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My Imsu Desire (Chapter 20)

My Imsu Desire

Chapter 20

He walked slowly towards my penitent body frame, a pistol in his hands with that devilishly nefarious grin. Gosh! What did I ever do to this guy? Why does he hate me this much? Did he really wanna kill me with that gun? He came closer to me and gave me a hard kick in my already feeble and frail legs. I held back a loud outburst of pain and suffering. Breaking down in front of this guy would be the last thing I’ll do. The room had become lighter since the door was opened and I could see clearly now. “So soft boy, you nor wan wake up before abi. You for continue your three days holiday na”, he said, playfully slapping my chin. Three days? So I’ve been unconscious but alive for three good days? Damn! How did that happen, they must have drugged me or something.
“What do you want from me?”, I asked haughtily trying desperately not to wince in pain while he was in front of me just to save my pride. But after thinking about it for a moment, I realized it’s actually of no use to remain haughty and proud. It was actually my proudness that got me here in the first place. Yes my village people have been using my proudness against me. I’ve been so blinded with pride. That pride made me walk out on this guy months ago, that pride made me dissed and abandon a friend who was in need of my help to change him for the better, yes I realised I could have been able to help Prosper turn a new leaf. And back then, I was also too proud about how well I did in the JAMB examination that’s why I couldn’t take failure and almost died after seeing the incorrect result.
That same pride now wants me to act all tough and brave in front of Uche, my abductor. Uche? A guy who could have been my very good friend if only I didn’t prided myself too much on my principles. When Prosper introduced me to him as his best friend, the guy started making attempts to be friends with me as well but I always avoided him because I thought he was no good and a bad influence and that I was better than him. He only started picking on me to get my attention but I always proved stubborn by ignoring him and that’s how he ended up despising me. My proudness also led outta my mansion alone at that hour of the day. I have no one else to blame but myself.
“What do I want from you? See question oh. Say because you he father Christmas naa, then you go con dey ask me wetin I want. You get one thing for here wey person go want? No this ur nonsense character make me hate u so…. You too dey smart sef”, he said eyeing me maliciously. Then again he’s confirmed my calculations, he’s right, “I too dey smart”. It’s time to let go of my proudness.
“Then please let me go, what’s your reason for keeping me here, please am begging you”, I pleaded in a faint and weak manner this time, just to show him I was in great pain. “Eh, Fyn boy, wetin touch your heart just now. I tinz say u dey form strongy before naa. Why you con dey beg me now. See this mumu oh”, he said laughing uncontrollably. “Is it money you need, how much?”, I asked even more sorrowfully. “See this guy oh, you be correct mumu. So u never know say you still dey back in time. Your ransom has already been paid by your uncle yesterday but we still like to keep you here, haha. No worry u go enjoy your stay here for another 10 days”, he said laughing spitefully.
And that confirmed my suspicions, 10 days is equivalent to the time the imsu screening form would expire for good. They are killing two birds with one stone. Extorting money from my family as my ransom and at the same time vying to make my life miserable by killing my utmost dream and desire. I’ve gat to plead with him now, it’s the only way out. “Uche pls for old times sake, just free me. I know you’re not going to kill me. We used to be friends at some point(I said this last part before I could remember I never let him be my friend)” “Eh wetin you talk? Which friends? Me and you were never friends naa. I used to like you before and wanted to be your friend but you didn’t allow me to be, remember. Back in those days”, he said grinning again but I could see the pain and hurt in his eyes. I’ve been such a proud blinded fool all this while. Free tears flowed down my cheeks.
“Hehehehehe, why this one con dey cry naa. You tinx say I go pity for you. Ifeanyi my guy, you are so predictable and in my 3 months kidnapping career, you have been the easiest victim. You never see anything sef. Shebi you wan go Imsu. We go see na, how that one go take happen this year. Con go naa….. And yes, I’m not going to kill you, but the pain I’ll make you go through will hurt more than death itself. We won’t kill you but your dream and desire”, he said maliciously and stood up from the chair he was occupying to leave the room. “Wait!!!!! Please answer this question. Is Prosper a part of this, is he with you on this scheme?”, I asked him breathlessly.
