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My Imsu Desire (Chapter 22)

The Grand Finale!

My Imsu Desire

Chapter 22

At around 5pm, we arrived at the private hospital where Uche had been admitted. He was doing so much better with the bullet already removed and the gun wound stitched. Definitely, he was ready to be discharged. He was very happy to see Prosper and I admit I was kinda jealous when they leaned in to each other for a warm embrace. Then the three of us sat down on his hospital bed and started chit-chatting like reunited triplets. We discussed alot of boyish topics like football and the rest including girls(trust Prosper, he must surely bring girls matter come 😂).
I later paid for the rest of his bike and he was discharged immediately. I brought them along with me to my mansion (even when Prosper dey say make we go club go celebrate independence). We had dinner with my dad and uncle, everything just went calmly and smoothly as if we were having a family reunion. One would hardly believe there had been some sought of tension dwelling among us the previous week.
One month later, precisely on the 1st of November 2017, when the entire country was thrown in a state of awe and disdain, due to Governor Rocha’s
aloft of Zuma’s statue in my state(e weak me oh 😫), Imsu released their merit list. The list wasn’t posted online or in the web but it was published in a newspaper. I quickly called a friend of mine based in Owerri to help me get the paper and send it to me. In the evening of that same day, I held the newspaper in my shaky hands, heart beating very fast and I was feeling so tensed. The first name I searched for on the list wasn’t mine but IJ’s.
Ah!, thank God she was admitted, it was just as if hers was more important to me. I turned the pages slowly and wearily until I got to the Social science part, and Economics was the first course there. And behold, my name was written at the top. The first name listed on my department base on say na me get the highest Jamb score in the whole department. I felt like I was in Space jumping on top of the world. Words could hardly explain how I felt. I really hope I’m not dreaming, if all this is just a dream then I seriously don’t wanna wake up. This was definitely the best day of my life…………
Eventually, 28th of February 2018 became the new best day of my life, lol, like seriously this one outwitted the other one and why not. It was my Matriculation day at my dream institution. I’m now a bona-fide student of Imsu. It was such a happy and extraordinarily exciting occasion. All my loved ones were present to show their love and support for me. My dad, my uncle, Prosper, Uche and Co, Mama Ada and her children, some of our neighbors and friends at the ghetto, even my uncle Chuks came back from the UK where he had been based and then my beloved IJ who was now officially my girlfriend(winks 😉). Her family and friends were present as well.
The event was nothing short of historic, mind-blowing and dangerously Sweet(pass sugar self). My two months stay here at Imsu has been like heaven so far, I guess that’s how it is when you your dreams and heart ♥ desires. I’ve made lots of new friends and they are all great individuals and fun to be with. Actually, only IJ knows I’m filthy rich, I wear normal clothes and live in a regular lodge just like others, I don’t use expensive things and I trek to lectures whenever. Some people even think I’m a poor guy and that’s just the way I want it, I really want to avoid stories that touch. This is Uni and I can’t be rich, soft, tall, handsome and intelligent altogether, I certainly don’t want trouble with bad boys, I’m sure you guys are getting my point. I still do visit and manage my company here in Owerri at the expense of my uncle anytime I’m free of school work.
Life had been very good to me lately and…….. “Hey, big head!, what are you standing there looking at, come on, let’s go snap more pictures”, Ijeoma said behind me hitting my head playfully. “I was thinking about life, why do you like disturbing me uh”. “Mr life thinker, come make we go snap better matric pictures joor”, she said dragging me after her. My girlfriend was looking still looking very beautiful even in the oversized and large matric gown sef. “You too dey like picture sef, shuoo!, you nor dey tire?”, I said but still followed her anyway(as if I even get choice). So we posed all the style of poses we knew until her feet started hurting, thank God.
Prosper and Uche came back from where they had earlier gone to(am sure girls are involved) and we took selfies together until we got tired as well. At around 9pm, I got to my lodge after the long day. I had earlier seen off my dad, uncle, Prosper, Uche and the rest at the park where they boarded a private 18 sitter bus that would take them back to Enugu. I collapsed on my bed, I was so tired and now am finally alone with peace and quietness. My ears felt like they would have exploded if I haven’t left for my house, the noise was damn too 🔊 loud.
I managed to drag my weak legs to the bathroom and took a quick shower. I went back to bed immediately but I couldn’t fall asleep. But Why? Ok now I remember the reason. I haven’t read today’s chapter of my favorite story on facebook “When Mum Falls In Love Again”, a very interesting story written by my best writer who’s superbly awesome and unique, Miss Mercy Nnamdi. She also happens to be one of my very good friends here in Imsu. She’s a 100L student of Masscom. I so much love the girl and her mind blowing stories, we even took matric pictures together (shhh!😯, don’t tell my IJ I said that). So I picked up my iPhone and logged in to my facebook account and went straight to her page “BlinzkyBae” to read chapter 14 of the awesome new story.
After that, I switched off my phone and laid back on my bed, yawning terribly. It’s been such a long day. I closed my eyes reminiscing all of today’s happy memories with my family and friends especially IJ. We had earlier shared a kiss at the romantic Imsu love garden(hmmm, see them 😒). World people, why Una con dey smile naa. Anyway let’s leave that matter for matyrs. Am seriously wondering how wonderful my next 4 years at Imsu would be like. The first 2 months has a been a blast, I’ve got no regrets. This school is 100 percent worth it. Am really thankful to God that My Imsu Desire brought about good things in my life and not the other way round. This same desire nearly made me commit murder if not for God’s intervention.
I know there would be future tribulations just like my dad had said but I know also that I can overcome them. I just have to remain focused, study hard to be the best(and make sure say they build a statue of me lol 😂), treat my friends well with love and care, avoid proudness, be very prayerful and above all, never ever again underestimate the power of my village people.

The end………..

**My Imsu Desire**

Author : Nneamaka Mercy Nnamdi (BlinzkyBae)……

Thanks for reading sweeties, remember we are starting the New Year with a bang. My new story “When Mum Falls In Love Again”…Loading…………

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