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My landlady. Episode 7.

Janet was just sprawled in the bath with the water running all over her huge lush body, head thrown back and eyes closed, panting like a horse and self-servicing like crazy. I could see the milk running through the fingers of her left hand and down her elbow as she squeezed her left bosom, and tugged the Tip. Her giant thighs were thrown wide open with one leg hanging over the edge of the bath tub, her toes curled in sweet bliss and her massive booty spread open and all aquiver with insatiate lust.


The fingers of her right hand were all inside her Kitty-Cat, soaked to the wrist with oozing juices. Her femalecore was swollen and bulging red like it wanted to burst. She didn’t even notice me come in and stand over her; so deep was she in the throes of her private Fun. At the sight of her like this, my joystick already engorged to the limit, began to tingle as if electricity was shocking it. My heart rate doubled, pounding loudly in my head. I put some saliva on my fingers then reached out and rubbed the raw tip of her clit. Her eyes popped open and she screamed, cuming convulsively and sending a powerful squirt jetting up from her Kitty-Cat to splash against the ceiling and everything else in the room. I was covered in it and the heavy, sweet smell of Kitty-Cat filled the bathroom

She finally stopped shaking and turned to look at me incredulously. Her eyes were glazed over like someone just coming out of a deep trance. I quickly joined her in the tub and her eyes fell on my wood-stiff equipment nodding harder than ever. I sat on one end of the tub and pulled her to her knees, as she reached for my dick and began to coat it with a mixture of Well juice and bosom milk from her hands. When it was all covered and rubbed in she commenced to lick it off, then she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked it like a lypop. She mouth-bleeped my dick for another ten minutes while I squeezed her jugs and teased her Tips, getting milk on my hands and giving it to her to lick it off my fingers from time to time. By the time she was done my joystick seemed even longer and thicker than I had ever seen it.


I noticed how she was now reaching down more frequently to tug at her Well and I realized that her Kitty-Cat was still on fire and needed some hosing down. I had just the kind of hose it needed. I got up and pulled her out of the tub then urged her out of the bathroom towards the double bed. I held her from behind, her head craned backwards to find my lips and lock onto them with hers, my hands hefting her large firm heavy bosoms and tugging her long thick Tips, my joystick head finding her deep butt crack and feeling jolts of electricity as her soft butt skin on both sides of the cleft rubbed the glans up and down as we walked towards the bed.

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