“Kai, this your question stupid. If Prosper nor dey among the plan, how we for con take kidnap you easily like this. Infact, nai give us all the information we need”, he moved closer to me again with his face almost touching mine. “Prosper doesn’t care about you again”, he said this in almost a whisper and spat on my face. I was very disgusted with the act but did well not to show it. He stood up leaving again holding the key and the big padlock in his hands. “I don’t believe you, Prosper would never do such. He’s not like you and will never be like you, no matter how you try to change him to your kind”, I said angrily.
“Let’s see. Prosper my guy, Ify wants to see you”, he said in a mocking manner and I thought he was only joking until I saw Prosper walk in gallantly, dressed in full time hood outfit. A dagger in his hands. “Ifeaz is asking about you”, Uche said with tittering laughter and walked out of the room leaving just me and Prosper, my former best friend whom I still love so much. He tried trailing behind Uche outside too. “Prosper!”, I called out weakly. I was already almost out of breath now(surviving without food and water for three days nor be beans oh). “Ifeanyi Wetin concern me and you again, why you dey call me”, he said after turning back to look at me, in my sorry state. I could see the pity in his eyes, somehow I knew he still cares about me.
“Prosper, I’m sorry I haven’t been a good friend to you. You see, it’s my fault why you’re like this. I didn’t look after you properly. I wasn’t there for you when you needed me and my advice back then and that’s why you changed. Best friends are supposed to make the good times last longer and better and the bad times easier. Please forgive me, I was blinded and……..” “Shut up!!!!!!!!”, he yelled and bounced out of the room, shutting the door noisily behind him, but I saw rains of tears stacked up in his eyes…….I cried to God for help… 10 days later, I was still held captive in the room. Prosper has been coming to bring me little food and water frequently so I’ve managed to stay alive. Anytime he came by, I didn’t miss the opportunity to preach for him about true friendship and Godly living, I haven’t given up on him and I saw how he shrieks sometimes when I’m speaking, maybe it’s because the words really touched him. Today is the D-day when the Imsu screening form was scheduled to end on sale, today being the 25th of September 2017. I needed to get out of here b4 12 midnight. I’ve been planning this for days now. Somehow I’ve been able to untie my legs and hands but I still left the ropes in place as if I was still tied just so they wouldn’t notice. I’ve also gotten a spare key which dropped from Uche’s pocket when he came by to mock me 2 days ago like he always did. Mocking me had become his new found hubby. I stood up staggering, now was the perfect opportunity. I don’t think anyone of them was around, it was evening and already getting late. They’ve all probably gone to a party or something. I walked in tip toes and opened slowly the door of the room which I’ve been kept for good 14 days. Only for me to see Uche standing in front of me with his pistol pointing at me. “I knew you’ll surely try to escape since today was your last chance for your “Imsu desire”. Hahaha…. Now go back inside”, the demon said. This guy is really crazy, I thought. I pretended to obey his orders by turning back towards the room but in a swift and fast movement I swoop around and gave him the super man punch (wrestling style). He stumbled backwards in pain while the gun fell from his hands. I pounced on him, throwing blows everywhere I could lay my hands on but he fought back steadily. I thank God for Prosper, I own him this strength, he’s been the one feeding me if not where I got take get this strength to fight. In a few minutes of mortal combat, we were scrambling for the gun. I tried all I could to make sure Uche wouldn’t get his hands on it. That would be his edge over me. I pinched kicked, slap and even bite him. I need to get out of here latest today. I’m so not letting this imp get in the way of my happiness. Finally, I picked up the gun lying on the floor but he pounced on me and started dragging once again. The next thing I heard was a bang which sounded like a gunshot. I looked at Uche, he seemed breathless, blood splattered on my body and his. He fell of him to the ground like a dead man. Yes!, I pulled the trigger. I just killed Uche…

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