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Life Drama Episode 4

Daniel: Ehn,you are fainting??You better stand up from there coz as for me,I am running away now!
(with that he raced down the stairs leaving the child and Sonia in the mysterious castle. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him until he got outside the castle’s compound to the gate outside and met a shocker!)
Daniel: (panting) How did you get here?I thought you fainted
Sonia:(panting too)You think say na only you sabi run abi?
Daniel:D–n,I thought I was gonna die in there
Sonia:Same with me,but whose corpse is that?
Daniel: Stupid question, you should have bent down and speak to the corpse and ask who are you.. Common let’s get the hell out of here
Sonia: Wait,we can’t leave that child in there
Daniel: Ehn?Which child, if you carry the child now who will reward you
Sonia:You are heartless, you want that child to be left alone there abi?Am going to pick him
Daniel: Sonia,you know its by accident I met you so if anything happen to you there just know my hand is not there
Sonia:That’s your business, am going there (she started going towards the gate)
Daniel: (what kind of girl is this,how I take meet am. God have mercy)Okay okay,you know what?
Sonia:(turning back)what?
Daniel: Come back here,I will go in and pick him
Sonia:Now you are talking
Daniel: Wait here,I will be back in a jiffy.
(Daniel entered the compound and made his way towards the castle’s main door,he got to the door and did the sign of the cross.He pushed the door open,started looking for the boy then the child made a kind of sound, he located him sitting on the dining chair,he went over happily and carried him but as he turned to go he noticed someone ran past him but he didn’t see anybody, he started urinating on his body and said if he had known he won’t mind Sonia at all.He walked 4steps to the door and noticed the same movement then he used his eyes to trace where the person his,lo and behold he didn’t see anybody but he saw a pair of eyes looking directly at him in the dark, he looked down at the person body and saw a pair of shoe,meaning he’s not the only one in the castle. He closed his eyes to ensure he’s not dreaming, he opened it and saw the same eyes looking at him.He screamed out of fear and started running away until he got outside the castle’s compound)
Sonia:What happened again?
Daniel: Let’s get out of here first
(They ran away from there and entered a bar to rest and have a drink)
*inside the castle**
The stranger Daniel saw heaved a sigh of relief and went to the corpse earlier seen by Daniel and Sonia,he dragged the corpse out from where he hid it before and put it inside a big bag.He dragged the bag downstairs until he got outside the gate and left it there,then he went inside again to do what only God knows.

*11pm that same day Daniel and Sonia arrived Abuja*
Some people were in a betting place that night, its only meant for big big people not never-chop people. The betting arena consist of different bet games ranging from the spinning type of bet to the targeting and throwing own.The bet arena is owned by madam Sarah,alot of people do stake a lot there and that’s why she’s wealthy.Drinks were flowing around like no mans business, what do you expect in such place meant for the people that matters. A man is seen arguing while betting,He’s name is Richard
Richard:Get away you, you told me God of dice won’t fail me,where is he na.Let him come and save me now coz all my money has being staked in this thing and am yet to win.I don’t have any money now
Titus:I thought you said your wife has an hotel,she should be able to lend you some money na
Richard: She won’t
Titus:Ehnn,stake her hotel.God of dice will help you
Richard: Are you sure
Titus:Over sure sef,if you win this round then you will recover all your money even your opponents 650k will be yours.Just stake your wife’s hotel.
Richard: Okay,I must win then.Get me my briefcase (pointing to his wife)
Richard wife:Ehn,don’t tel me you wanna stake my hotel
Richard: We would recover our money back and even be 650k richer with just a spin
Richard wife:Are you sure?
Richard: Yea,very sure.
Richard wife: Okay then,have it (handing the hotels document to him)
Richard: Good honey, wait lemme go and stake it(he left and came back 1min later)
Opponent: So are you ready?
Richard: Common roll
Titus:Roll,don’t ask any question
Opponent: (he rolled out 2 from each dice which equals to four)D–n!Four?! Anyways roll yours
Richard: Yippee!!!I ve won this jareeh
Titus:In short you ve won..God of dice will help you
Richard wife: Yea baby,you ve won.You will gimme 300k from the money
Richard: Not only 300k,it 300dollars.Wait first lemme win before you start demanding
Opponent:(angrily) Common play
Titus: No shout ah!
Richard: (he rolled the dice)
The dice rolled on the table as everyone waited for it to stop,even people from other tables started coming to watch who the winner will be coz Richards wife hotel is among the popular hotel in Abuja so they know if they lose it to madam Sarah then they ve losed a fortune. Finally finally the dice stopped.
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to be continued…
Watch out for episode 5

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