this night, I swear.”

She got up from the bed, dragging her

wrapper behind her.

“I am coming,” she said and tied the

wrapper again and walked outside. I

waited patiently, conjuring all manner of

styles I was going to unleash on her. I

have seen many ways to Bleep pregnant

women online and I was going to try

them out.

The door opened and Naza came in

dragging shape behind her. Me and

Shape was just staring at each like

dundees. I knew that whenever Chinaza

wanted to compensate me for

something, she normal outdid herself,

she will always do it fantastically. But

this? This was off the chain abi hook. I

never expected her to hand me a

3some with Shape on a platter of gold.

So I was very surprised when she

dragged shape into my room that

wonderful night. I was Imagining two

sharp babes all over me in a single

night, two hot babes, two Chinazas. The

Lord was going to be good. Then Naza


“Chinaza,” she called, that was Shape.

“I agreed to allow him only this night, he

said he was going to die it he didn’t do

it. So go and help him, but it’s just this

night o. Let me sleep in peace.”

She left me and shape and walked out

of the room.




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