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Life Drama Episode 3

Sonia: Jesus, you again?
Unknown: Yes,me (with a triumphant smile)
Sonia: Hope its not what m thinking?
Unknown: What are you thinking?
Sonia:That you are stalking me
Unknown: (hisses)Anyways, am Daniel
Sonia:Who cares?
Daniel:(Why is she like this) Uumh,sorry o.Actually, I need that paper
Sonia:(with disgust on her face) which paper
Daniel: Don’t gimme that crap,lemme have the paper we both struggled for yesterday
Sonia: Oooh,paper that I ve thrown away
Daniel:F–k your a—–e b—h
Sonia:Don’t call me that
Daniel: Rubbish, suit yourself (moving away)
Sonia:Wow,you have a baby mama??(laughing)
Daniel: (looked back) what are you talking about
Sonia:(pointing at the child with Daniel)whose child is that
Daniel:(hisses)None of your business
Sonia:Wait(she brings out a paper from her bag)
Daniel: Is that not the paper?(snatching it from her)
Sonia:Lemme have it back if not I will scream that you stole my child
Daniel:Ain’t scared
Daniel: Yea,just making empty threats
Sonia:Okay,try me and see..(trying to scream) PEOPLE!
Daniel: Hey,calm down na.The child is not mine tho,I was taking the child to the place they will announce missing children before I met you
Sonia:Story for the gods.So gimme the child and paper now
Daniel: Ehn!
Sonia:You heard me right, gimme now
Daniel: If you are a thief,try stealing the child and paper na.
Sonia:Gimme the paper
Daniel: I won’t, because with what m seeing here this child belongs to Madam Sarah and am taking this child to his mum in Abuja now.
Sonia:You are going no where,we will both go together
Daniel:Why are you like this sef,I don’t even know you
Sonia:The only way we can settle this is by agreeing to my terms
Daniel: And what are they?
Sonia:We will both return this child, receive the reward and share it 50/50
Daniel: Meaning what
Sonia:Meaning, if you disagree we will both lose coz I will scream that you are a kidnapper.
Daniel: Why are you just threatening me like this.
Sonia: Do you agree or not
Sonia:Answer me!
Daniel: Okay,I agree
Sonia:Good, now that you ve agreed what next
Daniel:I guess you are going to Abuja huh?
Sonia: Yea
Daniel: Same too,so let’s wait for our bus to come.
(Sonia isn’t happy she’s going with a guy on a long journey like this because she hasn’t gotten over the heartbreak from her ex)
Piiii piiiii piii (the bus horns for people going to Abuja)
Daniel: (taps her) Let’s get in
(They got in and other passengers did same,the driver zoomed off)
Daniel tried bringing up a topic but she didn’t respond well.He only got to know her name as Sonia and she wants to study law,that’s all.He slept off when he saw he’s partner sleeping.

**9hrs later**
They all jumped down from the bus when they got to their destination.
Daniel: So where do we go from here?
Sonia:Don’t ask me,you a guy so sort that out
Daniel:I don’t seem to understand you. A pretty girl like you and you are cold to an handsome guy like me
Sonia:(sneezing hard) where’s the handsome guy
Daniel: A star actor like me
Sonia:Indeed.Stop giving yourself hope
Daniel: You are an idiot o
Sonia:I don’t take insults so watch it.
Daniel: If you like stay there and be giving orders,don’t follow me to search for madam Sarah’s house.
(They left the park,boarded a taxi and told the driver to just move to the car)They drove for a while until they got to a round about.
Daniel:You can stop here
Sonia:Let him move,driver keep going
Daniel: I said stop here Driver
Driver: Oga and madam,confuse is doing me.Na where I wan drop?
Daniel:Drop here
Sonia:You are really pissing me off
Daniel:(hisses)Stay here na,am getting out of here
(Daniel gets down and began moving to an unknown destination)
Sonia:You better come and pay your money
Daniel: Pls pay it
Sonia:(in her mind)Seems like he’s a broke n—-r
(She pays the money and runs to where Daniel stood waiting for her)
Sonia:Guy you are a pain…
Daniel:(interrupts)on the neck abi
Sonia:Thank God you know
Daniel: Oya carry this child and let’s get going
Sonia:Carry him joorh
Daniel: I am tayad,so you carry
Sonia:Am not carrying o
Daniel: You better carry him now or..
(A voice from no where)
Voice: Who are those standing there?Guys let’s go and see them
Sonia:Ehn,some people are coming here, what do we do now?Let’s run
Daniel: Run ke,you will only make them suspect us.
Sonia:What are we now going to do
Daniel:Errrm,I guess we should (sighting some group of police coming, he dragged Sonia towards him and planted a deep kiss on her lips)
Police:All this children of nowadays they have no privacy at all.(They walked away after saying it)
Sonia:(Removing her mouth)Arrrgh..I knew that’s what you wanted,fool
Daniel: Like you didn’t enjoy it
Sonia:(slapped him)
Daniel: You slapped me with empty hands but I will slap you with money when I become a famous actor
Sonia:Jeeez,this guy has got to be dreaming
Daniel: Let’s go so that I will collect my money sharp sharp and tell my Dad that am special In many ways.
Sonia:You said?
Daniel: (realizing he said that aloud) oh! Never mind
Sonia:(hisses)Let’s go jareeh
(They started going until they got to a T-junction)
Sonia:Where do we pass now
Daniel:Let’s take the right
Sonia:Okay, let’s go coz we have no time. If the police catch us roaming around we could get arrested and with this child with us,they will open a file case for us
Daniel:God forbid
Sonia:If you want God to forbid then let’s go.
(They continued going until they met a man)
Daniel: Good evening sir
Man:Yee yes,how arrrre you
Daniel: (D–n!This man is drunk)Actually we are looking for madam Sarah’s castle
Man:Oh!Before I tell you, you will buy one more bottle of this drink for me or I won’t tell you that the castle is behind you
(Daniel & Sonia both looked back)
Daniel: Thank you very much for not telling us where the castle is.Baby,lets go
Sonia: (see this guy calling me baby)Okay,let’s go
(They left the man there who was busy raining insults on them)
Daniel:This castle is big o
Sonia:Are you dumb? Do you expect castle to be small? Who was your English teacher sef
Daniel: Its okay o,let’s enter inside.
(They got to the gate and found out it was slightly open. They entered inside the compound and were expecting to see lots of guards but they saw none)
Daniel: What’s happening here
Sonia:That’s what am also wondering o
(Suddenly the main door opened and Sonia got startled)
Daniel: Why are you scared?Its the boy that opened the door,probably his mum has been expecting him
Sonia:(heaving a sigh of relief) Daniel, I am scared o.This environment is strange o.My mind is saying something bad will happen
Daniel:Shut up joorh,you are praying bad prayer.If I enter here alone and get the reward I won’t give you o
Sonia:Is not the matter of reward but our lives
Daniel: Okay na,don’t follow me o
(He enters inside and Sonia follows him,everywhere is dark coz the lights were not on then they heard a sound and looked to where the sound came from and they saw the child crawling upstairs,Daniel & Sonia decided to call out for attention)
Daniel:Hello,anyone in?
Sonia: Hello o,anybody home?
(They continued calling out for anyone until they got upstairs finally)
Sonia:Seems there is no one around.
Daniel:Let’s check the rooms.
(They searched everywhere but didn’t see anyone,just then Daniel saw a gold chain. A pure gold chain, he bent to pick it up but it seems like it was stuck.He dragged it until he pulled it out but someone’s hand came out with the chain and he gasped,he touched Sonia and pointed at the hand lying on the ground and Sonia passed out immediately)

to be continued…

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