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Life Drama Episode 5

Richard: Oh Jesus wept!!What is this?
Richards wife:Baby,what’s happening
Richard: Darling, don’t baby me.Where is the god of dice,God punish god of dice.Where is that idiot called Titus
(Meanwhile Titus had picked race immediately he saw what happened)
Richard: If I get my hands on that Titus ehn I will make sure he turns to Titus fish
Opponent: (laughs)
Richard: Why are you laughing, is it funny?
Opponent: Come on man, lets play on.
Richard: Play fire,(turning to his wife) Baby, am sorry for making us lose our lifetime achievement
Richards wife:You are mad,all I know is that I can’t forfeit it like that
(With that she left the casino to only God knows where)
Meanwhile Titus is still on the run until he got to place and decided to rest.He sat on the walkway and was cursing the god of dice,(ole,oloriburuku,oloshi,etc)you didn’t allow me win at all and you know its my girlfriends money tho her Dad is rich but even at that you should have made me win.What will I tell her now even the hotel we lodge we are yet to pay for tomorrow’s services. He continued speaking to himself and cursing the god of dice until he decided he’s not going to bet again. He vowed that nothing will make him stake anything again,he looked at his hands and saw he was still with a die so he threw it into the dark and heard a sound (like something hit something).


He looked at the direction and saw something shining there,(in his thoughts)What could that be?? He stood up and went closer to it and on getting there he found out it was a bag.
Titus:Yekpa!Bag ke,omo who will drop this kind of thing here by this time (he looked around but saw no one in sight,then he looked up and said god of dice forgive your son.I didn’t know you love me like this that’s why I didn’t win,you kept something bigger than what I was struggling for… He looked down to see the die he threw on the floor, he bent down, picked it up and smiled.God of dice is good indeed)
Titus:(in his mind)Lemme start going before someone catch me here.(he tried lifting the bag but it was way too heavy so he decided to pull it along with him).


*2am in a bar*
Sonia:What do we do now
Daniel: I am thinking dear
Sonia:(she didn’t bother about him calling her that)
Daniel: I have an idea
Sonia:(face lighting up)Yes, say it
Daniel: I suggest we go to a business center and make a call to a police station, telling them about the murder in madam Sarah’s house so that they can apprehend the person that did it
Sonia:What about the baby?What do we do about him
Daniel: That’s a good question but for now I think we should still be carrying him around
Sonia:Hmmmm,I don’t buy that idea
Daniel: Ehn,what do you suggest
Sonia:None for now
Daniel: Oya get up let’s go and look for where we would make the call.
(They stood up and went to a business center close by,reported to the police and left immediately)
*in the police station*
Sergeant: Boss,a murder incident is being reported
Boss:At where
Sergeant: Madam Sarah’s castle
Boss:Wow,it will be an interesting case or what do you think
Sergeant: I think nothing sir
Boss:Block head,always thinking nothing. Go get me my lighter and light this cigarette
Sergeant: Okay Boss
(He brings the lighter)
Boss:Now let’s get down to work
Sergeant: ooooooh,I hate night business. My wife and children are at home waiting for my arrival
Boss: Don’t I have wife?
Sergeant: Ehn?
Boss:Come on let’s go
(They left the station with some group of police)



*Titus hotel*
Titus finally dragged the bag inside the hotel and until he got to his room, he didn’t drop it.He tapped the bell and his rich girlfriend Amanda opened the door for him.
Amanda:Hi,you are back?
Titus: Yea baby.
Amanda:Wow you brought something along.
Titus:Yea (lifting the bag and keeping it on the table)We are now rich,super rich.
Amanda:How do you mean
Titus:Check the bag and you will understand. You will see pound,dollars and naira.
(Meanwhile the idiot (Titus) hasn’t checked what’s inside o)
Amanda:Yippee ,we are super rich indeed.Lemme take some wad of dollars darling
Titus:Infact take a bundle from each currency
Amanda:Really?? (Going towards the bag on the table)
Titus:Yea baby
Amanda: (she got to the bag,zipped it open and found…)

to be continued…

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