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My Imsu Desire (Chapter 21)

My Imsu Desire

Chapter 21

I had shot him on his stomach which he held painfully on the floor, barely moving. I threw down the pistol and sat still on the ground with a bewildered look on my face. It was as if my head was spinning around in circles. Gosh!, I finz say na only for film nai this kind thing take dey happen before oh. What baffles me more was the fact that, I didn’t know when I pulled the trigger. Am not so learned when it comes to arms and ammunition. In fact, that was my first time of ever holding or even laying my fingers on a gun in my entire life.
I looked around capriciously, I could sense that the environs wasn’t as deserted as I had thought. This house is definitely surrounded with many other buildings and soon enough, people and maybe even the police would arrive. I was sweating profusely now(christmas goat nor sweat reach me sef). The sound of the gunshot was too damn loud and clear. I’ll be done for in no time. Who would believe me when I’ll say I didn’t mean to shoot him? My dad, how would he take it? My uncle, how would he react? My IJ, how would she look at me now when she learns am now a murderer? How am I going to get out of this nightmare?
I remained sitting, like a lame man without any direction of where to go with my eyes red with fury, regret and fear of the unknown. Just then, I heard the sound of footsteps approaching behind me. I quickly turned to look backwards towards the direction and was shocked to see a downcast Prosper, looking so pale with tears in his eyes. He went straight to Uche’s lifeless body and bent down to somewhat examine him. “P, pro, pr, Prosper. I, I, I can ex, explain. I, I didn’t mean to sh shoot him, it, it I, it was an, an ac, accident”, I said stuttering like an award winning stammerer.
“Ifeaz, no need to explain naa, I see how e take happen. I was standing there since. Na my fault, I for don come separate una two since. Uche!!, abeg fight for your life naa. Ify, he still dey breath oh, abeg con look am, you know say na you sabi pass me”, he said quickly, in between sobs. I stood up in haste to join him by Uche’s side. He was indeed still alive but breathing unsteadily in gasps. I hurriedly tore a piece of clothing from my already tattered clothes and placed it on where the bullet had hit him on his stomach, covering the bullet hole properly to prevent more blood from flowing out.
“Uche, you, you can do this, please just ho, hold on, we’ll get you to the hospital. Just, just hang in there”, I said crying. “Ifeanyi, am…. am so….. so so….. Ah!!!, am.. so sorry. Please for forgive me for ev…… ev everything. I’m I’m…. going to to….. die anyway….. Ssss so….. you too juh.. just leave me…. here before the pol police comes and….. ” “Uche, please stop talking, I’m…. I’m so sorry too, we won’t leave you and you’re not going to die, please just hang in there”, I said bitterly. Prosper on the other hand has been crying nonstop. “Whoa.. Whiiii.. Whoaiii……. “, and that was the sound of the police siren. Blood!!!, they arrived so quickly. Since when did Nigeria police started being so punctual?
“Go… now, you two. Save your……yourselves…just lea leave me here…. go”, Uche said more weakly this time, as if life was already draining from him. Prosper quickly stood up from where we both squatted down close to Uche. I assumed he was going to leave and escape the wrath of the police. But when he bent down to pick up the pistol, my assumption changed. “Ifeaz, go now and save yourself. You don’t have much time. I shot him, it was me”, he said rather heartily. I was perplexed, puzzled and stunned. I surely wasn’t expecting that Prosper would do such. He wants to take the blame for me?
“Buddy, you need to leave now. Go now and keep your dreams and desire alive. I’m very sorry for the way I hurt your feelings back then, I nor mean am, I swear”, he said regretfully still crying soothingly. “Prosper na me do wrong pass and I should be the one to apologize and you…… ” “Shhhh!!, nor talk am again, na me dey at fault here, forgive me ok”, he said and hugged me tightly for a moment then dragged me along with him to what looked like the back door of the house, he pushed me outside and shot the door behind. Words cannot explain and describe how I feel right now. There I was lamenting on how Prosper was never a good friend to me when in actual fact, I was the one at fault. I don’t deserve him…….

6 days later, which was on the 1st of October 2017, our country, Nigeria’s Independence Day, I was overwhelmed with happiness. It wasn’t just 9Ja’s day it was Prosper’s day as well. The court issued an order for his release(after much bribery sha….) after seven days in jail for attempted murder. I personally went to pick him up from the station with my Porsche and my driver. Chaii, see my bestie looking so thin, I just weak😂. And I made sure to make fun of him. Uche, on the other hand was doing ok now, he even issued a statement for Prosper’s release but was still under observation at a private hospital.
After I left the building that day, I ran to hide in a small farmhouse closeby and I witnessed how Prosper was apprehended as the criminal while Uche was carried into an ambulance. I eventually obeyed Prosper’s wish for me to keep my desire alive and. I ran home and that same night I completed my Imsu online screening process before it expired(lol, una tinx say I nor go do am). I never thought everything could turn out this way, it was was just God. And I thank Him for my uncle. It was his connection in the Army and Police force that brought about Prosper’s quick release. They also dropped the kidnapping case and Uche returned back the 50million naira ransom earlier paid back to my uncle. Yesterday, IJ was at my house(my room precisely) and I narrated everything to her. About my stay in the dark room and all that, she forced me to tell her everything (the girl like story eh).
She also told me of how worried she was while I was kidnapped and how she didn’t stop praying and begging God for my safety. I wanted to say the words at that moment but my papa came in to spoil my show. “Guy, Wetin u dey think”, Prosper’s voice brought me back to the present. “Oh na nothing, I just dey think about Uche. We two go con go see am later for evening”, I said adjusting my seatbelt on the back seat of my Porsche. “OK na, but after that promise say you go carry me out. Today Na In-dependence day oh, we need to go club go flex”, he said. “Hmmm, so you never still change abi”, I said hitting him playfully. We both laughed aloud like children…………

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