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My Imsu Desire (Chapter 18)

My Imsu Desire

Chapter 18

After walking out on Uche, I went to a nearby booth to purchase airtime and loaded my phone(no more borrow borrow from mtn). So I sat down by a small stool near the shop to construct an apology text to Ijeoma, it says :
“Hey IJ, am really sorry about my actions that day especially for the way I deceived you. And you must have also heard I fought with (Abi beat😂) that guy called Alfred inside the church. Yea!, am sorry bout that too and I have no excuse for my vexatious behavior. Oh and the truth about my result is Jamb made an error and now it’s been corrected. My real score is 307. Plus I get so many other story wey I wan gist you but not through a text message. I’d be waiting for your reply or a call from you would be much better. Ifeaz”. Hmmm, I really hope say the text make brain sha because I don’t want to lose IJ friendship.
I sighed happily in relieve while looking at my result printout. This was almost exactly what I were expecting as my score back then before my village people con choke head for my matter. I smiled as I looked at the subject scores respectively. Economics which I knew I did very well in was my highest with 91, while English 74, Maths 70 and Government 72. Abeg!!!!!!!!! I be blast oh. Imsu go see something. I don promise myself already, I’m going to be the best student Imsu have ever seen and heard of. No two ways about that.
I decided not to go back to our old house yet to pick up the few things I had wanted, maybe I’ll go later in the evening. I would love to take one of the cars there with me just to spice things up and increase the number of onlookers by the time i step out from it(Hehehehehe, some of those people go drink snyper by force today, based on say na me). So I trekked back to my mansion to rest till evening. My uncle and dad had gone out together(Their friendship quick strong oh) so I was alone with the workers. As soon as I got inside my room, a call came in. I grinned, thinking it was from IJ but guess who?
It’s prosper. Lol, this niggas fast oh, already Uche go don tell am about my levels nai make am don dey rush call me. “Hello, who’s this?”, I answered. Kikikiki, I know say na Prosper but I want make e be like say I don delete he number(una understand na), the thing go pain am eh. “Ehen, my guy Afa na. Na me naa….Prosper.”, he replied. “U say? Who you be, I nor hear you well”, I continued pretending. “I say na me naa..Prosper. But guy you funny oh, so u don delete my number just now, nawa for you. Ifeanyi the ifeaz 🙌, you know say you be my guy na, see make we forgot the past issues. I hear say you don blow enter money. Bro, after you na you oooooh” he said hailing me.
Chaii, so this Prosper think am that foolish to let him back into my life as a friend? Never!!!!!!!!!. I won’t even allow such a person like him as my servant not to talk of friend. A friend who can easily turn against me, a friend who wasn’t there for me in hard times. He shunned and insulted me when I needed him the most and now he’s back to stay during the good times. It can’t happen sef.
“See Prosper Abi na Wetin dem dey call you, if you know wetin good for you, nor call this my line again, you hear me. I nor get time for savages like you again”, I said with all seriousness and hung up the phone. Na craze dey worry those guys oh, especially Prosper and Uche, dem tinz say I be fool. Although I still love and want to be with Prosper, that won’t be possible anymore. I just have to accept the fact that he’s changed and turned into a terrible person. And that he never really loved me the way I loved him even like a brother. Allowing him back in as my friend won’t change that fact and as far he could shun be before, he would also do so in the future. “This is for the best”, I assured myself but still it didn’t feel right. I miss him!!!!!
I jumped into my bed to take a short nap and maybe dream of me and IJ strolling around in Imsu. Ah!, I can’t wait…….. In the evening, I went back to our old house as I planned. I took the Porsche sports car with me and a driver since I never know how to drive(I better start learning). The neighborhood was very busy and with hustling and bustling. Ah!, just the way I’d wanted it to be. I didn’t want the car to enter into the overcrowded, dirty, muddy and deep ghetto, so we packed somewhere along the tiled road and walked on foot with my heads and shoulders high(Just 3 days ago I was walking in the opposite way, nothing dey permanent for this life oh) . Everything went perfectly as well just like at the cafe, the people were perplexed. I could almost read the words on their lips. By now the news of what happened earlier at the cafe had circulated graciously around the entire town. I could see the headline in the tomorrow’s local newspaper already.
We arrived at the house and I picked the documents and some other valuables belonging to my dad. Then I proceeded to check on the chickens, this might be the last time I would see my little animal friends. Gosh!, they were looking so lean and sick, they obviously haven’t been receiving proper care especially since I haven’t been around. Mama Ada hardly have time for them and what does her little children know about managing a poultry. I knocked on their door opposite our’s but no one was around. I would definitely come back here some other time to see them.
We left for home immediately and by the time i got there, my dad and uncle had returned and were discussing together with a lawyer. They’ve brought me some papers to sign which I did. My uncle just transferred all my parents properties, houses and businesses which were under his name to me, he said he’d be living soon to join his brother in the UK. Jeez!, so soon? I really don’t know if I’m supposed to happy or sad, although I knew the man would do this deed but I wasn’t expecting him to do so this soon. I still needed him around. What do I know about running different companies, the only type of business I knew how to handle was poultry, lol. Then again, I go soon enter school, probably my October, all things being equal. Anyway, he cleared all my doubts and promised to guide me on how to run the businesses before he’d leave and besides my dad would also be able to help me base on he used to be a business mogul.
That night, I went to bed with a heart full of happiness. IJ had called me earlier when I was eating dinner together with the three of them (dad, uncle and lawyer), I excused myself to answer the call. What a relief! I almost thought she ignored my text. She told me she’s OK with me now and was very happy about how things turned out for me. I hung up so I could be the one to call her base on say my credit is officially unlimited now. We talked and gisted for almost 30 minutes then I asked her if she’d be free 2marrow so I can take her out(smiles). And why won’t her answer be yes. I smiled while sleeping all through the night (nor ask me how I take know say I dey smile oh). May 2017 is a month I’d never forget in my life.

