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My Imsu Desire (Chapter 19)

My Imsu Desire

Chapter 19

Yeah!, maybe I would have been able to talk some sense into him and he’d have listened. I’ve really missed my old buddy a lot. So I spent the rest of my day indoor, trying to figure out what to do about Prosper. The matter just dey hard me, how I want take help am sef, when he village people don already hide he sense under Bobrisky wig.
Five days later, being the 11th of September, 2017, at around 9am, I received an email from “Myschool News” saying that’s Imsu’s admission screening form was out. Finally!!!!!!! After months of waiting anxiously, I almost thought they wouldn’t admit freshers or 100L students this year. I quickly texted IJ to inform her about the new development and she replied me “thanks”. (I feel great about being the first person to inform her). I rushed into my bathroom to take a quick shower. After dressing up, I called one of my trusted employee at my company in Owerri and sent him to go help create an invoice and buy me the pin at the Imsu microfinance bank. It costs just 2000naira but I transferred 22k to his account based on my levels.
He didn’t send me the pin till around 6pm, I understand that the queue at the bank must have been much, so I didn’t complain. Immediately I received his text, I decided to go down to the cyber cafe(my new favourite hangout spot) and complete the process even at that hour, they don’t close for the day till 8pm and besides I miss my worker friends there. I was aware of the time though, it was already past six and my instinct was telling me otherwise, but I was very impatient. I hate procrastinating. I needed to get this over with.
I decided not to disturb any of the drivers and just walk the “not too far but far” cybercafe, lol. So I stepped out of the compound without even informing anyone of where I was heading to, after all, I’ll be back in a while (so I thought). I’ve trekked for about 15 minutes before I got a hunch that someone was following me. The person wasn’t that distanced from where I stood but I couldn’t see his face clearly only his outfit and he was also wearing a face cap. “Go back home” my super instinct kept repeating and I could have listened if it was on any other occasion but when it comes to things concerning Imsu eh, am something else.
I ignored the warning and kept walking nonstop and faster until I got very close to the cafe. Then I stopped to catch my breath, looking back now I didn’t see the guy again. Thank God. He must have lost track of me. I sighed happily in relieve and walked towards the vehicle garage in front of the ever busy cafe. But like seriously, the place nor even busy like that today, everywhere just dry. I bent down slightly to check my reflection on the side mirror of one of the cars like I always do before stepping inside the cafe(soft boy tinx).
The next thing I heard was a large bang on my head. I’d been hit by some massive object. I became dizzy and my entire body grew weak, I almost fell on the ground but two hands held me up, I was even unable to speak or cry for help. Like play, I saw the guy who had earlier been following me in front of me, more clearly this time. It was Uche!. They threw me into a Sienna space bus close by, shot the door and drove out of the garage, that was the only thing I could remember before I fainted.
Now I just woke up with a banging and terrible headache locked in a dark dirty room with a stinking odour. My stomach was rumbling aloud for food and my clothes were looking like rags. My hands and legs were painfully tied with fat ropes and I could hardly move from my lying position. I don’t even know how long I’ve been unconscious. Probably hours or maybe even days but one thing is for sure. I’ve been kidnapped…. Uche? What did I ever do to this guy? Could Prosper also be part of this? What exactly do they want? Is it a ransom? Or maybe they just want to make me suffer? What could be their motive? So many thought and questions ran through my mind thereby making my headache worse.
Oh, I’ve been such a stubborn fool. I should have listened to my super instincts and gone back home. How long have I been here? When are these imps gonna let me go? What if the screening registration closes down before I’m set free? I don’t think my dad and uncle would remember or bother to help me register, they’d be so busy looking for me. Am sure this might be Prosper and Uche’s plan to get back at me for dissing them months ago. They might just wanna keep me here till the registration closes. They must have been waiting for this perfect timing. As soon as they heard the form was out, Uche had came to wait outside my house because they known I hated procrastination and most surely do mine the first day it comes out. Prosper have always known going to Imsu was my dream and utmost desire and there’s no other perfect way to punish me.
I started crying out loud like a baby until I heard footsteps. Someone was coming towards the room. I heard the sound of struggling with keys and padlock unlocking, the door was flung open and in came the son of a bitch…

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