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Life of a hausler Episode 37

My brother looked even more confused

than James was the day I was

mumbling about what Naza told me.

The look on Willy’s face was to die for,

as in, it can kill you. If not for the cute

face and the neat beards, you would

have called him an slowpoke.

“What are even saying? That Chinaza is

sick and went to the hospital, so? She

is here naa and she is not dead.”

“Bro I am trying to say that she is

pregnant,” I said and expected him to

place both his hands on his head. He

merely smiled.

“Congratulations dear,” he was referring

to Chinaza. “I hope the guy responsible

is going to marry you before the sign

turns up.”

Chinaza merely shook her head, she

knew Willy was a clown most of the


“Bro, the baby is mine,” I said it slowly,

avoiding eye contact. The whole room

went silent. For about 5 seconds

nobody spoke.

I thought my brother was burning me

up with his eyes only to look up and

see him staring sheepishly at shape

who was at the door.

I just weak for my family.

I slapped his knee and he turned to me


“What were you saying?”

“I was saying that Chinaza is pregnant

for me and that girl at the door is a


His eyes bulged, I didn’t know what

made them bulge, whether it was the

pregnancy or the Virgin ish. Unwanted

pregnancy to Willie was bad news and

hooking up with a Virgin was worst. He

refers to it as a worthless relationship.

Chinaza stood up and left with Shape.

Willie was just engaged in an eye

contest with me.

“Jeez, Chex, I have been in this game

for 100 years before they gave birth to

you and yet no Bleep ups, how could

you have been so careless?”

“I don’t know o bro. It just happened, I

don’t even know what to do.”

He was giving me that look that

unlocks the tear gland in a man, the

look that usually says, “Bro you Bleep

up and you are finished at the same


“What do we do now?” I I asked and he

pulled closer to me on the bed.

“Did you tell her of abortion?”

I looked at him and shook my head.

“She didn’t even wait for the suggestion,

she just change am for me when she

suspected that I will bring it up.”

“Guy serious Bleep up.”

“Yea, Dad will just throw me over the

balcony,” I murmured, shedding internal


“No he won’t,” he replied.

“You sure?”

“Yea, he said he no longer needs stress

with his children.”

“Thank God,” I said and heaved a sigh

of relief.

“Yes, he is only going to shoot you, he

just bought a pump action.”

Willie was wicked in a sort, he just

dropped it casually like shooting

someone was the same thing as

flogging him.

“See what we are going to do now,” he

started and I paid rapt attention, hoping

he wasn’t going to misyarn.


We will go to Dad’s office.”

“What for?”

“Listen now, abi do you prefer going

home first where both him and mom

will jointly roast you like roadside


I shook my head, I had better go with

his plan, he was the next man after my

father and I believed he controlled some


“We will settle with dad, then we get

home, he can help us fix mum.”

“Yea, you made sense.”

I always knew Willie was a great asset.

“We will talk to Rita too, she will help


“Rita will Finish me naa,” I protested.

“Yes but she will also help, just relax,

you only got her pregnant, you didn’t

kill her.”

I fell back on the bed and hissed. I

knew pussy was going to kill me one

day but I never expected it to be

Chinaza’s own.

“So when are we going to see Dad?” I

asked getting up from the bed.

“After I get this girl that just left with


He was devouring the only star in my


“She is a virgin bro.”

He smiled at me and nodded.

“I have readjusted my standards, I am

the new Isreal.”

“Israel kwa?”

He nodded again and smiled.

“I will tear down that wall of Jericho.”

I sighed and fell back on the bed. The

next picture on my mind was me and

shape on the bed after Willie must have

opened her. Jeez, I swear I will be the

worst father on earth.

He stood up from the chair and walked

outside, probably after shape. He hadn’t

been gone for more than 30 seconds

before Chinaza bursted into my room,

holding his hand, against his wish.

“Are you guys done?” she asked me as

I stared at them. I nodded and she

made Willie take a sit.

“Now, lets discuss about my own


“What issue?” Willie asked.

“My family, how will I tell them about


“It’s very easy, you just walk up to them

and yarn them what’s up.”

That was Williams.

“Maybe you should help me, I will

appreciate,” Chinaza replied him, rolling

her eyes.

“Have you told Chinelo?” I asked and

she nodded.

“I told her when the result came out.”

“What did she say?”

“That I am finished,” she answered

casually. I had almost forgotten about

her parents.

“Fine, I will be there, maybe tomorrow,

we will move from dad’s office to your

dad’s.” I said and she put down her

head, sobbing without tears.

“What now?” I asked.

“God I am finished. My Mom thinks I

am still a virgin.”

I don’t know why I didn’t laugh at that,

it was damn funny.

Williams took us out in the evening,

Me, Chinaza, James and Shape.

Somehow, my brother meandered his

way into shapes cubicle, shape was all

over him in the end. That boy is a


It was at the peak of the moment that I

learnt Shape’s real name was Chinaza.

I am as amazed as you are.

For a moment, everything seemed

normal, Chinaza’s pregnancy was

thrown to the background while we had

the fun of our lives. Willie had come

with mom’s car and so it was a little

high key.

I spent the rest of the night

prophesying my undying love for

Chinaza. I was drunk and high but she

wouldn’t bulge, she needed no second

pregnancy and when the chips were

down. It turned out that Shape was

never a virgin, maybe her asshole is

still sealed but her pussy was as open

as the temple.

I was only pained at what I had missed

for almost a year.

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