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Life of a hausler Episode 45

Once there was this bad guy in my

clique that year. He was bad, very bad

but nobody knew. His badness was an

internal type of badness. Outwardly, he

was the type of guy that a mother

would recommend to her daughter for

friendship, seeing that he is harmless

and may not even have a dick but

inwardly, he was the type of guy that

will impregnate their daughter while the

bad playboy’s are still handling with

their bra straps.

He liked girls like mad but hardly

walked up to one. I think it was his

livers failing him but people just

thought he didn’t like them and have

already canonized him. I knew he loved


I will tell you about this guy and how he

landed a girl that his very bad friends

could only dream of.

Her name was Vivian and she was very

sumptuous. She was the type that when

she walked past, even the reverend

Fathers would scream “What is this?”.

As usual, in an unsuspecting manner,

our very calm friend was somehow

managing to attract this particular out

of the league girl’s attention to himself

more than anyone else. Before anyone

could say “Vivian is SEXY”, they were

already exchanging love messages.

Apart from knowing that this niggar

liked girls, I also knew he had never

done anything out of the ordinary with

any girl in a lonely room, to

approximate it, he was a virgin. So it

had me quite wondering what he was

going to do with all that sauce in one


I mean, there were 800 guys in my

school, waiting to devour that Italian

cuisine of a girl like a hot lunch and

she was falling over that guy whom

everyone was doubting if he actually

had a c0ck.

One thing to another and the devil had

his way. They both found their way into

the school toilet at the same time, with

the same intention, behind bolted

doors. He stared at the girl and she

stared back with a naughty grin.

“Oh Jesus, look at that breast,” he

thought in his naive mind. He loved

girls but was just realizing that he also

loved boobs. So he stared and she

stared back, he started and she stared

back, stared and stared back. The

stares went back and forth, to and fro

until he got tired of looking at those

breasts. He moved closer with the same

intention as hers. He wanted to touch it

and she wanted it to be touched. He

just didn’t know how to do it and she

didn’t know how to ask.

He got closer and stretched out his

hand. Somehow, involuntarily, his

hands missed the inflated boobs hiding

behind a school P.E wear and went to

her neck rather. Well he decided to start

with a kiss. They got into it and the

tension went down a bit. He soon

realized that he couldn’t kiss her

without his hands searching for her

infamous boobs. So he just licked the

lips and squeezed the boobs he was so

much hungry for at the same time.

“Gimme your tongue,” he whispered and

she obliged. He pounced on it like a

roll of kanda meat and licked it dry. She

soon started moaning softly and

searching for his zippers. He helped

her push them down and his dick

peeked out through his TOMMY

HILFIGER boxers. She rubbed the head

and holding it like a dog leash, brought

him closer to her and her chest met his.

“Can I suck?” she asked amidst the

kisses. He nodded and she went down

immediately. She bit the tip and he

jerked. He had never felt something like

that before. Something that makes you

want to cry but you end up liking it.

She swirled her tongue at the opening

of the dick and he winced. That girl was

a good header. She moved her head

back and forth and repeated it severally

and when he felt like he was being

electrocuted in a lovely way, she


He eyed her angrily as she stood up.

“Why did you stop?”

“Wait, come.”

She pulled him to closer to the toilet

seat and dropped her pant on the floor.

She placed her left leg on the closed

toilet seat and raised her skirt, revealing

a not so attractive but very inviting tool

to him. He moved closer, his dick in the

air. He grabbed her waist and pushed

his dick into the darkness beneath her

spread legs. His tip hit some flesh and

it sent some sensation down his spine.

“Is it in?” he asked and she shook her


“That was my laps,” she said and

grabbed his dick. Navigating it like a

compass into her waiting hole. They

both moaned as their tools connected.

He started thrusting slowing, holding

her by her 2 ton of Unclad ass. He

squeezed his face and her ass as he

rammed her in their standing position.

One thing to another, they found their

way to the floor. It made it more easier.

His lips on her mouth, his hands on her

boobs and his dick in her pussy, the

sky was the limit. She spread her legs

from 3:45 o’clock to 2:55. He placed

his hands on the floor on which they

lay and danced his c0ck into her hole.

And when he couldn’t take it anymore,

he whimpered.

“I want to urinate.”

“What?” she asked, holding him by his

school shirt.

“I said I want to urinate, it’s coming

out,” he whimpered again.

“No, urinate in there,” she replied, still

holding him by the shirt. Before he

could protest, the supposed urine shot

out and into her pussy. Littering the

whole flesh. He felt weak and pulled

out slowly, surprised that the urine was

whitish and thick.

Vivian got pregnant few weeks after and

had accused one guy in our area of

being responsible for it. But each time I

saw the baby boy, his nose and the way

he ogled at girls makes me think he is

mine. Lemme wait first, until that boy

becomes a president or richest man in

the world, that’s when I will tell that guy

that I also bleeped Vivian in our school


Oops, I forgot to mention it. That our

friend was ME.

I am coming, Chinaza has woken up

and I don’t want her to see this because

I told her she was the one that broke

my Virginity.

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