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My Imsu Desire (Chapter 17)

My Imsu Desire

Chapter 17

So I strolled out of the compound, mehn!, una need to see gadging. I walked for a few minutes before I remembered I didn’t take a single amount of money with me. Me sef eh!, how I go forget to carry money. I strolled back to my mansion and collected the sum of 80k and placed it in my wallet. Gone are the days when man dey waka the streets without one naira for pocket. When I got outside, this time, I saw two of the workers outside washing the Lamborghini and Porsche sports cars respectively. These ‘babies’ were tempting and I could have told one of the drivers to drive my to my destination. But I’ll still prefer to go with my best medium of transportation, my “Legedez Benz”. Una suppose know me by now naa… I don’t play with trekking, come rain, come sun.
I stepped into the streets, eventually. I didn’t even know when I started walking like a guy man. Hmmm, even the style of my waka don change. I was receiving questioning stares from world people anyhow. One man nearly look me fall for gutter. Nawa oh, characters full this town oh. I matched on ignoring their looks. They never see anything sef. While walking I thought about so many things, yea this is one of the reasons I love trekking. It helps me release my thoughts and think properly.
I thought about IJ especially, I had never stopped thinking about her. Maybe I’ll call her later or better still, send her a text of apology before anything else. I remembered the lonely night I spent in Ijeoma’s church and how I cried to God for help. Then I remembered the meaning of my name “There’s nothing impossible for God to do”. And definitely he did that which I never even thought possible. I also thought about going back to our in the slums. No be say we get one better property to take from the house oh, it’s just that I’ll need to get some of my important documents like Waec results, birth certificate, etc. Plus I’ll also love to see my chicken friends and mama Ada and her children. But that will be later coz right now I have unfinished business which I need to attend to urgently.
I was halfway through my journey when I saw three young children( a girl and two boys), looking hungry and tattered, begging together in the streets. The thing really touch my heart and I remembered the times when I used to be like them. I decided to spoil them a little, after all, wetin wan be the use of the 80k wey I carry follow body before. I called the three of them and took them with me to a nearby store where children cloths are sold and bought them nice outfits. They willingly followed me after little persuasion (some children sef eh, if I be kidnapper before nko). Then I took them to the popular Fantasia fast food close by. I bought them enough rice, ice cream, hamburger, shawarma, fried chicken, cakes, snacks and lots more inside 3 big cello-bags, which they could also share with their friends. I gave them cash and wrote my number inside a notebook I bought for them, so they could just give me a call anytime they needed me(winks*). Certainly, I would go a big deal into philanthropy and charity. Even when I was poor, I had the habit of helping the less privilege. And now wey I don get money eh……….
I arrived at the cyber cafe after trekking for another 40 minutes or so. The crowd was even more than that of the other day. Perfect, just the way I’d like it. JAMB had just released another batch of candidates utme result so the crowd was meant to be. This time there were about 8 different queues. Before proceeding inside, I checked out myself in the side mirror of a vehicle. Mehn!, see as I soft. I wander if anyone would be able to recognize me as the guy who collapsed here a week ago. Well I hope they do so, that would really make me happier. I bounced inside the place in my new style of walking, with all eyes on me. The girls were drooling over me(kikikiki). I could hear them murmuring and tittering about me. “Wait oh, nor be Ifeanyi be this”, I heard a familiar masculine voice say as I walked passed him. I turned around to see Uche standing close to another of Prosper’s crew member, they were obviously marveling at cash weight of my outfit. They are probably here to check their newly released utme result. Perfect!!!!.
I grinned at them and continued my gadging, this time more stylishly coz I know they were watching me. I got to the front of one of the lines and asked the hungry looking guy in front to give me his place. At first, he looked at me like I’ve gone crazy but after I offered him two thousand naira, Chaii, na once the guy gree, he obliged happily (Igbo guys with money sha……). He gave me his numbered paper 58 which means I’ll be the next person to check. I took over his position while he went back to stand as the last person. The people around me who saw what happen couldn’t control their laughter. “Weyyou, why you do like so, which kind nonsense be that, na because you don go pack money from Yahoo Yahoo na, we nor go hear word again”, an angry voice said behind me. I looked at him spitefully then ignored. “See oh, come muna come see this guy oh, nor be this same guy faint here last week Tuesday when he see say he fail, Wetin he dey con do here again”, another voice shouted from the back, while almost everyone fixed their gaze on me.
“Yes na, na the boy be this, but you dress like rich person today, wetin happen. I even join one of the people wey try to revive you, I know you na. Wetin you con do here again, you wan con give us first aid work again “, a lady who was obviously one of the cyber cafe workers said sarcastically. I smiled at her and moved forward for it was now my turn. Too bad it wasn’t the same guy who helped me check the other time. I typed in my reg no having no trace of fear and anxiety in my mind unlike the last time. Actually, i could have used my new IPhone to check it if I wanted to but my pride and oversabiness spirit say make I come back here. Before nko, I needed to restore my dignity and reputation and what could be more better than that feeling? The page nor waste time to open this time, Infact na once e open.
“Wow, he got 307”, the cafe attendant said aloud surprised. I breathe in, relieved(lol, as if I wasn’t expecting that). “Oh my God, how come, I thought you got 107”, the same lady asked me. “Well it turns out that JAMB made a mistake in my result before and now its been corrected”, I replied almost shouting( I want make everybody hear me by force 😂). Everyone was amazed. Some looking at me with those mouth agape. I caught a glimpse of Prosper’s new bestie, Uche. His disdainful expression said it all. If looks could kill eh…..Chaii, e pain am 😂.
20 minutes later I was about living the place when that Uche walked up to me. I’ve already entertained everyone present with drinks from a bar nearby which I paid for with the remaining 50k with me (world people go say I don dey spend money anyhow). “Guy Wetin sup na, how you take dey run your package wey you take soft like this suddenly, I nearly nor know you again sef”, Uche said in an amusing way. See this fool, he’s trying to get on my good side now, he papa well well. “If you would excuse me, I have a business meeting to attend”, I said and whistled passed him. Kikikiki, I wicked eh………..

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