4 months later, on a sunny day in early September, I sat down at the balcony of my room, a glass of champagne in my left hand while I held my phone in the other. I was scrolling through am Imsu group on facebook to see if I could get any new information concerning their admission process. Gosh!, this country full with frustration sha….. It’s September already now and most institutions never still release their screening or post utme form. I dropped my phone angrily on my glass table after not seeing any satisfying update. Just imagine, the whole admission process this year just sucks. Jamb with their own wahala had earlier reduced their cuttof mark to 120( e weak me oh 😫). Then they brought back post utme, then cancelled it again. Now ASUU dey strike.
I just tire sef for the country, be like say I go travel go Dubai again sef this week. I had gone there with my uncle earlier last month to handle a business deal. While we were there, I was missing home terribly and longed to come back. Now wey I don come body just dey do me to go back. If only IJ would follow me abroad this time, I won’t miss home like that again , after all she’s now officially my new best friend but her parents are so strict and they wouldn’t let her.
I started thinking about what’s been happening over the months. Lemme gist you guys a little. My uncle decided not to move out of the country again and now he’s staying back for good. Am really happy about that, we’ve grown so accustomed to each other and he treats me like the son he never had, so definitely I have two fathers now. Then there’s IJ. My new best friend and future school mate, we are now very close. She visits me here very often, am also very close to her parents and siblings now. I’m also a member of their church now. I take her and her siblings on a shopping spree almost every week. That’s something I love doing. We spend a lot of time together but nothing has happened. Lol, I never even tell am about my feelings, am just waiting for the right time(I well so). Oh and those kids who I met in the streets that time, yea, I bought them and their family and friends a house close to mine, they’ve started school and are living well now (they con fat sef).
Oh yeah and Prosper, the guy case just dey weak me. It turns out that JAMB also made a mistake in his utme result, they added over 100 marks for him (understandable) but he was given another chance. He was among those candidates who resat for the exam in early July and this time, he failed woefully, I can’t even mention the score I heard, it’s just so low for me to say. So now he’s gone into full time hoodism along with Uche and his other buddies. He smokes openly now, I saw him some weeks ago. Sometimes, I feel like its really my fault why he turned out this way. Ok maybe if I had forgiven him when he called, he wouldn’t have grown worse. Maybe I would have been able to talk some sense into him.

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