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Life of a hausler Episode 36.

Chinaza came to my lodge looking so

unlike her, her fair robust body was

tanned in an unsexy way and she

seemed to have lost some flesh. I was

just watching her as she came into my

room, too dumbfounded to even

welcome her.

She came and stood staring at me, we

stared at each other for sometime

before she walked up to me on the bed

and dropped herself on my laps.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

she asked me.

“I just noticed that you look like


Roseline was their very slim fitted

house girl, not that she wasn’t fine, in

fact the slim fit was actually good on

her just that I am so much into asses.

“Really? Is that a good thing?” she

asked looking at me.

“Naza, there is nothing good about it, if

I wanted to date a tiny girl I would be

with your house girl, not you, in short

sit down first. I’m coming.”

She sat on the bed and I went outside

in search of shape and James. I

badged into shapes room and met her

in her bras and pants. If she wasn’t a

virgin, I would have been thanking God

her sister wasn’t around.

“Dress up and follow me,” I commanded

and she eyed me suspiciously, not

minding her outfit and my constant

stares at her well rounded ass and


“Any problem?”

“Wear something first or can you follow

me like that?”

She rolled her eyes at me and flipped

on her gown. We went into James room

and he was snoring away his life. I beat

him up and dragged him along with

Shape to my room.

Chinaza stared at us curiously as we

came in. I made them stand and

observe her for sometime, glances were

flying from everywhere to me.

“Can’t you guys see?” I shouted in


“See what?” Shape asked staring at me.

“Oh, Naza came, we can see that,”

James replied, scratching his head.

“Guy don’t be silly, can’t you see how

thin she is looking.”

James searched her with his eyes and


“Yes, maybe she wants to be a model.”

Shape was entirely indifferent. Chinaza

made me sit beside her on the bed.

James left while shape joined us on the

bed. I was preparing for a wonderful

3some in my mind but got something

else. Something I didn’t like one bit.

“Chi something happened.”

That was shape talking to me like I just

lost my wife and she was loaded with

the burden of giving me the news, well,

Naza was there so obviously, I hadn’t

lost my wife. Lol

“What happened?” I asked, sharing

glances between her and Naza.

“It’s chinaza, she fell sick last month,

that was before her birthday.”

“Why didn’t she say that when we came

for the party?” I asked trying to hide the

fear that was cropping up in my mind, I

was hoping and praying fervently that

she didn’t have HIV.

“Because it wasn’t serious then, so

telling you was unnecessary,” Naza

replied in a way that spooked me

seriously, you should see the look on

her face, real scary.

“So now what? Do you have HIV?” I

asked and she shot me a glance.

“No I don’t,” she retorted and eyed me

suspiciously ” Chinecherem, do you


“Of course not, where will I get it when

you don’t have.”

Well, She went to the hospital, I

followed her actually,” shape continued.

“Ehee,” I was getting impatient.

“And tests were done,” shape said

slowly, my suspension reaching it’s

zenith. Does she have cancer? If so, I

was hoping it wasn’t cancer of the

pussy or breast.

“I am pregnant,” Chinaza cried out

eventually. If she had said cancer of

the pussy and breast at the same time,

I would have preferred it.

My mind rushed back to the previous

year, yea, when we all fell sick and she

came back with the pregnancy joke. My

mind clicked, yea, the date was April

5th. I smiled and looked at the two of

them. I caught them in time. My racing

heart slowed down a bit.

“Baby, it’s April 5th today, your joke

came late,” I said, grabbing her hand,

she flipped my hands away and sniffed.

“I am not joking, I am pregnant,

bleeping pregnant Chinecherem.”

Like she was crying and her beautiful

light face was red. She obviously

wasn’t joking so the April fool thing

was a sham.

“For who?”

Jeez, I didn’t even know when I asked

her that, the look she gave me was out

of this world. I half prayed for her to

say it’s James or Shape, YES! Shape!!

anybody but me!!!

“Don’t you dare ask me that again,” she

almost yelled out. Obviously, it was me.

The room went dark and my head was

spinning 360 degrees, I could hear

Nigerian police siren blasting in my ear,

my right early only, my left ear wasn’t

even hearing any sound.

I stood up from the bed and made my

way to James room. I didn’t even know

how I managed to get there because I

wasn’t even seeing the road at all.

“Guy what’s up?” James asked as I

walked in, he was leaning over his plate

of over soaked garri.

“I don’t know guy, Shape and.. and

Chinaza, they are in my room,” I was

stuttering as I spoke.

“Yes, I know they are in your room, what

happened? Are they doing lezzy?”

“No, Naza was saying something, errm,

she was saying something about

something, James I don’t know,” I

Stopped and took a deep breath while

James watched me like I was doing a

Basket Mouth something.

“Just go in there and find out what

Naza was saying, then come back and

tell me because I didn’t even

understand what she told me.”

“Ok, I will go, but don’t touch my garri,”

he warned and left, if only he knew that

the garri looked like poo to me at that


I crashed on the bed and gazed at the

roof. My mother’s favorite advice to my

brother and I was banging hard against

my head.

“Umu m, any man that a woman doesn’t

kill will surely live out his God allotted

time on earth.”

But It’s Chinaza, my only true Love, she

can’t kill me.

My head was popping like pop corns as

I sat there, imagining how I will break

the news to my people.

My Mom will just shout the living

daylight out of me. I don’t know what

my father will do.

James came back looking more

confused than I was.

“Guy what was she saying?” I asked


“That she is pregnant for you and she

wasn’t joking o.”

“Guy is that even possible? I mean are

you sure I am not impotent?”

Anything that would null and void the

possibility of my being the owner of the

pregnancy was welcomed. James just

looked at me like I was going mad.

“Wetin you mean, guy you are potent in

Jesus name.”

“Amen but guy, do you think the

something is mine?”

” It should be naa, I think you are the

only one bleeping her.”

We both sat on the bed, staring away.

“Maybe you should call Williams,”

James suggested and I nodded, that

was the most coded thing to do.

“I have to get my phone, it’s in my


I opened the curtains to my room and

peeped in, I was obviously expecting

Naza to grin at me and say it was all a

prank but she didn’t, she was sitting on

the bed with Shape, staring at the TV,

she had stopped crying.

“What do you want to do now?” I asked

her as I got to her on the bed. She

looked at me and shook her head.

“I don’t know.”

I stared at her for a few seconds, she

returned my stares and her

countenance changed.

“No way, I am not aborting him.”

I was yet to find out how she keeps

reading my mind through my eyes.

“I wasn’t saying that.”

“But you were thinking it, please I won’t

abort him.”

“Him? You already know it’s a boy?”

Something was telling me that she was

enjoying the whole pregnant something.

Shape was having the laugh of her life

at the side.

She just let out a weak smile and threw

herself into my hands while I called


“Hello, young man, how are you?” Willy

bassed into my ears.

“Guy I no dy, you fit enter my lodge?”

“Ermm, wetin happen, you give woman


That was funny.

“Yes, I give woman belle, abeg come


He laughed, he probably thought I was


“See you and your impotent prick, I dy

come tomorrow.”

We dropped the phone and I wished I

was impotent. Lol

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