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Life Drama Episode 1

Daniel:No Dad,you can’t force me to become a medical doctor.



Dad:Okay, we would know if you are the one that gave birth to me or I gave birth to you..Useless son

Daniel: Daddy you call me useless, no problem when I become a famous star, making cool cash you will know that I am special.

Dad:Lemme see you stepping out of this house then you will know who I am

Mum:My husband, why can’t you just leave this boy to study whatever he wants!

Dad:You see,that’s what we are saying. Why won’t he continue this way when you will always support him.Like mother like son,nonsense Arrant Nonsense.

Daniel: Mum,see ehn leave him. I will become an actor ,a famous one for that matter and no one will stop me,nt even you dad (carrying his bag to leave the house)

Dad:Move an inch and count yourself disowned

Daniel:What rubbish Dad,you can’t decide my future for me.I am 22yrs old so Dad lemme decide my future myself.

Mum:He’s right,leave him to become whatever he wants

Dad: Is that soooo??(crossing his hands below his chest)See conspiracy o,anyways,go but know it that I won’t sponsor anyone to study theartre arts.

Daniel: Daddy,you must pay.Am going out for football training with my friends by the time am back we would finalize. (Leaving the house)

Dad:(shouting at him) Okay,go and come back then carry me to sponsor your career. Idiot!

Mum:Leave him,he knows what’s best for him.

Dad: You are the one spoiling him

Mum: Am not.
***in another home***
Sonia:You see,you see,no mum can you see?Marry him
..marry him…marry him now see where I am..A girl of 20yrs old being jilted. If you had left me to go into any relationship at my own will,all this won’t happen

Mum:common keep quiet there

Dad:Why should she keep quiet


Dad:Yes,answer me why should she be quiet?

Mum:Am I suspecting a conspiracy here?

Sonia:Mum there’s no conspiracy at all.You are the cause of everything, due to your selfish interests you made me date someone I love but not ready to go into any relationship with at least I haven’t finish my university level. M yet to enter university and you made it seem as if I am through with school making the idiot f–k me whenever I visit him.

Mum & Dad: What?

Sonia:Don’t gimme that look mum,you know about it.I told you but what did you do…NOTHING!!

Mum:Sonia,you won’t understand

Sonia:There’s nothing to understand mum,greediness is all you ever cared for (walking out of the house)

Mum:Sonia,you dare not walk out on me

Sonia:That’s what m doing already mum

(Sonia finally left,leaving mum and Dad alone)

Mum:You see how you are spoiling her

Dad:Keep quiet,you are endangering her future all because of what you will gain from her dating the chairman’s son.And as for that b—–d,if not for who is Dad is I would have dealt with him.

Mum:Rubbish!Am I the one that say you should not have money?

Dad:Gerra ra here meehn,you are a pain on the neck (going inside the room)

Mum:Mtcheeew,nonsense man!

Dad:(already inside the room)Hey woman stop lamenting there, I wanna rest

Mum:Lamenting KO,lamentation ni..You won’t rest until you die o,stupid man.
**In the football pitch***
After evening training, Daniel tells his friend Charles about what happened at home.

Daniel:Bros,the thing dey vex me o

Charles:You don’t need to be angry.But sincerely how can you go into acting career when you can study masscomm and become either a newscaster,presenter or even a journalist. Well my advice for you is to find a way of convincing your Dad to accept o.

Daniel: Anyways, I ve gat to run along, see ya later

Charles: (shaking hands)Aiit bro.
(Sonia is seen with her friend Anita discussing)
Anita:Girlfriend why is your face like this na

Sonia:M tayad of my mum jarreeh

Anita:Awwwn,don’t say that girl.What happened?

Sonia:That b—–d has broken up with me,as I am now I don’t think I will do anything with any guy

Anita:Don’t say such dear,just take heart and forget that idiot.

Sonia:Aiit,thanks.I have to start going before my Dad will be worried.


***Daniel in deep thoughts**

Buh that man is mean o,he said he won’t pay my fees if I don’t concur to him.I don’t have money if not I would have ignored him,that’s why I wanna be an actor so that I won’t be waiting for job,instead producers and directors will be loo…Ouch,watch where you going to next time,he said to her (he bends down to pick up his bag and she bends too to pick her purse when they both saw a newspaper with the headline inscription ‘1million naira for anyone who finds madam Sarah’s child…But before Daniel could finish reading it, the girl picked it up and this infruirated Daniel),he looked at her and tried snatching the paper but it seems the girl is stronger,after dragging for too long she finally made away with it
Daniel:D–n,what nonsense,1million cannot run away like that.He bit his lips and went home,he barged inside without acknowledging anyone’s presence and straight to his bedroom he went.

to be continued…

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Life Drama Episode 2

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