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Life Drama Episode 2

*in Daniel’s room thinking*
What kind of devil handwork is all this one today.
First it waz my dad that is against my career now when I could have gotten the paper and if not for anything else at least I should have seen the child’s face and also the address. This is f–k up,d–n!

**from the background**
(Daniel! Daniel! Daniel! Daniel!)

Dad:Come here

Daniel:(oooooh what does this man want again)

Dad:Where are you

Daniel:Am cooomiiing (already in the sitting room)

Dad:Seat down

Daniel: (taking his seat)

Dad:I called you for an important issue.

Daniel:What is that

Dad:Wait,lemme land

Daniel:(were you flying before)

Dad:I called you to agree to my terms

Daniel:What are they?

Dad:If you talk again

Daniel: Sorry sir

Dad:Shut up ah!You talk too much

Daniel: You see that’s why I should be an actor

Dad:Oya stand up and get out of my sight

Daniel: (standing up to leave)

Dad:And you are leaving for real

Daniel: Before nkoor

Dad:Anyways for your information you are leaving this house tomorrow to go and hustle. If you can make the sum of 1million naira in a month then I will accept your career but if you don’t, you accept mine. Deal or no deal

Daniel:Chei,its now I know you ain’t my Dad

**Daniel’s mum enters**
Mum:Then who is your father

Daniel: Mum,come and listen to what Dad is saying

Mum:What is it again

Dad:I told him what I told you in his absence

Mum:You can’t be serious, are you?

Dad:By tomorrow, you will know if am serious (leaving their presence)

Daniel: Mum,can you see how Daddy is doing

Mum:My son,I am confused

Daniel:Mum,don’t worry I will leave but let him bear it in mind that I will shock him (going into the room)

*Sonia’s resident**
Mum:Madam you ve come back abi

Sonia:See,I don’t want any trouble from you. In short,I think I will vacate this house for you

Mum:Who needs you…goooo.I don’t care

Sonia:I will go but don’t come begging

Mum:Me,beg who (slaps her)

Sonia:Jeez it’s getting out of hands.(cries and go inside the room)

Mum:(hisses and goes to the kitchen)

*Next day,still at Sonia’s resident*
Dad:Sonia,who is chasing you?

Sonia:Nobody Dad,I just wanna go and get myself back

Dad:With your bags?

Sonia:Yea,Dad m traveling to Abuja

Dad & mum:Abuja?!
*Daniels resident**
Mum:Daniel, don’t go please

Daniel: No mum,lemme go and prove to this man that am special in many ways. He wants me to make 1million in a month when in 4months he can’t make 800k

Dad:Is that an insult or what

Mum:Is that nt the truth?

Daniel: Before it leads to quarrel, lemme vamoose.

Mum:Don’t go Dan

(He had passed the entrance already so no turning back)

Mum:If anything should happen to my son

Dad:Nothing will happen, he will become a man, a real man.

Mum:By going into the world helplessly?

Dad:At least he has some money with him

Mum:The one you gave him abi,nonsense!

Dad:Woman, just be quiet for once

Mum:Hmmmm,let anything just happen to him then you will know.
*Sonia’s resident**
Sonia:Yes Dad, Abuja. Dad I have a friend there.Lemme start going so as to get the first bus.

Dad:Sonia,be careful o. Wait lemme give you some money (he goes in and returns with some cash)This is 200k,spend it wisely.

Sonia:Trust me Dad.
Dad:Yea,I trust you. Gimme a call when you arrive there

Sonia:Aiit Dad, bye

Mum:Bye bye,go


(Sonia leaves the house and board a taxi that will take her to God is good motor park. She gets to the park,settled the driver)

**Sonia’s thought**
Nawa o,is this beginning of life for me?What is my aim of going to Abuja sef. If not for my mum now I would have sat down in my father’s house..Lemme go and pay my transport fare before the first bus fills up..

(So she went to where money is being paid,it got to her turn and she paid hers and turns to go)

Sonia:Jesus,you again?
Unknown: Yes,me. What about it (with a triumphant smile)

to be continued…

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